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May 30, 2023



Planet return in astrology represents when a transiting planet makes an exact conjunction with the same natal planet reactivating the same point. Some conjunctions can only occur a couple of times or once in a lifetime. That’s why they are very important. Also, we have conjunctions that are more frequent. They must always be interpreted within the theme of the planet’s return, which occurs less often.

Solar, Lunar and Mercury return will not be covered in this text. Uranus return happens around the age of 84. Neptune and Pluto do not return to the natal planet due to the length of their passage through zodiac. Planet return will activate the natal house and all the aspects that exist with this planet.

Venus return

Venus return lasts about a day. It can define our next about a year and a half when it comes to love life. Some of you who have natal Venus in Leo this summer may have three Venus returns due to its retrograde. This should be paid attention to. Period of Venus return can be a time when you receive gifts. You may meet an important person that you will like very much. Some feel that they have become more beautiful and have more self-confidence.

It is usually a time of enjoyment or feeling good in your skin. Women may feel at this time that they are supported by a significant man, emotionally or financially. This is the time when relationships are re-examined and quality within the environment and important people improves. Venus Return teaches you how to love yourself and how to give yourself gift of happiness and care. Very often this is the time when you enjoy good friendships. You may experience success in a financial or material sense.

Mars Return

Mars return happens about every two years or so and represents setting of new goals. Some people can feel very angry, tense or stressed because they cannot make their wishes come true. If your natal Mars is in Gemini, during last fall and beginning of this year you could have gone through this return three times. Otherwise it only lasts a few days. This time should be used to start something new or finish projects and obligations as you definitely have more energy. It is like being filled up with cosmic fuel and assertiveness.

You know what you want and how to reach your goals. You are also more open to initiation and feel more confident. In a negative sense, some people will experience this being focused only on their own needs and entering into conflicts with others. Person should channel this energy into sport activities and develop a healthy competitive spirit. This does not mean that he should defeat the environment, but rather learn to give space to others to achieve their desires, too.

Jupiter return

Jupiter return occurs every 12 years and represents a time of growth and progress in order to expand life. Then your natural energy of abundance increases in proportion to the understanding and experience you had since last return. This transit is described in many books as “happiness”. Some people may go through it three times during that year due to retrograde when many opportunities in their life can appear.

Sometimes there is a lot going on and we do not actually achieve anything as our energy is dissipated. Of course, according to age, return differs in kind of opportunities that are offered. People who have strong faith and trust in Life usually notice that important persons or opportunities to acquire desired resources enter their lives. Person during this transit should definitely invest in natal house where Jupiter is positioned, but often this manifests as excess weight or overspending.

Jupiter reminds you of what you have learned. It is asking you whether you know how to put that knowledge into practice so that your life opens up to more abundance bringing you closer to your life purpose. In most cases, nothing important happens during this transit. Person can help others, listen to their higher self and realize that Cosmos is fair. It is always working for them even if they don’t understand it and don’t see it. However, after this transit it should be fully clear what brings us personal satisfaction and what is really important in life.

Saturn Return

I already wrote about this topic on this link, but it is something about which there are still many doubts and misunderstandings. Saturn return is not a time of punishment, pain or suffering. However, many of you perceive it that way. Saturn serves to stabilize your life and help you accept responsibility. That’s when life-changing decisions are made. Many begin to behave more maturely, commit to something important and set boundaries.

During this transit, which can last a few weeks/months and repeat up to three times while Saturn is in sign, it helps us understand what we can (not) do. During the first Saturn return we can make big decisions. For example, get married, buy an apartment, have a child, change jobs, invest in a business or end a relationship that cannot satisfy our needs.

This can  be a time when we have a lot of self-doubt, face challenges or feel a heavy burden of responsibilities. Some are defeated by failure and inability to achieve goals realizing that results were lacking because much more effort was required. Saturn asks us to grow up and give life a more stable quality. Not everyone is ready to do that, especially if they don’t even know what they want from life or are not ready to accept responsibility.

Second Saturn return

The second Saturn return indicates that the person is ready to reorganize his life and make new decisions on how to use time he has. Usually, there is greater focus on health, especially in case of illness. Someone gets abandoned and learns to live alone in different life circumstances. Person realizes what he wants and what experience has taught him. If we haven’t integrated the first Saturn return, the second will be more difficult for us and attention will be needed to make wise decisions.

If we are still not responsible enough, Saturn will indicate some unpleasant consequences of not taking life seriously. This transit certainly serves to make your life better. You can see what you should be doing and what you can do. And maybe you haven’t done it until now. Saturn’s return will determine the key theme that you will more or less feel and learn in all subsequent transits.

Nodal return

When the transiting North Node is conjunct your natal North Node this is a fateful time when important people, situations and circumstances enter your life. It may not always be pretty, but it carries with it an important lesson. This return occurs around every 18-19 years and shows your key direction. This is seen through the North Node which speaks of skill development. The South Node here shows what we have been doing until now. That is no longer a Soul lesson and cannot promise more growth.

During this return, person aligns himself with his life purpose and brings new experiences into his life that should open him up to what he needs to experience in this incarnation. Something very significant is happening in your life during this couple of weeks, so it is important to be open to insights and give yourself time to integrate this great cosmic energy.

Reverse nodal return

This return occurs about every 8-9 years after the nodal return. It represents the time when the transiting South Node is conjunct the natal North Node and vice versa. Then you have the opportunity to “untangle” the karmic loop and purify your karma. Some people can leave a life path that is not truly theirs and where you should not invest further because it is not the real you. This life chapter ends. Now we have the opportunity to let go of the burden or important people leave our life.

If a person is not ready to let go of what he has outgrown, life usually brings a big change. Whether he wants to or not, he has to choose a new direction and clear up the past. Person realizes that he needs to make some changes in his life. He is not always ready if he does not understand his primary needs very well. Each return of the planet to its natal place is a time when we return to ourselves. Maximum of such transit is obtained when we are in silence, when we have inner peace, time for introspection, contemplation, enough sleep and rest.

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