Uranus in synastry

Maja Lazić
March 6, 2021

Uranus in synastry

This post is about Uranus in synastry.

Uranus aspects cannot be solely blamed for sudden breakups and relationship problems. This could be more attributed to unusual individuals eager for freedom who aspire for unconventional relationships and long-distance unions. However, if synastry shows numerous Uranus aspects triggered by transits this may be a sign of major changes in your emotional life. These changes will not be what everyone likes, especially if you are into long-term relationships with a routine and stability.

In this text, I will explain synastry aspects of Uranus with natal planets of your partner. Aspects that are taken into account are conjunction, square and opposition combined when transiting Uranus is also in action bringing a change in the lives of both persons. Orb might often show, among other factors, at what point in time a crisis will occur in this relationship. This is especially if Uranus aspects are confirmed in both natal charts. Example: Your Uranus has a square with your partner’s Venus. Your partner’s Uranus has an opposition with your Venus.

Basics of Uranus in synastry

Of course, as always, we cannot draw conclusions without insight into natal charts of both persons, after which we can approach synastry analysis. Experience in these types of analyzes has shown me that need for freedom will be confirmed through composite chart. In some cases there will be no aspects that are easily visible. Ascendant or the seventh house ruler of one person will be in aspect with partner’s Uranus.

Sign and house of Uranus certainly gives a large number of possible combinations of manifestations. Rule number one: always be prepared for the unexpected with Uranus. As always, partner is our mirror and every aspect – natal, transit and in synastry – is always reflected in us on a conscious or unconscious level. Following are informative descriptions of aspects. Transcendental planets in this case are not taken into account when it comes to love relationships.


Ascendant in aspect with Uranus

Partner initiates a strong desire to change our appearance and our physical reality. We meet him at a time when we are not quite sure what we want from our lives, but we know that we are eager for a change. We usually fall in love at the ‘wrong’ moment when we need security and no additional uncertainty that new partner brings. Relationship stimulates internal pressure accumulated over time. We cannot rely on our partner without recognizing that there is something we are lacking in ourselves.

This relationship starts quickly. We are constantly looking for something unusual to keep it interesting. Usually couple does not fit physically and together they seem strange. Loved one is not someone who makes it clear to us what we can expect from relationship. Connection becomes increasingly difficult to maintain. Breakup shows our unwillingness to truly change level of bonding with each other.

Although one part of us is strongly eager for the new, we have not yet outgrown the old parts of our personality that we project onto partner. That is why everything starts from a change visible outside. Such a change only makes sense if we have learned what true freedom is from within, at the deepest level of our personality. If the change is only external and our behavior is not authentic, relationship can hardly last.

Sun in aspect with Uranus

If we do not live our true nature, chance of a breakup certainly increases. Partner’s goals do not match with our goals. Relationship is terminated due to professional changes that our partner is facing. This is accompanied by a lot of stress and unexpected twists of fate. It is difficult to maintain such relationship in the long run. This aspect is found in short term relationships that. They change us forever by showing us who we really are.

If the natal chart shows that it is difficult for us to get used to the changes and we want a relationship in which we will know exactly where it is going, then this relationship will not be easy. It seems that the future of the relationship in our head looks completely different in the partner’s eyes. Breakups happen at a time when we are not aware of the need for change. We cause an external change as a reflection of ego conflict.

Relationship can survive if we give our partner more freedom. This will not suit everybody. It can be difficult for us to easily give him space unaware of our unfulfilled aspirations for freedom. Imbalance of life goals will be resolved if you are ready to constantly bring something new, fresh and innovative to problem solving in this relationship. This aspect is common in relationships with partners from abroad.

Moon in aspect with Uranus

Partner initiates an emotional imbalance in us. It shows that it is high time we made a big life change. It is necessary to become aware of habits, way we react and show emotions. But our emotions have stress accumulated with them. Partner appears to teach us to be aware of what it is that we are truly feeling and to get rid of emotions that no longer serve us. This is often accompanied by changes in our diet and daily habits. Women can have problems with hormones, unplanned pregnancy or its loss.

It can seem as if the whole world is collapsing. We fail to cope with our emotions just because they are unpleasant. What we feel tends to be something we have been suffocating in ourselves since childhood. We can lose our mind and our partner awakens in us desire to react the way we have never reacted before. We were afraid, but now we must act because we will burst. At the Soul level, we have been feeling a strong need for this for a long time. This aspect involves a great release of energy that was inhibited. It prevented us from loving relationships.

