Node in Karmic Astrology

Maja Lazić
March 11, 2020

Node in Karmic Astrology

After writing about nodes in synastry charts, today I will focus on the nodes in natal aspects. In the simplest way, North node is what you are still developing and learning in this life. On the other hand, South node is tied to habits that sabotage you because they prevent you from growing and developing as an individual.

Conjunctions with nodes

Conjunctions with one of the nodes are very important in karmic astrology. They show key life influences that we must learn to integrate. Other aspects also have power, but not as conjunctions that are like a fusion of two energies at the multiple incarnation level. Conjunction with one node always contains the opposition with the other node. Consciousness, a sense of connection to the Universe and the important life lessons we learn in this life are seen through aspects of the nodes with the natal planets. Especially if in contact with the ruler of the ascendant, when the person through his energy also changes the lives of the people around him. However, the rule is that we most often experience natal aspects in contact with others until we learn to ‘work’ with them.

Conjunctions with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are describing a person connected to the important issues of the world and the humanity, so in this post I will only be talking about the aspects with the first seven planets.

Of course, for the complete karmic analysis the whole natal chart and age of the person should be taken into account, so this will be just informative for those who are curious about this topic.

Sun conjunct South/North node

  • South Node describes someone who knows how to achieve goals. He has learned to be successful. In childhood, we clearly express ourselves through interests and hobbies that portray occupations from past lives in which we had reached our maximum. Such kids know immediately what they want to be when they grow up. They are very successful at school. Around the 30th birthday, they may realize that success does not make them happy. There is emptiness and doubt in their abilities no matter how much success is achieved. Over time, they learn that a career is only a part of them, not the whole personality. They learn that by not achieving a goal, it does not mean that they are less valuable. Tachycardia, heart issues and high blood pressure often manifest when they begin to ‘unlock’ the past lives. This is often accompanied by disputes with the father/male figure. Business changes make us dissatisfied, even though we had previously lived for that job. We had got a lot of praise from others, but it does not matter anymore. We start to wonder how it is possible that we had invested everything, but we had not achieved to be respected and appreciated for what we are. There is often uncertainty about our own nature, combined with weak ego. Often there is ignorance to stand up for oneself. We stay in a relationship that no longer suits us just because it brings some external comfort.
  • North node teaches us to grow beyond our job. We to learn how to achieve our goals and plans. At a young age, we often fail to focus on one thing. We constantly change plans and desires. Third chakra is energetically weak and there are spine and digestion problems. As long as we do not build our identity, it will be interesting for us to try different jobs by referring to the experiences of those around us who have achieved goals and become successful. Weak self-confidence is overcome with each goal we have achieved, teaching us how to accomplish tasks with dignity. We must find authentic nature without the approval of the others. Often around the age of 42, we realize that we have built a personality that does not really fit us at all. We demolish it and build a new identity by finally finding ourselves, gaining confidence and wisdom. We need to learn how to turn to make a career and are often not ready for marriage. When we marry, often times it leads to a divorce because we realize that there is so much that interests us. We want to first get to know ourselves better. If we keep on changing opinions and goals, have weak will or give up when we encounter resistance and lack of support from others, we remain in the South Node energy. This leads to failing to integrate the North Node lessons.

