How to learn astrology


In this text I will explain what it means when you do not have planets in one element or if you have too many. Firstly, let's make this clear. There is nothing wrong with your natal chart. It is perfect and just the way it should be. Everything in it is there to help you learn necessary lessons.


Besides famous lunar nodes that are important for eclipses, did you know that other planets also have nodes? Lunar nodes are not the only one, but are the most talked about because they help us understand our emotional life, roots and relationships with important people.


What is a natal chart? If you have not had an astrological analysis until now and you are not familiar with your natal chart or even what it looks like, this is the place for you. Natal chart is a photograph of the sky at the time of birth. There are planets in the position and sign that symbolically describe your life and potentials you have in this incarnation.


Holism in astrology is one of key principles for chart healing and getting most out of an astrological analysis. Healing your natal chart should not be another obligation, but a way to nurture yourself, rest and relax.


Retrograde Venus in Leo from July 23rd -September 4th raises questions of what is not working in natal house where Leo is located. For which person do you surrender your power? How do you behave in order to be liked a bit more? OMG, why can't you be loved by authentically living your TRUE SELF? For some of you in long-term relationships and marriages, this may be related to eclipse in August 2017 at the 28th degree of Leo. This [...]

ASCENDANT SIGN your personal brand

Ascendant, in simplest terms, represents doors to your personality and your life. But what is hidden behind them? Ascendant is like a mask or a persona that doesn't have to be fake. However, many of you will agree that they are not always ready for others to see them exactly as they are.

NATAL SUN your life’s work

Truth is that your natal Sun wants to express itself. It wants to feel that its existence has a purpose and that it has created something visible. It is also true that your life's work is your identity and its creation. Energetically healthy natal Sun is open to expansion, joyfulness and has a high level of vitality. Also, it is characterized by a strong ego, self-confidence, power to face challenges, clarity and persistence. Healthy natal Sun is strong, courageous and [...]


Planet return in astrology represents when a transiting planet makes an exact conjunction with the same natal planet and thus reactivates the same point. Some conjunctions can only occur a couple of times or once in a lifetime and that's why they are very important. Also, we have conjunctions that are more frequent, but must always be interpreted within the theme of the planet's return, which occurs less often.


Negative and positive polarity is part of everyone's experience and is not chosen for you. Natal houses will show where it all happens. In today's post, I will cover all 12 houses that will help you better understand your natal chart and transits you are going through.


Each of us has Soul wounds. For some of us, they are bleeding and they hurt terribly. For some of us, scars are visible and rough under the fingers. This prevents us from showing all the parts of ourselves, considering them repulsive and rejecting them. Some of us resist every opportunity to be vulnerable, without which healing cannot happen.