Can astrology answer every question?

Maja Lazić
June 5, 2021

Can astrology answer every question?


I’ve never read horoscopes. That didn’t interest me. I was interested in the core of my personality wanting to understand myself more deeply. Why am I not successful in some life areas? Why do I suffer so much and my family goes through difficult situations? Why am I feeling so bad and what can I do now to make it go away? That is why I started learning astrology. And I learned so much about myself through it.

For me, even today, reading astrology textbooks is like therapy. After more than ten years of active experience and over 300 books from which I learned astrology, my attitude about it has changed significantly. It’s wonderful that I can help others. However, the media still popularizes astrology as pre-deterministic and fatalistic. Instead of empowering, misuse of astrology and horoscope take away the power that every person has even though often being unaware of it.

Modern astrology

One of the most common misconceptions is that astrology should answer questions that we do not have the answer to ourselves. Modern astrology does not predict future. Prediction does not exist when there is consciousness. Astrology helps us understand cosmic cycles. If an inanimate object can have an “unpredictable destiny”, why would a person be predictable!? Can any literary work be completely interpreted in such a way that the meaning of metaphors and literary symbols does not allow for a different interpretation?

Can a work of art be completely interpreted in such a way that it never allows for a different view more appropriate to the time when it is studied, and not when it was created? Does the same movie leave the same impression on you when you watch it now at 45 or when you first watched it at 18? How up to date with Cosmos are you? Also, modern astrology is not about positive thinking and law of attraction. We know when each season begins, but what we don’t know is what it will be like in terms of quality. Our behavior co-creates reality.

Parallel realities

There are different and numerous destinies for each person, which intertwine like radio stations. There is a part of you where the answer to one of your questions is YES. There is a part of you where the answer to the same question is NO or MAYBE. Each of your actions after receiving an answer can change what will happen. Sometimes you constantly listen to one radio station even though it plays songs that you don’t really like. You can change the station and listen to a different one. Some stations you will never listen to even though they exist. Some stations are hard to catch and can’t be heard without interruptions, even though you might want to hear music they are playing.

In your life, destinies are various and there is not only one. You are choosing your destiny right now. And yes, sometimes it takes a lot of effort to change the ‘radio station we are listening to’. Through natal chart I can explain to you what leads you to the results and what does not. My goal is to help you understand yourself and why something is happening now. And only what is inside you can happen outside. This is seen for every question and for every person.

You chose to do something at a certain time and you took responsibility for your life. That’s how you accomplished or failed to accomplish something. No one can know what you are going to do about an aspect / transit. People learn from mistakes. They grow and can change. No one can know if you will make your dreams come true. This will be determined by your will and discipline, not by astrological symbols. Never give your responsibility to others.

Potential and reality

What an astrologer can see is potential and why you will potentially not achieve your dreams. What it really takes to make them happen? There is always an interconnection with the Cosmos. For some people, it is weak and thin, like a broken cord. The cosmic messages remain “stuck” in it, never being able to reach you.

Value of astrological analysis is the greatest when an answer to a question helps us understand ourselves and recognize how aspects and energies of the sign manifest on a daily basis. As an astrologer, I will give you an answer to the question so that you also get information about what you should do to activate, alleviate or reduce energy… There is no point in knowing that Venus is in Taurus, if you do not know how to activate and use that energy.

You are constantly creating everything in your life, but if you do not understand yourself, you create what you do not want or what does not suit you. As long as you do not understand that part of yourself, snowed in your natal chart, you will not be able to benefit from these answers. Because it is not only important what we know, but what we do with that knowledge. Information without action does not lead to results nor change.

What prevents us from getting answers?

To answer questions we need to consider aspects of Mercury that show how you communicate and think. All aspects show needs that exist in us and how we understand life. If we are not aware of these contradictory needs, we become hurt or what we want can’t happen. Sometimes some of you really don’t want to get an answer out of fear. However, your natal chart always gives you the answer to each of your questions on a subtle level as well. Some people get answers through dreams, mental insights or feelings. Most people block the arrival of such answers, considering them irrelevant.

There are questions that astrology gives answers to, but also questions that no one and nothing can give you an answer to. And it is supposed to be that way. However, many seek astrologers for answers to those ‘impossible questions’, because they are scared. They are worried about the future and are not aware of their role in creating their life and their destiny.

Questions to which astrology cannot give you an answer:

  1. exactly when and what will happen
  2. when will you marry, what will you do, which partner is better for you
  3. what events will mark your life and what difficult situations will happen
  4. the moment of death, accidents, serious illnesses, losses
  5. what will you decide to do

Fear and anxiety

All of the above shows great fear and need to find security, but it must come within you. That’s why it’s always wiser to do a natal chart analysis to find out where fear comes from, instead of someone giving you an ‘instant one-time’ answer to a question. In addition, astrology should not be a cure for anxiety, but help you know yourself. What is your true nature and how much do you express it?

The best way to get answers to questions is by talking to an astrologer, such as talking to a friend or a loved one. No, talking to an astrologer is not like going to the theater or the cinema where you need to sit comfortably and be silent. With clients I have already worked with I can do written asnwers as well as audio recordings but it is alwyas best to talk about it if possible.

Answer to every question is always available to you. You know it. Body shows it by having a reaction to a question / thought / emotion. Physiology always shows the answer when physical body naturally opens to the energy of the Universe. We are the ‘physical receiver’ of the Cosmic frequencies. Each chakra is connected to energy of natal/transiting planets showing quality of your life. What is the quality of energy in your chakras?

