Maja Lazić
August 17, 2023


Besides famous lunar nodes that are important for eclipses, did you know that other planets also have nodes? Lunar nodes are not the only one, but are the most talked about because they help us understand our emotional life, roots and relationships with important people.

Traditionally, nodes are points which contain past, present and future. When a planet is at this point, either natally, transiting or in synastry, karmic events that can significantly change life become primary.

There are a lot of articles on the subject on my website you can explore. South Node represents the bank of memories and conditioning that arose as a result of upbringing and relationship with parents.

Lunar Nodes and Planetary Nodes

North Node represents future we are striving towards in order to evolve and opportunities to change our life direction. What brings it all together is the planet that aspects the nodes. Quality of present experience as a mix of free will and karma depends on it.

Current transiting North Node in Aries, for example, now shows an area where there are optimal conditions for growth and expansion, regardless of whether we see those conditions as “good or bad”. They were chosen by the Soul.

If you have planets on degrees mentioned below, you are learning an important life lesson through obstacles and loss. I know, it’s not easy, but it’s for the purpose of releasing old energy that no longer serves you. Of course, this all depends on the type of natal planet, house, sign, aspects, ruler and planet whose nodes are being discussed.

If the natal planet that has a conjunction with a planetary node is retrograde, conditions from the past are repeated or cannot be changed at all. It seems that we “are living the same day every day”.

How to make the most of this info!

There are tables where planetary degrees vary, don’t let that confuse you. Nodes of Venus and Mercury will not be considered here because they pass through the entire zodiac during one year. Also, node calculators are very hard to find to do this on your own. Nodes I mentioned in this post are the same for all people. You just need to take your natal chart and see if you have planets there or not. For example, South Node of Mars is at 7 Libra-29 Sagittarius and North Node of Mars is at 6 Aries-3 Cancer.

Certainly, if you find yourself in the degrees that will be listed below, it is very important that you understand your natal chart very well. Universe has something important for you to learn and integrate into your life. That is why, on a collective level, period when Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto transited Capricorn were so important to everyone. We all went through the same restrictive circumstances together. Did we learn anything or not?

To make it easier to understand nodes, the south node is like autumn, but if you stay in that vibration, winter will inevitably come. Nothing much happens. Life stagnates, decays or is “gloomy”. Look at the North Node as spring. So if you nurture this vibration, you will be heading in direction of blossoming like when it’s summer!

Analysis of planetary nodes

Nodes are deep unconscious programs which carry certain limitations. If you have planets on these degrees, do not experience it as a “curse”. There is as an important task that this incarnation carries for you. Some of you have a square with nodes, which will certainly be dynamic but also explosive points and ways to climb on a “higher level”.

In node analysis there is no place for “what will happen”, but “what can I learn from what is happening to me”! So if you have planets there, I would rejoice in your place. Universe is preparing a special life path for you. It’s up to you whether you will recognize it.

That recognition can come through “tight conditions” not so that you stay in them, but become strong enough to overcome them. And if you don’t have any planets at these points, don’t worry, nodes also work for you in times of great inner struggles!

Node in conjunction to transiting planets release guilt, fear and condemnation into our “unconscious bloodstream”. That is why a certain large number of people on the planet feel depressed or confused and react negatively even when they are offered help. North Node teaches building a new home, within ourselves, through more adequate self-care and inner child healing. Now more will be said about planetary nodes individually.

Planetary nodes of Pluto

Pluto’s South Node is at 17-22 degrees Capricorn and Pluto’s North Node is at 18-22 Cancer. South Node covers collective past that burdens us and has defined us so much that we have limited Life and separated ourselves from nature.

This was especially emphasized during transiting Pluto in Capricorn when the need arose for a metamorphosis leading to the collapse of existing system and elimination of unsupportive structure.

Critical evolutionary periods changed emotional and family dynamics and led to estrangement. North Node is about rebuilding and preserving family and paying more attention to planet Earth. However, there is a lot of resistance because most of humanity is going against what they should.

Planetary nodes of Neptune

South Node of Neptune is at 9-14 Aquarius and North Node of Neptune is at 9-14 Leo. Neptune’s theme is the ultimate search for truth and raising awareness, but there is also problem of false spirituality and illusion.

South Node represents all the technological advancements that have occurred at the level of humanity, but also collective trauma. That is why there is such an increase in various allergies and addictions, which are a form of separation and dissociation of the body.

North Node teaches us to open heart chakra and accept the truth that we are special. We can be successful and the power to create abundant life is within ourselves.

Nodes of Uranus

South Node of Uranus is at 10-17 Sagittarius and North Node of Uranus is at 10-17 Gemini. Uranus nodes activate cellular memories in order to release accumulated stress.

South Node describes migrations of people, new teachings and religions, beliefs and cultural differences and tension caused by them. North Node strives at technological progress, gaining experience, equality of people, new forms of communication and education.

Planetary nodes of Saturn

South Node of Saturn is located at 17-29 Capricorn and North Node of Saturn is located at 17-29 Cancer. South Node teaches us that there are physical limitations and past conditioning. This is also highlighted now and over the next year as Pluto conjuncts its South Node for the last time.

South Node is collective past that controls and burdens because it hasn’t really taught us what it should have. North Node is about wisdom that results from experience with goal of supporting ourselves and acting responsibly.

Planetary nodes of Jupiter

South Node of Jupiter is at 28 Sagittarius-21 Capricorn and North Node of Jupiter is at 28 Gemini-22 Cancer. In classical astrology, Jupiter rules beliefs primarily based on religious teachings, church laws and justice system.

South Node indicates belief systems that do not truly support the individual in their essence, even though this is their purpose. Somehow, they have still been preserved without being useful. North Node shows need for belief systems and regulations to serve us for safety, support and protection. However, this requires completely new beliefs.

That is why many people become aware that they have “inherited” core beliefs that they cannot, must not, will not have, or can have power. This does not support them, which must be changed.

Planetary nodes of Chiron

Chiron South Node is at 26 Aries-2 Taurus and Chiron North Node is at 22 Libra-6 Scorpio. South Node here points to difficulties that hurt us and come from times of war, great aggression, killing, destruction and violence. Many people carry within themselves past karmic anger trying to regain lost parts of their Soul.

North Node teaches us how to let our energy support us and how to find balance through healing, sharing unique personal resources with others and transformation.

This is the topic of my research and since there is not much literature on this it is not something we cover during consultations that are currently being offered. However, purpose of astrology knowledge is to always push boundaries and discover new terrains! That’s what I’m dedicated to! Thank you for embarking on this journey with me.

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