Transiting Uranus aspects

Maja Lazić
April 5, 2020

Transiting Uranus aspects

Transiting Uranus stays in one sign for about seven years. It is retrograde for about five months per year. Because of that it happens that transits on the natal planets may last for over a year. Uranus transits shake us to open up and see the world with the new eyes. It helps us to solve existing problems by using our imagination. It is connecting us with our purpose, with the Cosmos in a refreshed way that was completely unknown to us before. Uranus transits help us go through a transformation of personality, ridding us from everything that is not authentic.

If we do not want to reject the old parts of ourselves, these transits can be experienced as heightened stress, nervousness and unpredictable life circumstances that are usually not very pleasant.In this blog post I will provide information related to the possible experience of Uranus transits to personal planets and Jupiter. Aspects with Saturn and the outer planets are generational so I will leave them for some other time. Transiting aspects that we feel stronger and which present new life chapters are primarily conjunctions and oppositions. In some cases squares are important, if they are part of a T-square.

Ascendant with Uranus

If ascendant is in conjunction with the transiting Uranus, we can drastically change our appearance and life path so that it expresses our authentic nature much more than before. For most people, this time is seen as a period of heightened stress. There is a strong need to get rid of what brings them nervousness and instability. Rebellious behavior, inappropriate and destructive decisions make this time even more stressful.

That is why it is important that while Uranus is transiting the 12th house we get rid of the limiting beliefs that no longer serve us. Only when we open the door of the unconsciousness, new insights will enter our mind. In that case this electric influence may serve us, support us and bring us inspiration, not imbalance. If we don’t want to open up to these insights and urges, a large amount of stress usually characterizes this transit. It is often being experienced in our relationships leading to a divorce, in certain cases.

MC and Uranus

Similar changes may occur when Uranus is transiting the tenth house. It is important that during the transit in the 9th house we open ourselves up to a new life philosophy and spiritual teachings. One transit always continues in some other and the energy flows throughout our whole chart. When the conjunction to MC finally happens, the change is mostly in business sphere and position in society. For some people, it may be a divorce, meaning that we change our status. We could embark on a new career that is more in line with our personality.

Of course, we may refuse to change our life trying to keep things as they were, but instead we may experience greater frustration and stress. Often this manifests itself in redundancy which will prove later as the best thing that had happened to us. However, we will see it only when this transit is complete. Getting rid of what is stopping us and being aware of the new personality we are building characterizes this transit.

Transiting Uranus in aspect with the natal Sun

Transiting Uranus takes 84 years to pass through the entire zodiac, not every person will experience this transit. Some people experience it as children and others at a very old age, or never. However, this is one of the key life periods. After it we get to know who we are and what our role in the world is. As this transit is approaching we may feel an urge to get rid of anything that is not our true nature. We are stripping away the layers of personality that suffocate us. We abruptly desire to break ties with everything that limits us in life. Later this leads to a new job, a different partner, or even moving abroad. This uncertainty has a purpose.

It is a time when we realize that there is a new life ahead, which we have the right to choose or reject. Our own choices will lead as to even more instability or a fresh life chapter. Anything that burdens us we will have a tendency to push aside in pursuit of truth and freedom. We can create new problems for ourselves if we fight against our nature, manifesting through health issues and accidents. Those who have learned how to express their personality see this time as a period of heightened inspiration and authentic living that energizes them for all the years to come. Others may feel like they have lost their ground.

Transiting Uranus in aspect with natal Moon

This could be very emotionally intense because we feel as if we have connected to another frequency. This is reminding us of the memories that we still cannot metabolize. Sleep problems, nightmares and intense dreams, fluid retention, hormonal disorders combined with skin issue may appear, too. Abortions, unplanned pregnancies and violent emotional reactions are possible. There is a need to drastically change our diet. We may feel like being on a roller coaster of emotions. Relationships with loved ones and family could go through stages when we get on each other’s nerves and need to break free. Living in a family home brings with it a sense of restraint. There may be a sudden urge for relocation. We could change our relationship with the mother.

