Karmic lessons & Saturn

Maja Lazić
March 23, 2020

Karmic lessons & Saturn

Saturn causes fear if we do not have a firm support within ourselves. Saturn teaches us important life lessons through obstacles and difficulties arising. Neither sadness nor pain are Saturn’s goal. However, often it’s the only way to learn the karmic lessons. Saturn’s cycles usually have a bitter taste, but offer a great chance to integrate past lives and pay off karmic debt, especially when transiting Saturn is in the 1st and 12th house.

Important karmic lessons arise when Saturn is conjunct natal Moon/Sun and during first and second Saturn return. Another important period lasting about 30 months when Saturn is in the sign before and after natal Moon is so-called Sade Sati. It can be challenging as we face disappointments and delays in the essential areas of our life, needing to learn patience and self-control.

Saturn’s transits and karmic lessons

Natal house with transiting Saturn is experienced through frustrations and painful occasions, reminding us that we create all the circumstances in our lives. That is fate. Healing transiting Saturn is achieved through the release of hatred, need for revenge and the acceptance of life no matter what is happening. This is a psychological process and we decide how we will go through it. Fairness and forgiveness will help us along the way.

Some old astrological books, as well as Indian astrology, mention that wearing sapphire, dark blue clothes and doing meditations visualizing a crow or a raven could help learn karmic lessons. Certainly it is necessary to introduce some spiritual discipline, because without that, one often feels abandoned and tends to withdraw even more. Fasting is advised and devoting some quiet time on Saturdays to giving others, especially helping the elderly. Saturn’s transits could impact relationship with the parents requiring to learn karmic lessons related to our family and childhood issues. Discipline and spirituality will help us overcome difficulties. The need for peace and quiet, steady behavior instead of time spent in meaningless relationships that can’t support us in the long run, should be chosen.

Physical body and Saturn

At the physical level, Saturn manifests itself through pain in the bones, especially knees. Karmic issues appear as dry skin, fatigue, cold and numbness. At the beginning of the transit, we blame others for our ill health. We could feel apathy finding less and less enjoyment in things that have interested us before. In the book ‘The Magnificent Saturn ‘, R. Svoboda states that if we are able to suppress our nature and reactions then Saturn cannot influence us.

It is best to pay respect, especially to the elderly and parents, as all the circumstances are a representation of our inner Cosmos. Those around us are not accidentally there and help us learn our karmic lessons. We should be submissive, lower our heads down and admit that we have not always been at our best behavior. Then health issues slowly disappear.

Saturn in Aquarius and karmic lessons

This transit from the end of March, 2020 until the spring of 2023 could trigger the feeling that no one understands us. Rebellious nature wakes up but could hits the wall if the spiritual expansion did not follow. Those who have this position in their natal chart may feel like lone wolves who do not fit into society. We will all face the sanctions and restrictions through the Internet, social networks and traveling regulation which could manifest the dark side of the humanity.

Loneliness is also one of the possible manifestations of the fact that Saturn will be transiting the air sign. Talking with people on the Internet does not mean love, happiness and understanding. It is just an irresponsible distraction. Above all through isolation, Saturn is now teaching us how to truly communicate, respect the boundaries and give ourselves the opportunity to be free, but mature at the same time.

Saturn return and karmic lesson

If you are currently going through Saturn return include regular physical exercises, yoga, meditation and time spent in solitude and silence in your routine.  You may also think about the following:

  1.  Get clear awareness of who you are and what your goals are. If you encounter obstacles take the time to make a list of priorities. Respect the time and commitments you have and finish them within the set time. Saturn does not like delays. Let go of some obligations, but make a good assessment of what’s realistically no longer serving you and what you just don’t want to do for some other immature reason.
  2. Other people have their own destiny so the best is not to compare with anyone. This is your life. Some of the restrictions have been created by you, but some restrictions are also very healthy. Your decisions have led you where you are now. By making the right decisions you can slowly move towards your goal if you show willingness to be disciplined and committed, even when it is very difficult.
  3. Depending on the natal house, Saturn return may be felt as the difficulties in a relationships with father, mother, partner, brother/sister.  Delays or some difficulty accomplishing a goal is also possible.
  4. Review the relationship to personal boundaries and complete all that you promised and planned. Clear your karmic debts and any financial debts you may have towards others.
  5. Take your health seriously and if you have a persistent health challenge, be sure to see your doctor. Your energy is now sluggish and low. Thoughts could be gloomy so take the time for contemplative activities like reading books that will help you get through this period easier. Looking back after some time passes, you will notice that you  have learned an important karmic lesson.

