Unconscious Pluto & blocked natal chart energy

Maja Lazić
March 6, 2024

Unconscious Pluto & blocked natal chart energy

Unconscious Pluto & blocked natal chart energy

Blocked energy can be noticed in several ways. In natal chart, Pluto in sign, house, its ruler and aspects weave your karmic story. Pluto is the point where we unconsciously strive to have power for the sake of emotional security. Problems arise when we do not know how to achieve safety without acting unconsciously. If Pluto has many aspects, if it is retrograde and aspects South Node it will give an idea of Soul’s lessons.

Aspect between Pluto and South Node indicates that we are operating under an old program of emotional behaviour that has led to current karmic conditions in this incarnation. South Node’s sign has “helped” us in the past, but if we continue to apply the same approach, we repeat same mistakes.

A lot of aspects between natal planets and nodes indicate that we have not learned our lessons. Many aspects serve to remind us to return to receptivity to presence and greater awareness. Whatever we do, Life brings us back to beginning. This can be seen in prominent position of Pluto. It could give us business power, but its price is a weak level of consciousness and attempt to overrule environment in various subtle, aggressive and manipulative ways of control.

Blocked energy and apects to Sun

When Sun squares nodes, we live in this incarnation some parts of our past life. Everything is familiar to us and we remember those people and feel a connection to them. But that relationship is neither easy nor beautiful nor pleasant. Everything is blocked and we can’t find our way.

If there is Sun conjunct South Node, person relives unfinished chapters of past lives. In conjunction with North Node, we can move forward and leave past behind when we go through metamorphosis of psyche by focusing on Pluto’s polarity point. It is not easy for everyone, nor always possible.

Pluto’s energy should be connected to ascendant, which is “means of transportation” in this life. When ascendant’s energy is not naturally expressed, this explains why so few people live their full potential and their entire natal chart. Sometimes people come to me who have become so disconnected from their natal energy that it seems like it is not their natal chart at all. They have gone astray, but primary thing is that they are not ready to forgive the past.

Most of them are bound by their behaviour only and live only a fracture of natal chart, planet, sign or aspect. They repeat same behaviour on autopilot. It is a form of unconscious use of natal chart energy and inappropriate use of Pluto. Life seems meaningless to them. Culprit is sought in others. They believe in bad karma and ego is overpowering in a negative way. Relationships with environment are burdened with toxic emotions of disappointment.

Transits on the way to learning lessons

Whatever transit happens, person has same “results” and repeats the past, even though he may not be aware of it at all. Predictability in astrology always indicates that a person does not have a sense of inner security and connection with the Source. In this life and in this body, he does not feel like he is Home.

That’s why he wants to avoid additional surprises at all costs. Wounded inner child, which he did not integrate even after the second return of Saturn, makes him receptive to traumas that come from past incarnations and overwhelm his body and consciousness.

When a person has a problem with Pluto, he should always return to the basics, that is, to ascendant and physical satisfaction of needs. Is the need for food, liquid, rest, leisure and sleep fulfilled? Does the person spend time in the light, in the sun? Is he in contact with environment? Does he have his own home, his safety and security needs met? If there is no such thing, there is no need to philosophize. Until this is fulfilled, person cannot move on in his evolution.

If a person is ready to take an honest look at himself, these questions can help him:

  • how connected am I to myself?
  • what is my relationship with my body?
  • how do I understand my needs?
  • how much do I respect the insights my body gives me?
  • how stable and secure do I feel in my own skin?


If a person does not like his natal chart and does not feel it is an integral and inseparable part of himself, there is usually a lack of acceptance at a deep level and insecurity in his own skin. Body will show lack of warmth, followed by weak energy flow and unnatural muscle stiffness.

If only some needs were met in childhood and the person did not learn to take care of himself, he often feels great shame to open up and realize that there is something he needs to work on.

​If person rejects parts of himself blinded by the need to have power over environment, past and daily life, a lot of shame, despair, brokenness and wounds are usually present at great extent. Person will feel abandoned, insecure and hopeless. In communication with environment, he will leave impression of being frustrated, powerless and jealous of others who have it easier or who can do what he “can’t”.

Activities on a daily level will be coloured by energy of nervousness, insecurity and lost time. Person is often forgetful or has bad memory. Some people are just always bored or waiting for an argument to happen in search of at least some relief.

Natal chart is never to blame

One should become aware that there is an attachment to a way of behaving that fails to satisfy person’s needs. Pluto that is not used consciously, especially if it is prominent in natal chart or conjunct ascendant ruler prevents us from seeing that there is another way.

Old anger and rage, towards ex-partner, family members, employer and himself, because he didn’t get something or something was “taken away” from him, leads to his energy being soaked with guilt that has sunk deep into body.

Since every house, planet and sign in natal chart has needs sometimes we are conflicted about how to satisfy it all. This is visible when there are or there are no challenging aspects. Sometimes conflict is so great that we enter toxic relationships in order to resolve this, but repeat same painful patterns.

Sometimes we are so desperate for attention that the only way to get it is through suffering or sacrifice. We don’t recognize ourselves on a deep level, so we compensate for that through needs for other people to see us as saviour. There is no security at the core of being. Growth and transformation are blocked.


In the rest of this text, you can read more about energy blockages according to signs. It is possible that more than one energy is blocked in natal chart, especially when we are bound to a certain natal position, aspect or planet. In this way, it limits expression of natal chart and blocks transformation.

When people are pushed into a role that is not natural to them, it seems as if their whole life has been wasted. Unfortunately, many people do not believe that they can change, subconsciously believing that their natal chart is bad and that “it is the way it is”.

