Natal Moon

Maja Lazić
July 26, 2019

Natal Moon

This post is about natal Moon.

To calculate natal Moon, your exact time of birth is required. There is no bad position of Moon, only its destructive and inadequate use by the individual. Moon is variable as it moves quickly through signs. Exercises and techniques can be used to change its emotional imprint in your everyday life. You always have the same natal Moon.

It can manifest in different ways and thus bring an emotional experience that will allow closer sense of fulfillment and happiness. It can add into your life the emotional relationships that are needed for your spiritual growth. During just one month, each of us experiences transiting Moon in all these 12 energies in a certain percentage according to your natal chart. Much more important than the sign and the house is the phase of Moon, which I will also write about.

Moon in Aries– strong, energetic, reactive, focused on its own desires and interests, independent, initiating, active, moving. When no one appreciates him may react, sensitive to injustice, emotions are expressed in a hurry, inflammable, fired up, hearty. Emotions force us to move and react in a haste and regret later.

Moon in Taurus –a strong need for security and routine, habits are hard to change. Material security is the basis for emotional stability. It is important that the person becomes independent and gets insights that she can provide for herself all that she needs. Overcompensation of love and emotions by material things, practical approach to emotions. Protection comes from emotional stability and contact with the earth, possession of what we love is necessary.

Moon in Gemini– communicative, a need to constantly talk about emotions, intellectualizing feelings instead of really experiencing the emotion. Waste of energy and lack of focus, trivial things are a priority. Occupying the mind with information when there is not enough love so when we feel unpleasant emotions we stuff them with facts and words. A great number of everyday contacts without any real meaning, parallel relationships, words mean love.

Moon in Cancer – the need to feel emotionally safe and cautious and if not, the problem is reflected through diet, possessiveness. An intense need to nurture others, although in fact we want someone to nurture us and take care of all our needs, shyness and withdrawal. It is necessary to learn that emotions need to be expressed and to satisfy our own needs. Emotional regression into times when we were children is common.

Moon in Leo- a need to always feel treated as the center of the world, to express ourselves creatively and to open our hearts. Insisting on attention and praise, domination, dramatization of feelings, managing others. Clear desire to feel appreciated, respected and to fulfill our dreams, gift for acting, searching for attention. Being childish when we don’t get what we want, dramatic emotional connections, opposing others, enthusiasm.

Moon in Virgo-analytic, organizing feelings, a difficulty of accepting them, criticism and the need to maintain order, lack of self-confidence. Constant need to serve others to prove ourselves, inadequate feelings, regretful, guilty. Caring in practice, nervous when we feel the emotions we consider bad, need to be helpful. Increased level of frustration and error, deprivation of love, food allergy, criticism of a loved one, excessive purity.

Moon in Libra-need for emotional peace, emotions in balance, stressing the need for making connections and a good emotional relationship with full support and love. Fear of loneliness, the need for confirmation of emotions from the outside world. We should find self-sufficiency in oneself, free yourself from fear. Disharmony or disagreement with others, the need for connection, calm and beauty and harmony in the environment that is reflected in everything we do, great charm.

Moon in Scorpio-fear of losing control, passionate, intense emotions, emotions are our private thing and a reflection of power. A tendency for manipulative behavior, obsessive thoughts, toxic emotions of the past, vindictiveness. Jealousy when our emotions are ignored, enormous depth of feelings, tendency that emotions are hidden. We are overwhelmed by them, death of emotions, learning to satisfy our emotional needs without manipulating other people or being intimidating. Completely emotionally giving up or having extreme desire for a person, emotional blackmail.

Moon in Sagittarius- traveling develops various ways of emotional expression, a need to find optimism and in difficult moments. Unpleasant emotions in us cause a tendency to constantly escape into new emotional experiences and seek intellectual explanations for problems. Constant search for emotional stimulation. In order to deal with difficult emotions. We create our own defense mechanism that calls for an active life, living with full lungs in every moment. So that we do not regret and especially to feel freedom, inspiration and carelessness, heartbeat and heat of emotions, heart of a sailor.

Moon in Capricorn – self-sufficiency, emotional commitment is important, as well as the security of emotions, emotions are a hard work. Our work affects inner sense of the value for love, difficulty to achieve relationships that provide warmth and protection. Coldness, frightened emotions, denial of emotions, depressed emotions, negativity. Criticality towards a loved one, isolation as a form of self-indulgence, we feel that we don’t deserve love. Rejection of emotions, emotional neglect, disappointment in love is compensated by work and business success.

Moon in Aquarius – fear of intimacy, the durability of emotions that can be seen as limiting, we need to express our emotional nature without restriction. Intuitive, emotional experience in a cold and intellectual way, emotional rebellion. Denial of what is common or traditional in emotional life, stressful love connections, discontinuity of emotions. Original, unique expression of love, emotional restraint, inability to feel true intimacy, lack of trust. Independence, cosmic love, consecration to some other goal as a compensation for lost love, impatience.

Moon in Pisces-dreamy emotions, dreams of great love, romantic, sensitive. Gentle emotions that are troubling us in reality that is rough. Empathic, emotions can cause pity or we feel overwhelmed by them, addiction, search for someone who will save us from painful emotions we feel, hypersensitivity, inspiration. Artistic talents, sacrifice in love, tendency to lose ourselves in relationships, spiritual love, love fusion, emotions that cure, faith in love.

Natal Moon should be interpreted together with your whole natal chart for the best use of its energy.

In which sign is your natal Moon?

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