When body hides answers

Body is the way Cosmos communicates with you by being one large magnetic field that receives these cosmic frequencies. Also, each planet is a huge field of energy that is always connected to you. When you fully understand your natal aspects, then you know how to “read” your reactions.

What prevents you from doing so:

  • you have problems with the ‘Cosmic connection’
  • you ignore received messages
  • your leave it for later when you will have “time”
  • you ask your neighbor and your sister or someone who has nothing to do with you, just in case
  • you refuse to take intuitive action as it seems stupid / too simple / irrelevant
  • you start analyzing and not doing anything about it

Your energy is alive. As well as the energy of your question and its answer. Asking for an answer from an astrologer can only make sense if it contributes to self-knowledge and if it encourages you to see the truth for yourself and choose. That is why there is free will.

An example of how the body shows answers

A person’s headache can be connected to love problems if Mars is the ruler of the fifth house. If it is the ruler of the sixth house, then that headache is connected to work or inadequate health habits. Headache in this case is an indicator of openness/closeness of a particular chakra. What a sensation represents to you may not have the same meaning for someone else.

Each question contains an answer or calls us in a direction that blocks or shows the answer. Best questions to ask me start with: how, why, in what way… We have, for example, a question about career. In astrology, tenth house and MC are career-related, but we also consider sixth house of work. How do we express energy of the sign at the cusp of the tenth and sixth house? Do we express it in a positive way? How close are we to that energy? Then we pay attention to the aspects. Is there any transit that is currently triggering this area?

Is stellium of planets included that could block or pressurize expression of this energy? What is the relationship of MC ruler and the fourth house? Are there natal / transiting planets in square? And so on… If you have some astrological knowledge, you may already have an insight about the possible problem, but also what the solution is. Then we pay attention to where the ruler of MC is located and how all this connects to Sun that represents you.

Influence of transits and astrologer’s energy

We must pay attention to longer transits that last activated this house and what happened before. Moon phase at the time of your question is also important. It shows reason why we have this question right now. In case New Moon is in aspect with MC or the ruler of the tenth house, it is possible that there is great confusion and fear. The answer is hidden.

After Full Moon, a large amount of energy is released and if you had a karmic analysis with me the exercises you were given could help you. How you feel around New / Full Moon shows state of your energy that has to do with your question. Energy is always alive and tends to manifest.

Some moments are not for getting answers but each moment is there to ask questions, like retro Mercury period. Questions during eclipse generally do not have easy answers and an escalation of events is possible. Astrologer influences all what is accessible during analysis with his energy. However, you always choose the type of astrologer that you need. You determine in advance, unconsciously, which questions and how they can be answered.

When there is no answer

If an astrologer does not give you an answer to a question, the reason is often your closeness to the truth or fear. Some answers are still in the form of preparation and that is why you can’t have them right away. Often a client has many questions at the beginning of our session. But at the end they always tell me that I have answered their questions even though they didn’t ask me directly.

We can only pour a certain amount of water into the glass, so that the water does not overflow.What we can always be aware of is that energy in the chakras show why we cannot get some answers. Just as we cannot cross a path that is blocked, some old energy might be blocking your answer. Although we can fly over it if we use the Uranus principle and that is why the astrologer is here!

Like when you watch a movie and start crying or want to scream, even though it’s just a movie, you need to connect in that way with your natal planets. How do you feel them and how do they communicate with you? You can also get answers to your questions through the invocation of the planets if you have been doing chakra exercises regularly.

Energy exercise

Do this exercise with your knees bent and your body relaxed while deep breathing. Run energy through all seven chakras by visualizing their colors or saying mantras (you will be given all the details during a session with me). During karmic astrology analysis I may suggest practical exercises that are specific according to individual natal chart and energy level. What kind of sensation or feeling shows us a positive/negative response? However, this is about subtle quality and impulse.

After initiating this energy, ask your question and wait for the answer that will come in the form of a picture, word, physical reaction, symbol or a feeling.  It needs to be accepted even if the answer is not there yet. We must be aware that we cannot dislike an answer, because then it is not the answer. Getting answers in this energetic way is possible when we accept ourselves and that means loving ourselves completely.

How I can support you?

Energy exercises serve to strengthen and improve your connection with the body to gain answers even when we have no knowledge about our natal chart. We can do that through feelings and sensations where we learn how to get answers about whether we should do something or not, what to choose or when to initiate something …

Answers will be different for everyone and it is something that should be practiced regularly. The kind of sensation occurring in a given chakra connected to topic of the question is something that will provide more cues. For this, however, it is necessary to know astrological basics and understand chakras. Ask questions to those who may give you an answer and in an environment that is appropriate for answers to come. Never put your power in someone else’s hands.

An astrologer should not know more about you do than you.

I prepare for each analysis, but sometimes it goes in a completely different way, because what I say is also influenced by the energy of the person I am talking to. Energy flows all the time and what someone wrote to you a long time ago, may have changed in time. Words now mean something else. Every answer is always given at a given moment, but not forever and you need to understand this. Do not let what an astrologer wrote define you.

If something you want doesn’t come true, you need to change your energy, because that’s the only way to create it. And you can always change your energy! After all, what you did with the answer affects what will happen and how you will feel. For an answer to be definitive, Cosmos would have to stop which is impossible. So that is why when choosing an astrologer, always choose Uranus and find the creative power that lies at the core of your personality.

ps. The purpose of all my blog posts is to educate you about astrologer and to make it more transparent. As William James once said:“A new idea is first condemned as ridiculous and then dismissed as trivial, until finally, it becomes what everybody knows.”

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