When a person remembers that pain is not caused by natal chart or transit, but that it is an integral part of life, he opens himself up to spiritual evolution. As long as you think that something is “missing” in your natal chart, you will be unhappy and unsuccessful.

Universe is not limited and your life and circumstances are not a punishment. That’s why my role is to provide ideas and suggestions during consultation on how to strengthen, revive and support your natal planets, whatever happens and whatever current conditions are. That’s the point of consulting with me because you can always do something to make yourself feel better!


If energy of Aries, the first house and Mars is blocked, it manifests that person is angry, frustrated and impatient. Physical body is restless, behaviour is irritable and we seem to be easily annoyed. Strong anger simmers inside and impulses lead us to not think of others. He needs to find something to channel his energy through physical activity.

It will be necessary for him to start with something new where he can feel powerful and achieve goals. If he doesn’t move enough, physical body will always manifest this through inflammation. He needs a lot of stimulation on a daily basis. That is why exercises, inspired action and participation in competitions are recommended. It is necessary to face challenges and conflicts in life directly and consciously.


If energy of Taurus, the second house and Venus is blocked, person will feel fear and insecurity. This will often lead her to co-dependent partners if Venus is also in challenging dignity. It is necessary that we first look at our eating habits and evaluates why we feel that we are not protected in our life.

It will be important for you to spend a lot of time in the sun, to enjoy stimulation of the senses through taste, smell, sound, sight and touch. Love relationship characterized by quality and physical satisfaction is necessary for stability. Harmonious surroundings and beautiful scenes contribute to stability that we find in nature. As long as transiting Uranus is in Taurus it is recommended to slow down.


​If it is energy of Gemini, the third house and Mercury is blocked, person seeks mental stimulation, but there is no end to it. Communication is volatile and full of irrelevant information that overwhelms the mind. Person does not laugh often and does not find life exciting, so he “enriches” it through gossip and cheap thrills.

He should dedicate himself to learning something he is interested in. He can also pursue writing, learning speaking skills and making creative things with his hands. Sometimes real solution is for a person to participate in debates or research and to go alone on a short trip.


If energy of Cancer, the fourth house and Moon is blocked, person feels great anxiety, guilt, sadness and insecurity. Relationship with environment can be characterized by shame, grief, fear and panic. Primary need is to achieve safety and protection and deep connection with oneself.

Connecting with family and healing emotional body is essential. He should work on his relationship with his mother and other family members if there is conflict and spend more time at home.


If energy of Leo, the fifth house and Sun is blocked, person will crave love of their environment in order to feel safe. Weak Sun may constantly seek confirmation from environment or excitement that leads to risks.

Person may lack passion for life, so fun may be primary, but never fulfilling enough. He needs to participate in some creative activity with other people.


If energy of Virgo, the sixth house and Mercury is blocked person will appear fearful, anxious and worried. He will be haunted by a great sense of guilt. He can be cynical in communication, ashamed of himself and his body due to inner insecurity. It is necessary to introduce discipline in his life, focus on practicality, cleanliness and nutrition.

Also, neutral colours that don’t overpower his overwhelmed energy system can help. He should spend more time in nature, organize his work, journal or solve problems in his life. Sometimes meaning in life here is associated with hard work and service to others.


If energy of Libra, the seventh house and Venus is blocked, person will feel insecure in relation to others. Especially with those who are attracted to him or have something he feels he doesn’t have. He will hesitate in communication. He may hide a part of his personality that he is ashamed of and be very sceptical or cold towards those who express affection for him.

It will be necessary for him to introduce greater balance in his life, to open up to close relationships, greater beauty and harmony. He needs to correct his behaviour towards others where he was not fair.


If energy of Scorpio, the eighth house and Pluto is blocked, in addition to everything mentioned earlier in this text, person will not trust others. Especially if someone tries to help him, give advice or suggestions on how to transform something in his life, he will react violently. Person can be very jealous and paranoid, again because they are powerless over the shadow self they are denying.

He can be aggressive towards environment and can be tormented by obsessive thoughts. He needs to transform his psyche, which he achieves not through analysis, but through correction of his behaviour and greater vulnerability. Only when Pluto gives up its power does it gain power. When he opens up to truth about himself, this person can be healed.


If energy of Sagittarius, the ninth house and Jupiter is blocked, person will be very impatient, voracious, with insatiable hunger and need for risky behaviour and gambling.

His primary need is supreme knowledge and growth, but he achieves this only by being honest with himself. It is necessary for him to research, to have freedom, to travel, and if he has wisdom to teach others.


​If energy of Capricorn, the tenth house and Saturn is blocked, person feels guilt, fear and shame. He often panics that he won’t be competent, sometimes stricken with paranoia, but certainly weighted by great insecurity.

He feels sad, doubts everything and worries. He is lonely and worried about the future. He needs to work on internal as well as external security and find stability in his life. Work and responsibility will always help.


If Aquarius, the eleventh house and Uranus are blocked, person feels that he is powerless to achieve his purpose. He is frustrated and feels abandoned. Sometimes this is the result of trauma or shock. He is impatient for circumstances to change and his movements are nervous.

Anxiety is noticeable as well as dissociation. Body is numb and cold. He is irritated by others and is usually lonely. He needs freedom he doesn’t give himself. He needs to turn to innovation and intellectual stimulation.


If energy of Pisces, the twelfth house and Neptune is blocked, person is depressed and sad. He feels helpless, confused and burdened with guilt. As if he is out of his body, he feels insecure and stuck in “world of his own”.

Often a person is not aware of himself and his behaviour. He neglects his primary needs and has no self-esteem. He just wants peace and rest. He needs creative expression and healing, which he achieves when he rests and learns to quiet his mind.

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