Karmic relationships

Maja Lazić
February 9, 2020

Karmic relationships

This post is about karmic relationships and lunar nodes.

Every person had at least one karmic relationship. 95% of marriages are karma-conditioned, while most emotional relationships are usually karma- burdened and originate from some ancient times. Even though karmic relationships attract great attention and interest, there is nothing overly entertaining about the love carrying some tense past energy. The North and South Lunar nodes have the role to show whether there are some karmic patterns from past lives that are now repeating and manifesting. It can also be used to determine the strength of the relationship itself and the role it has in the life of the individual.

Manifestations in karmic relationships

  • your health or partner’s health deteriorated
  • your mother / father died
  • if after marriage you started having financial problems
  • if you noticed that you are falling back with your goals
  • nothing is going well since you met him/her
  • it also happens that the partner looks like one of a relatives or even a close family member.

These are basic manifestations that in this karmic relationship you will exclusively deal with the settlement of old karmic debts. Until this is resolved the relationship will last.
A person’s consciousness always determines the flow of karmic love relationships. Such relationships are based on the principle of mirrors and reflect the energy of the 12th house which is unconscious.

Karma is a huge topic

This is a big topic, so the answer to the question of whether a relationship is karmic or not cannot be obtained by analyzing just Lunar nodes alone. This is the basis for any judgment related to this topic. In this article, I will focus on the aspects formed by a person’s Lunar nodes with planets from a partner’s natal chart. The type of aspect that is mostly noticeable in karmic relationships is opposition/conjunction, with 1 degree orb.
If we have a conjunction with South node, we automatically have opposition to North node, because they are opposite each other.

Nodes in Karmic relationships

When nodes are very close to ascendant it may indicate long karmic relationships and marriages. This can lead to conflicts in some cases and often is related to karmic relationships where one person is already married or engaged. As with everything I write, this is for informational purposes only. It does not serve to provide ‘diagnoses’ and concrete conclusions. Every aspect in the future manifests what we have done in the past, be it from some past life or this life. Karma, after all, is an action that leads to a reaction of which one should be aware of. There is no karmic relationship that will not leave a karmic burden in greater or lesser extent.

Everything written here comes from my experience with clients with whom after past life regression I have done astrological consultations and karmic analysis of their marriage. Knowledge gained from a large number of books over the years of studying this topic was helpful, too. Karmic astrology is a serious matter and it often provokes fear because it presents itself in a fatal way as something given to us. It is true that karma is what we carry into this life, but we are also given the means. That is the natal chart, its aspects as well as the life itself, to correct our behavior and learn from the past. This leads to spiritual awakening and encourages personal growth.

Sun in conjunction / opposition to Lunar Nodes is reminding us of a partner who may look like our father. He could open up some unresolved conflict with an important male person of the past. This is an indication that the partner could have been a husband in a previous life that is now repeating itself. If the person does not have a good sense of self and is guided by ego then there is a need to learn to be flexible, to adapt and to see a broader perspective. If the Sun of the person is additionally burdened with squares, then we may need a partner who will save us and lead us through life. Without him we may feel lost.

It often happens that we dream scenes from a past life when this relationship started. However, one of the persons was unaware of his qualities and life goals. If the person is under the age of thirty-six then there may be an idealization of a partner in which we fully immerse ourselves. His qualities may seem so special to us that the relationship becomes unequal because we see him as someone who is better than us. We feel like we do not deserve him.

Over time, this causes rationalization of emotions and the partner becomes less interesting. Especially if he does not pay enough attention to our emotional needs. If a person does not have a good sense of identity this relationship can further make her lose confidence and the will to cope with life’s challenges. This is often accompanied by health manifestations such as problems with heart and spine and general decline of immune system.

Moon in conjunction / opposition to Lunar Nodes speaks of a relationship that has elements of a mother / child issue. It may remind us of some conflicts with the mother. Family can influence relationship with the partner and lead to problems especially since this position often includes marriage. Everyone is connected by some previous karmic relationship. Memories from past lives as well as a sense of belonging that we cannot explain often characterize this connection. Subconscious, inherited beliefs and habits will show the course of this connection, although we may not be aware of it. Pregnancy often happens very quickly, because mother’s instinct is as emphasized as the desire to start a family.

Feelings are strong, protective and we feel that we have finally found a soul mate. He is someone who recognizes us absolutely at the soul level. If one person is not overly spiritual and has no awareness of the energy body, after the birth of the child, the relationship can begin to cool down.  How we instinctively respond to problems can further create karmic debt. Experiences from the past will define the duration of a relationship. Often after break up, these two souls reconnect for a second chance. Karmic debt will be especially evident if there are problems with chest, stomach and swelling of the body. There is a strange unusual feeling that the partner is always with us, even when few years after his death has passed.

