Natal Moon in houses

Maja Lazić
April 13, 2020

Natal Moon in houses

Moon and its house position in the natal chart show the life area where we learn life’s most important lessons concerning emotions. Moon also describes nutrition, relationship with mother, home and woman in marriage, if its position is challenging we might have difficulties. Natal house placement provides the key to finding balance, but how we express our emotional nature shows how close or far we really are to reaching that balance. It is necessary, for a complete Moon analysis, to pay attention to aspects with other planets and to ascendant which will indicate how difficult or easy we can fulfill our partnership needs. In which house is your natal Moon? Let’s read what this means!

Moon in I house

Emotions define our lives. As transiting Moon goes through phases and changes its sign every two and a half days, we constantly change our mood, too. Strong imagination is fully at wore. We often feel not only what is happening, but what we have imagined, adding to stress. Reactions are strong and are seen in the eyes, face and physical appearance. Emotional relationships define us, so we experience breakup like a part of us is collapsing. Mother and her relationship with her husband and their marriage will give a glimpse of how we will feel in the role of a wife, so we may repeat the same behavior.

Gentle appearance invites others into our embrace, but there is tendency of emotional crises and violent reactions even for things that are not really important. However, it is precisely in crises that we realize that how successfully we have overcome them before, defining our future. Child is a small version of us and pregnancy often happens very early because of the strong need to care and create a family. Often other family members live in the same home, as well.

Moon in II house

Material comfort and financial security give a sense of happiness. From an early age there is an attachment to toys and objects that have emotional value. We hardly tolerate getting rid of that favorite toy or sharing our stuff with others. Mother’s relationship to money and self-esteem were the basis for developing a positive self image. This is reflected in eating habits and in the financial situation, which can be variable as long as we don’t find support in ourselves. There is a tendency to ground ourselves through buying and consuming, so staying at home could be as calming as a delicious meal.

Throughout life, we learn that no matter how many things we have it does not make us happy. We should get used to not showing love through presents. When we find that part in us that frightens us, reminding us of some loss, we often purchase luxury items that are a compensation for love. Building self-esteem and awareness that everything in life is changing and moving, develops the ability to improve both our emotional and material security.

Moon in III house

Great receptivity and memory of incredible minor details is expressed. There is discomfort when the mind is filled with too many stories, conversations, messages and analysis of feelings. Emotional nature is changeable, so anger passes quickly. We constantly analyze and it creates a great deal of mental energy that can manifest as pain in the shoulders/neck. Talent and love for the written word exists. Writing a novel is one way we can channel this mental and emotional overcharge. Although this is a great position, it carries with it confusing emotional relationships. We often spend too much time on talking with friends about relationship problems and conflicts with our partner originate from our friends’ gossips.

Little time is spent on talking about emotions. We prefer to talk about everyday things that don’t truly matter. Relationship with mother goes through different stages. She is an intellectual, educated and perfecting her knowledge throughout her life. We change our minds under the influence of emotions and vice versa. When friends have emotional problems, they create a mental fog for us. While there may be a talent to help others who have emotional issues giving them great advice, we should be very careful who we share our troubles with. A lot of books in the house, apartment next to the library/school is often a physical manifestation of this energy. Education has a great influence on the emotional nature and usually during that period first emotional wounds occur.

Moon in IV house

Emotional life could be very easily depicted by taking a glance at home. Relocation happens at times when we feel like we have nothing left to do, but change residence. Goal is to change emotional state, not place of residence. Relocation always brings us back to where we used to live before in some past life. Real estate is very important shown in more detail by the aspects of the Moon. It is important for the family to be close. Even in adulthood, parents and their relationship serve as a safe harbor.  When we go abroad, there is a desire to return home. We certainly do not let people enter our home if they didn’t show their soft side.

If relationship with parents was not good and we don’t recognize their characteristics in ourselves, same story repeats in our family. If our parents had a nurturing relationship, we have a great opportunity to fulfill our emotional needs. Need to care for others and have children is strong, but often we also need to learn to take care of ourselves. How warm and loving our relationship with our mother is, shows our capacity to give. That is why it is important to heal old childhood wounds. We hide from the harshness of reality in our home which must allow privacy and warmth, even if it is just us living there.