Moon conjunct South/North node

  • South node describes a withdrawn person, very introverted and with a prominent introspective nature. She is closely paying attention to her inner world. She continues to repeat patterns of behavior that separate her even more from others, but make her feel comfortable. She controls her reactions, especially in family relationships. There is an aim to feel safe and without allowing herself to open up to others. However, this delay of intimacy separates her from others even more. This often leads to mood swings, depression, asthma or breathing problems.This means that the memories of the past lives have opened up rather than being integrated. We are learning to face a tumultuous emotional life that is always an image and a reflection of our energy. This we learn to understand through a relationship with a partner/a mother. We have a problem listening our intuition, linking it to some bad experience from the past. Breathing and grounding exercises with the holotropic breathing techniques are vital so the experiences from the past start to be released. Because we often do not show emotions we act in a destructive way, being fed up with frustration. It is necessary to learn to connect with the heart and our body. Also, it is important to become aware of what we don’t like about us that manifests in relation to others, but being rooted in our emotional nature.
  • North Node describes a person who needs to connect with her feminine energy, but she cannot let herself go. She is afraid to let things happen on their own, so she forces the end result by losing a large amount of energy. This happens in relationships all the time. Emotions are delicate and variable in nature with dramatic and violent reactions. Heart chakra is too open or too closed. We do not have clearly defined personal boundaries, so other people’s emotional outbursts keep us out of balance. Relationship breakups are common at a young age, because through different partners we learn what we need. However, marriage is more stable in adulthood. Often this position describes a very attractive woman with unresolved emotional conflicts, incapable of a serious relationship, although she desires it much. The sooner she learns to control emotions, not allow them to have the power to throw her out of balance, the sooner she will achieve the partnership she aspires to. And only then she will open her heart and allow herself to be loved and truly love. We need to level the emotional nature and relax in love, being aware that only then we can be fully accepted by our partner. Until then, we often fail to recognize real love and reject those who are emotionally stable. This position can delay marriage because we are not used to being loved. The solution is not to rush into relationships and to learn to stabilize emotions and feel loved when there is no one beside us.

Mercury conjunct South/North node

  • South Node describes a person who has learned in past lives how to control her thoughts. She knows how to use words to accomplish goals, but may have manipulated information and deceived other in order to achieve them. For this reason, we occasionally experience our thoughts throwing us out of balance whenever we need to make a decision. There is often a talent for writing and a desire to help others overcome their negative thinking patterns. However, the vast amount of knowledge and information does not contribute to helping ourselves. Meditation and silence are necessary. The more we continue to constantly learn, study or talk too much, it leads to nervous tension and increased stress. Then there is an even greater chance of making the wrong decision again. We need to learn to be guided by intuition, not so much by knowledge and data. Developing sincere and honest relationships with friends will support us in the long run.
  • North Node describes a person who needs to learn and gain knowledge. This brings her greater chance for success. Higher education brings new opportunities and she may become an expert in the academic world. She needs to put in the effort and stays consistent with science or a particular area of ​​interest. We are now learning to come into contact with friends through a variety of information. This is giving us the opportunity to integrate the energy of past lives. We may love writing and reading and even write a book that will be helpful to many. Learning communication skills helps us become more skillful in relation to others, bringing more happiness and satisfaction than we could ever imagine.

Venus conjunct South/North node

  • South Node describes that we have been able to gain a lot of experience through relationships. We know how to achieve emotional satisfaction no matter the cost. Karmic partner may appear reopening a past life that has not been resolved. In that case the relationship breaks down, although at the beginning love is very strong. This confuses us because we do not understand how we are not having success in love. We can’t figure out how this is not working for us, but soon the energetic and karmic consequences of the past become visible. We need to learn to develop creative talents. This is often a way to release the past life karma. Now is the time to devote ourselves to intangible things for which we need no one else but ourselves. There is so much that we do not know about ourselves, since we were always in a relationship from an early age. At the age of 42, we realize that a partner is not everything in life. That one karmic, very troublesome relationship that keeps repeating and breaking up, now teaches us to turn to ourselves and finally let go.
  • North Node may describe somebody who has no experience in love and makes mistakes from an early age. He is going from relationship to relationship. He may eventually completely give up his emotional life. Instead of connecting to others he now focuses on making money and achieving material things. Emotional relationships and love seem too difficult and complicated. When we fall in love, partner does not reciprocate our love. Even when we are in a relationship we feel that we are alone. Our partner does not really know us. Often we do not even know what we want from that relationship. Still, we don’t want to be alone. We need to learn to appreciate ourselves and raise the criteria our partner must meet. Only then a new emotional phase arises. Then we may meet our soul mate opening our energy to the highest sensual experiences. These women often have a hard time finding love and safety in a relationship. When it finally happens, that relationship remains for the rest of their lives bringing great satisfaction and fulfillment the sooner we start to respect ourselves. Until them, Cupid seems to avoid us every time.

