Maja Lazić
March 13, 2023



What lies hidden in you? What are you not aware of and it’s high time? What is really true in your life? Although with Pluto in Capricorn we finally learned that energy is money, with Pluto in Aquarius both themes will go through transformation. Pluto will enter Aquarius on March 23rd this year for the first time, then again on January 21st and finally on November 19th in 2024. This twenty-year cycle will bring changes to humanity on a deep level. Problems that have been hidden will be exposed.

Ruler of Aquarius is Saturn and Uranus, so while Saturn in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus, this story tastes like completion. We are also planting seeds that will “grow” in next two decades. You must have noticed a change in your energy and many people believe that now “time goes faster”. What will “come alive” with first months of Pluto in Aquarius was decided a long time ago, but we were not aware of it at that time.

Capricorn is related to physical and structured while Aquarius relates to mental and free form. Physical becomes air-like (“everything went into air!”) causing fear in most people because it is difficult for us to accept that kind of existence. Part of humanity is not ready for Pluto in Aquarius, just as it was not ready for the Internet or mass use of (mobile) phones.

Landline phones go into oblivion…

Remember those who were the first in your building to have mobile phones? Everybody looked at them in wonder and disbelief. No one thought then that we would build a more intimate relationship with that device than with our own child or spouse. Surely you remember those who thought that it is better to call them on a landline phone than on a mobile because “that device” felt unreliable for them. Not using a mobile phone today means being left out… And there is a saying: “If you’re not on FB and IG, you don’t exist.” (I’m not and I definitely do, what a miracle!)

Do you remember cassette tapes? And CDs? It seems like nobody uses USBs anymore, too. Such technological transitions have always been irreversible. Aquarius says that there is only forward. Futurism cut from the heart, avant-garde larpurlartism, punk anarchy and dissociative disorder are the lower vibration of this sign.

And perhaps it is the reduction of exhaust gases, use of wind to generate electricity, living with those who are like you and helping each other in a community that everyone can contribute to that represents future that lies ahead of us. However, energy of Pluto in Aquarius will not be natural for everyone. For many, it will have an extra-terrestrial quality. It might be too electric, robotic, etc.

Aquarius: collective and individual relationship

It’s true that you can’t deny that this relationship has been bad for a long time. For example, remember when techno music appeared. Immediately there were generations who reacted by booing those who listened to it, calling them names. Resistance to change is always related to subconscious patterns soaked in fear that hold us back and that we have adopted at the collective level.

Aquarius says: if it is good, why should it be reserved only for the minority?! It should be available to everyone! However, this energy is still sometimes associated with destruction, which was part of every revolution in humanity. What is suppressed will appear in the upcoming years, but usually with Pluto it becomes twisted and cataclysmic.

Demolition of old houses due to urbanization and building construction is a good example of the changes that have taken place. And nobody does it brick by brick! Now one question arises whether that infrastructure, amount of traffic, quality of installation, etc. was taken into account. In many cases only thing that was cared about was profit.

Pluto in Capricorn helped us build a new way of working. It showed how to use physical and mental energy for the sake of fuller identity and achievement of business goals, professional success and gaining personal responsibility. Many of you realized that you didn’t build something in your life because it was never done like that in the past, trying to stick to a tradition that can’t support you anymore.

Pluto on the last degree of Capricorn

If you have natal planets or a natal cusp there, what has been your support becomes a turning point with Pluto. It is true that some changes still seem incredible or even impossible. Truth is that we don’t know what will happen, which is the surprise effect that is an integral part of Aquarius and Uranus. It is true that some people still do not accept that it is possible to build new pathways in brain through change of habits, even though it has been tested for decades. Many people are not even ready for these new habits.

House in Aquarius represents what makes you different and what you will now seek to live authentically. What do you want to express? What doesn’t contribute to you anymore? What have you overcome and now finally ready for the next level? Of course, since Pluto will return to Capricorn to finally move into Aquarius, there is fear of the unknown. Rebellion due to changes already with the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in December 2020 was one of it.

Quote from Alvin Toffler in 1928: ‘The next major expansion is going to be when genetics and computers come together. I’m talking about an organic computer- biological substances that can function as semiconductor.‘ seems entirely appropriate to describe this new climate. It is known that when humanity’s consciousness rises, great changes occur. Level of consciousness of people began to rise collectively with discovery of Pluto in 1930, because large number of minds and thinkers were on those wavelengths.