Moon in V house

Social life, going out and having fun are giving us positive energy. Talent for art and stage performance can be seen early in childhood. If we do not fulfill our creative potential, need for drama continues in partnerships. Attractiveness and popularity in society make us feel good and loved. Love we seek is a great love story, like in novels and movies. Love relationships are essential for emotional stability. There is always a need to be in the spotlight. Creative potential is as strong as the need to love with all our heart.

Children are a big wish. Relationship with mother can add tension to emotional relationships, too. Mother can be very attractive in her old age and have various romances in her life and it is possible we unknowingly adopted this model of behavior from her. Love and approval are sought from the outside. Nothing is really worth if others do not see us as desirable and if we do not attract potential partners. Great love gestures mean much more than that feeling in our heart that is only to our eyes and that no one else knows about. Desire for fun can put us at great risk, breaking up beautiful love stories that would have the potential to last, if it wasn’t for the drama.

Moon in VI house

Tendency to be nervous and negative, worrying about work and daily commitments we have to make. Cleanliness, order, nutrition and need for perfectionism are strong. This prevents our happiness and new chores always come up. Dirty windows, extra business tasks, taking care of family member and health issues make us a victim. Dissatisfaction builds up, often manifesting in psychosomatic illnesses. It is important to have healthy habits to support our emotional state. Always wanting to have a perfectly tidy home, to eat healthy and have ideal weight create additional stress.

In a loving relationship, we feel as though there is no equality if we keep over-analyzing our partner’s actions. We fear that we will make another mistake if we express what bothers us, so we suppress emotions raging in our mind. We do not know how to show feelings and we find comfort in overwork. Criticism towards partner and ourselves may be inherited from mother who sought to finally bring order to her emotional life by introducing order to her workspace and daily responsibilities. Over time, we learn to let go of the need to control others even when everything is not in perfect state. Diligence and work can be a cure, but also a problem to a potentially happy family life.

Moon in VII house

Partnerships are essence of emotional balance. It seems like we cannot function without a partner, brother/sister or friends. In this way, we learn to balance our emotional lives through the presence of others. We keep losing the opportunity to find balance on our own presence, in ourselves. Diplomatic resolution of emotional problems and the need to share opinions with partner tends to find a middle ground. If we choose a partner of unstable emotional nature, this puts us at the expense of reconsidering our own feelings. If Moon position is challenging, we run away from listening our emotions even though we feel them in ourselves but, project on others. Partner and above all family members are always a reflection.

We get to know ourselves through others, so the people who come in our life and their tenderness/rudeness towards us give us insight into our emotional state. We are often afraid of going deeper, holding on to a superficial, but secure level. Etiquette, good behavior and upbringing are obvious, but also ignoring intuition for the sake of agreeing with others. It happens that we ignore our own intuitive alarm indicating that there is a storm in us, which we then feel in the external circumstances of the relationships. Quarrels are avoided, but we fall into them easily if we refuse to devote ourselves, not to a partner, a relationship or something else, but to ourselves. Heart knows exactly what was fair and remembers very well, although it stays with that partner. By losing him, a part of her forever disappears.

Moon in VIII house

It is difficult to get to know this person because she avoids a part of her by remaining a little child seeking a warm and safe home. Intuition is strong, but is mixed with feeling that something bad will happen. She senses that she will be hurt, deceived, rejected so she decides to be careful. Decisions are often made to prevent transformation as control is necessary. Intense emotional manipulation, excessive control of those we love and extreme reaction when confronted by obsessive thoughts is a big test for us. In crisis we gain the power to change our lives for the better. Choosing devastating energy, destroying and stimulating quarrels, revenge and resentment, low vibrations of hatred and jealousy attract accidents, surgeries and loss of those we love, in extreme cases.