Getting rid of the old patterns of behaviour will be substitued with love when we realize what we need to feel loved. Relationship can accompany something unexpected happening at home, issues with mother, relocation and a need for greater freedom. Breakups and sudden situations are often as well as making up. However, the latter is possible only when we learn what true intimacy and closeness is. And this always means a lot of freedom as well.

Mercury in aspect with Uranus

Partner encourages a change in our way of thinking and a new kind of communication in relationship. This is an aspect more suitable for friendship than relationships. Even friendships break up. You can get in involved with someone who is a friend of your friend. Termination is initiated by some message and insincere communication.

This relationship is stressful because it is accompanied by internal turbulence. We are rethinking what has been said. This can also be experienced through electrical failures and problems in practical life. We have difficulties to understand each other. We are overwhelmed by all the information that comes our way. We cannot interpret it easily. Partner awakens in us desire to learn a foreign language or try new skills. We can buy a modern car, mobile phone or bring something unusual into life.

However, no matter how much we introduce external changes, focus is on communication with ourselves and our partner. Partner will be someone with a completely different love language. He will not respond how we expect. It will be difficult to interpret his non-verbal behavior and gestures, because we think so differently. Relationship ends because of the truth that is stressful to us to live with it. Relationships can have problems because of friends who will shake up our life with information pulled out of context.

Venus in aspect with Uranus

This is the aspect of love at first sight. Often relationship contains a cool vibe that accompanies a sudden and unexpected expression of love. Relationship has a relaxed character and is not clearly defined. Everything can work just fine if our goal is not marriage. Even if it happens, divorce can follow quickly due to unexpected twists of fate. It seems that the better the relationship is at the beginning, the more it is prone to sudden change over time.

This serves to make us aware of the kind of love we are looking for in general and to expand our experience in relationships. It shows us whether we are in the comfort zone. We are afraid to leave it, even though we do not like staying in it. Often an extramarital affair can suddenly save a marriage. We should be aware that attraction will pass. We should invest in what is sustainable and to bring more fun and joy into that relationship again.

Relationship can be accompanied by a problem with obesity. We are learning what suits us and makes us feel attractive in our skin. This kind of relationship opens us up to Toltec love and not having a partner to whom we are attached. Higher level of freedom is as necessary as awareness that we need space if we want love to last. Love should be experienced as excitement and mutual enjoyment. It must not be a substitute for true love we have for ourselves even when we are alone.

Mars in aspect with Uranus

Relationship is accompanied by a large amount of stress. Partner often shows a quarrelsome nature. We are ready for a change. What we do leads to problems and disputes. Accumulated anger makes us not see that there is a large amount of energy mismatch between us. We force ourselves to maintain something that is not going well. We want freedom, but partner does exactly opposite of what we desired. In some cases, this is a very aggressive manifestation of energy accompanied by physical provocations.

That is why it is good that relationship consists of a large amount of physical activity. Otherwise both people get on each other’s nerves. Partner annoys us, but it’s really about not behaving in accordance with our personality and that hurts us. That is what is painful for us and what we are angry about. He teaches us to fight for ourselves and make changes in how we deal with aggression. We learn to be constructive, not destructive. If we have the same goals then we can change a lot together. This can be problematic in business relationships, though.

Jupiter in aspect with Uranus

Partner brings a change in our philosophy of life. We will see this change brought into our lives. There may be disagreement over beliefs, religion and cultural values ​​over which conflicts arise. This relationship teaches us to open up to new experience. It is mostly not for love relationships, but friendships. Goal of this aspect is for both people to learn what they have outgrown, which can hinder their personal growth and even growth in terms of their relationship.

Saturn in aspect with Uranus

This aspect is seen in relationships we enter when we need to bring something new into life. We are still not ready to abandon old patterns. In that case, what we build collapses and we feel a deep disconnection from life. While one partner is striving for future, the other is stuck in the past so separation is painful. Although this is not an aspect related to emotional relationships it usually concerns some change or loss that occurs in plans when people cooperate together.

Unexpected situations are possible as well as learning that nothing is really stable and safe if it does not change for a long time. Obstacles appearing in this relationship are a sign of unwillingness for a great life change of one person on a conscious level and of another person on an unconscious level.

What does Uranus in synastry show about your relationship?

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