In the same year, effect of crisis began to be felt at the global level. These were the so-called “dirty thirties” with the Second World War, Great Depression and the need for reforms. Now humanity is moving to the next level. Zero degree has a global impact that is always related to the past and what we learned on a collective level. Capricorn has tightened the belt and closed us. Aquarius will expand and open a range that seems unimaginable to some people. How many will jump with a parachute?

Dark side

The biggest danger is dehumanization, not robotization. On the other hand, the greatest gift is individuation, so this quote by Alexander Lowen would be appropriate: “Hectic and almost frantic pace of modern living is a clear sign of the fear we have of being and of life. As long as fear exists in a person’s unconscious, he will run faster and do more as not to feel his fear.’

Dissociated children who can’t communicate and whose brains don’t fully develop because they don’t write, but just click on a tablet doesn’t have to be our future. Internet and electrical devices must not rule your life, but they do.

Kids play games all day long (and shockingly – earn more than you could ever imagine), but they can’t make eye contact and express emotions. They communicate living in a virtual world where they are strong and powerful even though all they do is sit in a chair in front of a computer screen where mistakes are not counted as they are in real life.

However, who among us can say that their world of video game is not real?! For them it certainly is! After all, you called such a kid last month to clean your computer of viruses because you don’t know how.

Life before and after

Digital data, constant video surveillance, lack of privacy, cyber wars, hacking of bank accounts, Frankenstein medicine, dark world of technologies – everything is part of this archetype and symbolism if we are talking about a mind full of fear and hatred. However, robotization in order to improve humanity does not have to be the end of it.

Many people need a device to think for them, but problem comes when that device replaces or removes human contact. Generational changes affect how each of us will cope with this “transition”. After all, some generations use new technologies and some don’t. Pluto Sagittarius and Libra generations immediately accepted computers, but Pluto in Leo generation did not easily accept these changes, which had professional repercussions.

However, humanity, if we look at social networks, is at the level of consciousness that is characterized by lack of individuality. It is easily directed at the (wrong) way when one person expresses opinion that has an impact on the masses.

Long-term changes will happen, but will that mean general collapse? Or is expansion and transformation possible without anger and violence being the key fuel? Do problems have to be solved through uprisings and wars?

Aquarius will pave the way

Aquarius energy can accelerate everything and then cause a sudden shock. It doesn’t have to be logical what will happen. That is why many people are upset when cloning, artificial wombs and transplanting organs from animals to humans are mentioned. Question of moral and ethical principles arises. We should not forget that Aquarius is an indicator of change at neurological level of humanity.

Many of you already have problems with memory and nerves because devices radiate and their vibration penetrates into human energy field… Invisible is the most powerful. However, if there were no scientists who brought innovations, a lot of things would have been more difficult in our lives.

Life of all of us would look very differently if there was no Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla. But what really happened to those scientists and inventors who were different from others? How did they live? History is full of examples! Many of them were ostracized from society, considered weirdoes, being taken advantage of by those who had money but not knowledge. What happened in history to those who dared to think differently?

You were certainly taught to fit in, but now you are asked to be yourself and be unique. Those who are special and authentic, even if they are still not accepted because of their diversity or marginalized from society, will move forward. Unfortunately, public and media represent various twisted things as what it means to “be unique” using manipulation. What has always been natural for you, but your environment still doesn’t allow you to express it?

World Wide Web

Internet certainly brought “awakening of humanity” and new changes in socializing. You can easily find those who are on your wavelength somewhere on the other side of the world. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality are now becoming mainstream, which like everything in life has pros and cons.

Does Pluto in Aquarius have to result in food made in labs because man has destroyed all the fields? Does it have to result in your pet being a robot? Who crashed the system and was that system good for everyone?

Destructive use of power has always existed so it will not be eradicated now. Invisible at first glance, but profound changes in attitude towards knowledge, rights and freedom of people are also possible. Those who are on the “aquarian” progressive wavelengths and open to change will succeed. Aquarius knowledge flows from the Cosmos, but you need to be open to receive it to be able to do something with it…

Pluto in Aquarius will bring new, fresh energy that humanity desperately needs, but for that it is a prerequisite that you think for yourself. Who do you want to connect with? For a change, maybe it’s time to connect with ourselves, for the first time in many years? Those disconnected from themselves will disappear from this planet. And no, that is not extreme thinking because we are talking about Pluto and its role is to destroy in order to transform. What part of your life must be transformed to finally become whole?