Venus in conjunction / opposition to Lunar nodes speaks of a partner to whom we feel strong attraction, but over time he may lose his charm and begin to annoy us. The issue of money and real estate can be linked to this karmic relationship characterized by a great love and pursuit of a harmonious union full of enjoyment. How worthy of love we feel that much love we can receive. This relationship is easy to start, but not always easy to maintain. This position is often seen in marriages that cool over time, only because the intention for marriage was neither love but fleeting passion.

Parallel relationships and intense sexual diseases can be emphasized depending on Venus itself. During relationship issues can manifest as a skin disease, kidney problems and obesity which often accompanies this position. It is necessary to limit the amount of sweets and not seek unhealthy substitute for love in material comfort and luxury items.

Mercury in conjunction / opposition to Lunar nodes indicates a communicative issue with old beliefs dating back to either a previous karmic relationship or from past lives. These people have common interests and have fun together, so friendship is often a much better option. Love can also be brotherly/ sisterly from a past life. Now it mostly leads to frauds or undefined relationships that become less interesting over time, with countless reconciliations. Especially if one of the persons is very restless and changeable, this relationship constantly start and end until one partner gets bored.

Sense of time as well as the clarity where this relationship is going are often vague and hazy, so this is an example of a relationship where there are no clear rules, although a partner can teach us many important things in life. First of all, the communicative style and position of Mercury will show how karmic relationship will flow. Often this is accompanied by pain in the shoulder or arm, thyroid problems as well as nervous tension that will be present whenever it is necessary to end or define the relationship. Insincerity of one of the persons, who may always claim to be at his best behavior, will be shown sooner or later. Car accidents and the mysterious disappearance of things at home are also possible.

Mars in conjunction / opposition with to Lunar nodes speaks of a strong energy of attraction that draws us irresistibly towards our partner. There is a huge pressure to keep the karmic relationship because it is so turbulent. Tension, strife, violence and nervousness on a daily basis become part of the relationship. One of the partners feels remorse for behaviors that often involve passion and infidelity. Very often a person seems to be energetically fighting with his partner as if he were her enemy instead of someone close to her. In fact she remembers something that he had done in the previous incarnation that she can’t forgive. Often this has to do with the murder of a partner in the past life.

This is especially emphasized if the person is very reactive and when Moon is in Aries. In such cases there is a bug chance of a swift reaction leading to a conflict. Sexual energy is a major field of issues. Repressed internal aggression and frustration may teach one person how to release energy in a healthier way. Very often, this karmic energy can be seen in the form of muscle cramps and skin irritation.

If this is accompanied by the position of Mars and Pluto for one of the persons, it may even lead to an operation or accidents, injuries and even fatal outcomes. It is crucial for a person to become aware of what he is unconsciously being pushed into a conflict and to realize that he is now creating a new karma that he will also have to integrate.

Jupiter in conjunction / opposition too Lunar nodes speaks of a partner who is like a life teacher. He reminds us of a karmic relationship from a past life that has made our lives better. A person may have the impression that he has found a purpose with this partner. When the relationship is over it can feel very lost without him. Issue of children and beliefs triggers what we did not learn. The lessons of finding one’s purpose beyond partner may lead to conflict and breakups due to different belief system.

Often, they remain in a friendly relationship after the marriage. This is possible only if they are both mature and aware of their personal energy. Tendency for one person to exaggerate and does not keep promises and find solace in hedonism and fatty foods. Issues with liver, legs and feet may follow this relationship, though is it one of the easiest combination.

Saturn in conjunction / opposition to Lunar nodes speaks of a certain constraint on developing and formalizing a relationship. Over time its structure becomes burdensome for one of the involved. This couple may seem to fall into a ‘rabbit hole’. Both may experience anxiety and critical life situations in which realistic approach is needed. This combination can also be related to those who hurt us, whose behavior causes us fear. Very often it happens that the partner is older or there is a huge age difference.

These are the most difficult karmic relationships, as problems from several incarnations manifest as blocked energy that complicates and cools this karmic relationship. Over time it only remains a duty, but emotions fade. This may be one single connection in a person’s life but full of resentment and renunciation.

People come together to try to overcome and untangle this karmic debt. This is often not possible unless both have gone through the first Saturn return. Usually only the second Saturn return gives the opportunity for the karmic debt to break free. The longer this karmic relationship lasts it can lead to physical manifestations of bone fracture, arthritis, toothache, painful knees. Other health problems in one of the individuals develop. Disease acts as a form of defense and protection from this karmic relationship. This is an exhausting relationship, though it teaches us discipline and respect for personal boundaries. It takes a great deal of maturity for both people to heal and get back on their feet after it has ended. Most often it leaves behind a devastating and insurmountable gap.

Are in a karmic relationship? Have you just ended a karmic relationship?

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