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Astrological Consultation:

Complete natal chart analysis BEST SELLER

Synastry analysis

Yearly/Additional consultation

Additonal answers on questions

Answer on 1 question in a written form

Special discounted offers:

Complete natal chart analysis + 12 months transit overview BEST SELLER

Complete natal chart analysis+synastry analysis+key transits

Highlights in a natal chart+yearly +synastry analysis -in a written form

School of Astrology:

Astrology lesson

Reconnective healing:

Reconnective healing

Reconnective healing for pets


This is where you should start if you are interested in finding out about your natal chart and astrology of your planets. If you feel lost, confused or worried, or if you want to understand yourself better:

* Consultation consists of a the astro-psychological analysis of your cosmic potentials and all key spheres of life.



If you want to have further insight into the positive and challenging aspects of your relationship, as well as if you want to make your relationship better:

* Consultation includes the influence of the aspects between two charts with the techniques of the synastry for your chart and the chart of your partner and the composite horoscope. During this consultation long term transits on the synastry chart will also be considered. Exact time of birth for both partners is necessary.



If you want to learn astrology:

* These classes will help you if you are a complete beginner or you have started learning astrology on your own.



After you have done your natal chart analysis with me for any other questions, further insights and if you want to work on your natal chart in order to solve problems.

1. YEARLY OVERVIEW-If you want to find out more about the next period as well as how to use the possibilities for growth during one year in a better way and easily overcome the challenges that may show up. Consultation consists of the transits of slow planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), the influence of the retrograde planets and eclipses in your natal chart for the next 12 months.

2. ADDITIONAL CONSULTATION-If you are interested in finding out how to achieve your goals in a specific life area more successfully, make better plans and overcome a certain problem. If you wish to talk or discuss something with an astrologer.

3. ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS- This kind of consultation lasts up to 30 minutes and it is there to help you find the answers for specific issues you are facing with at the moment. This is for those times when you want your astrologer to take a look at your chart. If you are interested in further insights on the monthly level or if you are dealing with a challenge or a dramatic change, when you need cosmic support of the transit planets. Consultation consists of the transits of personal and slow planets, as well as the influence of the retrograde planets and New & Full Moon in your natal chart.



If you want to remove the obstacles that prevent the healing of your life and to find inner balance or if you just want to have an experience of RH frequencies and you are open for something new:

* Session includes the experience of the RH frequencies, light and information, as well as the conversation about your experience and feedback after the healing. Reconnective healing is not a therapy and energy goes where it is needed the most. Every session is an unique experience and it can not be foreseen in advance. It is advised to do a set of three sessions. You can do just one session or more sessions, too.

-If your pet has a health issues that you were not able to solve, reconnective healing may be just what you need. For this kind of healing a photo of your pet is necessary. It is advised to do a set of five sessions that last about 15 minutes.

What is Reconnective Healing?
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