Physical symptoms of (non) alignment with this energy

Symptoms of problems with alignment with this type of vibration of Pluto in Aquarius can be:

  • nervous system under pressure
  • neurological problems
  • dissociation
  • problems with circulation and heart
  • muscle tension
  • increased stress and burnout
  • irrationalization and mental disorders
  • overflow and exhaustion due to excessive use of gadgets and G5 network

All this disturbs us to live as we want and make decisions that are in accordance with our needs. For example, can you focus on something important while heavy metal music is blasting or do you concentrate better in silence? However, now the noise comes from the nervous system which is overstimulated and over-stressed.

Working on meridians, tai chi and brain exercises to create new brain pathways can help. However, before creating new ones, it is more important to understand which old ones need to be torn up and “deleted”. In twenty years, it will be normal to upload your memories to the network where you will “chill out your brain”, but you are already doing this willingly by posting your memories on IG, FB, etc…


Now the primary skill is to learn how to “switch off”. Man is not a robot, but many people live like that. Don’t tell me it’s not so. You live in a future that does not exist, and in order to survive, Pluto in Aquarius needs us to be present in our body and with both feet on the ground. Pluto in Aquarius polarity point is in Leo, which celebrates life, people and love. The Beatles (all four band members with Pluto in Leo) sang: “All you need is love!”. ‘Zombie’ by The Cranberries was a popular song while Pluto in Scorpio transit…

Stress and struggle or flow and living in the zone. These are the two paths that exist for each of us. It is OK to test both in the next two years. However, when Pluto changes sign you will need to choose and decide. Conscious use of energy results in a healthy life. Technology can contribute to that, but we must not become its slaves.

Person who lives by auto pilot will inevitably become a robot, but that means being no longer mentally healthy. Of course, we all know examples where geniuses are treated like “lunatics” and crazy people are treated as normal. Your body is the most perfect gadget you have and you don’t need a Fitbit, but connection with yourself and recognition of your habits, your body and soul. Which personal power you still do not use? Where didn’t you take control of so your addiction created by gadgets limits you?

Technological progress vs. repression

Technology changes consequently changing you. You lose your relationship with yourself because of it. Change is therefore necessary for everyone. Many people feel bad when they sit at the computer all day and hold a mobile phone in their hand. Pluto in Leo generation may have a problem accepting these changes because they realize that they are not natural to them. Pluto in Scorpio generation will have to go out of their comfort zone to survive…. I sincerely hope that what famous Jeffrey Wolf Green wrote in his book about Pluto will not come true and that this generation will not have to “save the world”.

However, is it possible to isolate yourself from Wi-Fi today? Answer is devastating. Deep changes will rest on what we are not aware of. People still do not understand themselves, so how could they understand what they created with their mind? Saturn in Aquarius showed problems by setting clear rules. Something specific could have been done then, but Pluto in Aquarius is looking for a different change. When it’s done, it’s over forever and it can’t be recovered.

If you have planets in Aquarius, no matter what, whirlwind transformations will dominate your life in the coming years. It is possible that it will be like a roller coaster that takes you further into space. It is clear that some things are ending. It is possible that a lot of positive things will be lost, but without permanent change there is truly no new beginning.

Where there are secrets and manipulation, Pluto will clearly show the truth. It will also show something even more important: what is the energy quality of people. In 21st century and beyond, vibration of humanity will have to be transformed.

“Brave New World” and “1984”

However, how is it possible that there are people who are still not aware of energy of their thoughts? Such people will find themselves in trouble if they do not want to change. But each of us was once like that and resisted change until something snapped resulting in awareness of self-destruction.

What is your energy like? Please, do not just skip this question if you have done so with the previous ones in this text. The way you describe your energy (honestly), that’s what the first months of Pluto in Aquarius will look like for you. Pluto’s transit asks you to remember your specific individual quality. Each of us will have to go through the tunnel according to our karmic lessons and Soul contracts. It is necessary to do it physically, not only in thoughts which will only be a starting point.

Low vibrations will be eradicated because there is no other way. What needs to live will receive energy from Pluto in Aquarius. Some will choose to be part of the group and there will be those who are against it. Some of you will go into space, improve your DNA, clone your pets and marry a robot. Some people might actually go on vacation to some other planet. I personally have a boarding pass for Mars.

In any case, some crazy innovative plan if all this comes to an end might do you good. Your energy and unique personal vibe is your most valuable tool. It’s high time to wake up and start using it consciously and 100%! Future changes can be beautiful, but it requires different individual and collective life approach. Let’s make the world after us a place that doesn’t look like a fata morgana. And as the famous song goes: ‘We are the World. We are the children…’

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