Real storm is in us, though it only seems to be about money, marriage, real estate, something uncontrollable. We feel what others can’t understand, but explaining it to them is useless as it scares them away. Yet this passionate hypersensitivity and psychological analysis of all situations with the pursuit of the truth can be fatal in itself. Occult exploration can lead us to the dark side, as we already are constantly flirting with darkness and death. We are forgetting that there is also a sunny side where cheerfulness and joy give everyone wings. Sexual energy pushes us into affairs and secret relationships. This is a way to get to know ourselves by diving into the deed, being a good scanner of the human psyche and the toxic energy that is always lurking within.

Moon in IX house

Honesty is appreciated and is therefore a predisposition for happiness in emotional life. Insincere emotional relationships will not stand the test of time. Spirituality can be a cure if we choose that route. From early childhood, we develop our love philosophy in search for deeper meaning. Emotions in us are the fuel to learn and wander. During college we could meet a teacher who will make a significant impact on our lives. Our attitude is a mixture of faraway cultures, philosophy and religion. Spirituality is helpful for every emotional hurt accompanied with trips to distant countries. There we recharge energy and expand our capacity to love.

In other cultures and religious teachings, we find answers to the great life questions. This gives us an opportunity to finally solve problems that we avoided. Losing faith we never thought that we could be happy. Marriage with someone from abroad, living in a foreign country and choosing freedom instead of traditional relationships is a choice. There is a strong desire to get to know ourselves by gaining emotional security and balance through learning and education. Life wisdom develops after the age of 29. We can give good advice because we see things in a perspective.

Moon in X house

Marriage can come at a time when we are stabilizing our career. Mother/female member of the family can open the door to success and achievement of goals. Business advancement and reputation bring emotional satisfaction. Happiness is measured through reputation. We can be known as “the wife of…” and have a prominent place in the public eye. We know how to draw attention at ourselves and do not let emotions hinder us. We use them as fuel to push our agenda even when we are not satisfied or when emotional circumstances are bad.

Failure is difficult and is like breaking up. We store old emotional disappointments that still do not let us rest, affecting our health. Family can be put in the 2nd place. We may even choose career instead of family. Challenge is to learn how to focus energy on goals that are of emotional nature and not just about business or tangible things. How worthy other people perceive us that much we will feel worthy to truly experience great love. Otherwise, this love, children and home are substituted to work. Though somewhere in our home we may feel that we are still not worthy and that everything was in vain.

Moon in XI house

Social life and connections with others are very important for us to feel stable and fulfilled. Friends affect our emotional lives. Our emotional instability can attract people who negatively affect us. If friends do not like our partner very we could completely change our feelings ending relationship that was satisfactory up to then. Financial situation can be improved through friends and we enjoy membership with various associations. We can be known in our community and seen at important gatherings where decisions are made affecting others.

Friends are often a substitute for family because we have a desire to fight for the common good. A lot of contacts allow us to manifest our plans and desires. There are frequent connections with those who were first friends, but became partners later. When Progressive Moon conjuncts natal Moon around the age of 29, we realize that some friends are no longer good for us. Friendships end with the change of our goals. Often it is precisely the change of goals that causes the group of people we have previously adored to no longer fit us.

Moon in XII house

This position can be challenging because much of the sensitive emotional nature is hidden and withdrawn. Dreams give an answer. Clairvoyance and insights into future happenings scare us. This pulls us further away if we have not learned how to really be receptive. Receptivity requires lightness and relaxation. Nightmares serve as a form of living tumultuous emotions. We do not live our emotions at all at times. Strong imagination could be much better used to write a novel than as an escape from reality. Interest in alternative medicine, psychology and exploring the unconscious attract us, but exhausts us, too.

Belief that we are a victim of circumstance, even though we have no idea what we are feeling makes us suffer from frauds. Secrets accompany love relationships. There is the need to seclude ourselves and escape into our inner world. Yet, as long as we really do not have a clear picture of ourselves and our heart, closing our hearts to love is often accompanied by pain and sadness. Relationship with mother can be confusing and full of disappointment. We cannot find a way to communicate with her. This can be accompanied by genital disorders that manifest. Meditation is the basis for this energy position to be relieved. Learning techniques that help us become aware of our emotional needs but also fulfilling them is essential.

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