Why is this so important?

The rest, or at least next 30 years of your life depends on how Saturn return is experienced. This is a valuable time to learn to respect yourself, your body and your personal energy. Forgiving the past, learning from your mistakes and the examples of the people around you are highly advised. Effort pays off during this period, but do not expect immediate results. However, what we are embarking on during this cycle over the next 30 years will grow if we were disciplined and dedicated. Past is past and this moment will pass, too. Do your best to use it wisely and pay off your karmic debts now, instead of creating new ones.

Saturn conjunct ascendant

This is a dramatic moment when we change our life path. Especially, the year before and after this conjunction is very important. While Saturn is in the 12th house it is a time of inner turmoil. If we have the desire to start something now we could face obstacles that simply could not be removed. Repeating the same behavior and trying to change the situation, we experience failure. Life seems not easy, but it aims to build your personality and help you go the right way. Giving up what is not part of your life or is imposed by others, but does not serve you comes to an end.

Is something in your life not happening no matter what you try? Saturn makes it clear that this is not your path. When Saturn enters the 1st house, changes often occur at the level of the physical body, so we need to take care of health. Be very careful in case there is already a chronic health issue. Immunity is in decline and bones, skin, teeth and hair may be weak. Often during this time pregnancy happens if other factors are supported. This is a time when the body goes through one cycle of maturity and increased effort.

What could help?

Discipline and seriousness are essential. It is recommended that you start with a routine that will help you build new foundations of your identity. We could realize that we do not like ourselves and decide to start restrictive diets or exercises. The weight is easily lost during this transit, too. Those who did not release some heavy load from the past during transit in the 12th house, often have increased weight. This, on a physical level, reminds them that they need to make changes. Some are simply depressed comparing themselves to others, as they seem to have done nothing with their lives.

However, this cycle helps us build a stable foundation when we put in the effort. Over time, this transit becomes easier. It is often a break up with a partner that may happen or important people leave us. It is as if the Universe is giving you time to deal with yourself. You should use it to create your own peace and to gather energy through introspection and silence. The feeling of loneliness is common when we do not use this time properly. At the end of this transit, we are ready to make it clear that we have overcome fear, negative habits and difficulties. Or we could continue to learn for the next 30 years.

Saturn conjunct Sun

We are going through life changes related to work and the sense of self. Facing setbacks and learning to put in the effort although the results may come later is often. We realize that we need to devote more energy to existing jobs or to find some other job. Restrictive work conditions could be accompanied by suspicion that we are not doing what is our true purpose. Often there is a challenge with a father/partner. We could sink into depression and hopelessness, feeling let down. Still, this is the moment when we start from scratch. This brings with it some difficult experience or discontent. It is necessary to be realistic and rid ourselves of illusions.

Effort, determination, perseverance and discipline,  if we have experienced failure separates those who achieve something from those who do not have inner power. We realize that failure does not mean that everything is falling down. Everything in life has its beginning and ending. Any change at work should not be experienced through a decline in self-esteem. Others may give us advice, but the problems appear because we were not serious enough and realistic in the past. Saturn teaches us to build our personality again on stable and solid foundations. Aspects of the natal Sun will say more in which direction this transit will flow and let us know the possible ways of its constructive channeling.

Saturn conjunct Moon

The so-called Sade Sati period is usually associated with difficulty and pain. The most sensitive part of us goes through restrictions. Inner world could open up some painful memories. Natal Moon itself and its aspects will tell us how well we have been able to heal our emotional story throughout life. We begin to feel sadness, pain, disappointment and weight that slows us down. Life may seem difficult, especially if we have not grieved some loss from the past. We may have the need to withdraw into our world and isolate from society, still missing someone. Often we experience somebody we love rejects us.

We experience what is in ourselves, but see it through relationships with mother/partner. Friendships break down having less desire to socialize with those who do not seem to understand our pain. Emotions are cold, but incredible works of art could be created. We may gain a realistic view of what is needed for us to feel emotionally secure. We could feel that no one is keeping our back and we are lacking support. Eventually, we become aware of who is truly there for us. Isolation, change of home, departure of children who are going to university or relocation to another country, are common during this transit.

Possible manifestations of karma

We could be deprived of something that gave us security which was false. It is important for us to heal the past and understand that only non-perspective relationships fall apart. Those who love us will be there for us when we are grieving and when we need a shoulder to cry on. After this period, we will be stronger. We will learn how to focus on ourselves rather than strive to repair relationships that have no purpose. Love gets cold, but only the kind of love that has never been able to warm our hearts.

What are your karmic lessons?

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