Shocking emotional connections with those who do not fit into our current way of life may suddenly appear. Even though it may feel like we will be in love forever, this infatuation quickly passes by as if nothing ever happened. Emotional life takes on a different dynamic. There is a strong need to get rid of unpleasant emotions and that is why dancing, writing and singing about it are recommended. Our face clearly shows what we feel. Love relationships may be very stressful because our partner does not know what to expect from us. We change our mind so quickly. In times of crisis we are learning how to express our emotions. We may face health problems if we can’t find emotional relief. If that happened a very drastic change in diet can help to balance our emotions and control our inner world.

Transiting Uranus in aspect with the natal Mercury

Quarrels with friends and new acquaintances and people who are completely different from us open us up to different opinions. We could come in contact with some innovative technique that will completely change the way we communicate with the world. Lack of patience, violent reactions combined with feeling overwhelmed by information and some ‘aha moments’ characterize this time. We learn to open ourselves to intuition, to the unconscious messages of the mind. We want to apply strange ideas we now have in abundance. If we are involved in writing or creative professions, we can gain incredible insights and connect to the Higher Self. If we are able to focus our mind through meditation we could even achieve some scientific and technological breakthroughs.

Writers may feel this period as an intensification of the need to create and write. Inspiration may come and go. If we do not have a well-developed routine we will not do much. We should learn not to allow to be interrupted by unnecessary calls, messages and constant contact with friends. Colleagues suddenly come up with unexpected suggestions to go somewhere. We need to learn to control our mind and understand that we need to regularly disconnect from the world of social networks and computers. As the transits approaches its ending we could realize that we are able to make some phenomenal decisions. Only if we got rid of the inner turmoil and the need to be rebellious. It is important to let go of overgrown beliefs that no longer serve us.

Transiting Uranus in aspect with the natal Venus

During this transit we could go through a turbulent period related to our emotional life. This is usually characterized as a time when relationships break up. Marriages face divorce if we have felt for a long time that the existing emotional situation has been unsatisfactory. As this transit begins it often happens that we realize that our partner is no longer attracted to us. We suddenly lose interest. The truth is that we are evolving and looking for someone else who will be more exciting to spend time with. If the partner is still the same and we have changed, we may decide to start a new romantic relationship with someone who understands us. We could be throwing away things that were previously valuable to us.  Spending money in a frantic way on something that we will quickly lose interest for is common.

We understand that the moment has come to try something different. We are not aware that this interest will soon pass. Its meaning is to open us up to new life experiences. Wild partners appear to shape our routine and provide us with new possible outlets of this energy. Our old partner may have the feeling that we are acting strangely and initiate a breakup or a separation. Often we may feel attracted to partners completely different from all our previous partners. This period serves to provide awareness to bring freshness into the relationship. We want to experience love as unconditional, by no means restrictive. Those relationships that are ready for growth can use this transit to travel together and learn new ways of expressing love. Relationships that have been experiencing difficulties could now be broken.

Transiting Uranus in aspect with the natal Mars

This transit is often experienced as energizing. At the beginning of this transit suddenly something could put us at risk. Our life starts to get filled with adrenaline. The need for adventure is very strong. Our energy suddenly drops, as we can’t sustain this intensity for a long time. Environment provokes us and we react inappropriately by exposing ourselves to hazardous behavior. Restlessness and desire is strong. We need to release anger and frustration. We learn how to act assertively, but we can exaggerate it by imposing fear.

If we act violently we could end in injuries and danger. Annoyance with an existing situation does not give us the opportunity to express ourselves constructively and act freely so it leads to quarrels. It seems like we want to make up for the time when we really wanted to do something, but couldn’t. The essence of freeing ourselves from internal tension rather than creating new problems in the future should be our main focus. Physical exercises and competitive sports could relieve stress and are necessary. We need to learn how to use our energy to create something new without building tension.

Transiting Uranus in aspect with the natal Jupiter

This transit allows us to get a completely different view of our life. We feel that we are opening ourselves up to new innovative solutions. We are aware of the inner wisdom as if the Universe is whispering to us what to do and how to manage our lives. We feel able to understand refreshing concepts. We combine this with the new faith that is often the result of a willingness to study some new philosophy or spiritual teaching. We can embark on a path that will change us significantly. Often during this time we meet spiritual teachers. We should read books that help us become aware of our contact with the Higher Self. Inner knowledge teaches us how to be wiser to make positive life decisions.

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