Mars conjunct South/North node

  • South Node may describe a person with a strong muscular body, fighting for goals. He is often running into angry and violent people ending up in a conflict. He is impatient and when he sees that he needs to slow down, he repeatedly does the same actions. This only creates more strife and puts him in physical danger. Violent fights seems to be fought in his inner being. Frequent inflammation and fever are a sign of past live awakening. We need to learn when to be assertive and to take a non-violent stand for ourselves. Otherwise we may even get into conflicts with the authorities and the police, at worst. Controlling energy through tai chi, qigong and teakwondo helps us. This teaches us that sometimes the essence of effort is to let things go on its own course and do nothing.
  • North Node describes somebody with a gentle and weak apperance. There is ignorance of how to achieve goals because the physical energy is low. Self-esteem comes with age as well as being able to impose our will. We often feel that others are hurting and tormenting us with their orders. We need to learn to build our character. We want to set clear boundaries in both attitude and physical posture so that others respect us. Physical exercises are very important. Body language and understanding of unconscious gestures may help, too. Conflicts with a male figure are always a sign that we have not learned how to secure our place in the world. Later in life, we acquire the knowledge that helps us achieve our plans. We achieve desires by developing a healthy yang energy and not being passively-aggressive. These individuals may be anemic at young age and have issues with bleeding gums. Kundalini yoga techniques can be of great help in integrating these karmic lessons.

Jupiter conjunct South/North node

  • South Node describes someone who had acquired great knowledge and wisdom. He is leading a very spiritual life. Still he had not learned how to gain abundance in material terms. It is also possible that the person had acquired material wealth, but he loses it if he is too inclined to neglect his spiritual life. In both versions it is necessary to learn to integrate all knowledge and feel gratitude. This position teaches us to give to others, through money, knowledge or wisdom. Challenge in life arises if a person refuses to do so. We may come in contact with some ancient teaching, but now it brings us problems. This will be clearly reflected in low immunity. Now we need to find another teaching contrary to the last one we had so eagerly followed.
  • North Node shows someone who needs to develop his own personal philosophy. He needs to learn how to find his purpose through different religious systems and spiritual teachings. There is a tendency to decline any belief system too quickly having it replaced by another one. We are not being consistent, moving from one extreme to another. We are missing the point of spirituality completely. However, as we mature, we may meet a teacher who will be like a spiritual master for us. This person will be an embodiment of wisdom and experience. Developing intuition with the third eye opening techniques can be very difficult if not used properly. Still, persistent efforts and learning about the spiritual experiences of other people can later bring an incredible benefit and awareness of oneself. With age we get to know that everything in life has some higher purpose. When we find our life philosophy and make contact at the soul level, wealth and abundance enter our experience. Being connected to the entire universe and believing that everything is always for our own good is a good place to start.

Saturn conjunct South/North node

  • South Node describes somebody who learned to be disciplined and not give up. He is responsible, a deals with duties and responsibilities, living in a practical real world. Even though he is still very hard-working, he is missing something. He always finds the inner strength to overcome problems, but they often appear as challenges in the outside world. Often also as an obstacle that goes beyond his abilities. Skin and bone issues are common and chronic disease, especially around Saturn’s return. This is true if we have not learned to respect the limits of our body and our own personal energy.  At the age of 42 he realizes that it is necessary to outgrow this behavior and to love himself more. He learns to relax and realizes that no one controls him or forces him to be a slave to his job. He learns to have self-confidence and to say no as well as reject something that is not a part of his reality. Giving up on a goal is not a sign of weakness, but an awareness that only he can integrate his life lessons. And other eople in his life should take responsibility for their life, too.
  • North Node describes somebody who is not very disciplined. He often loses his grip if he is not being reminded of his obligations and responsibilities. He is annoyed by all the things he needs to do. Often he can have conflicts with elderly who tell him what to do. Yet he needs it because he does not listen to himself. He does not take life seriously enough. During youth, he can compare himself to others which brings him sadness. He sees that others are achieving goals, but they are also putting the effort. We need to become realistic and honest with ourselves and take responsibility for our life. We should learn and invest effort and time, after which results will come. We need to set goals in time and follow the progress based on the steps taken. In the later years of life, we may become an expert in a specific area. We may able to teach others everything that we overcome ourselves, but only when fears and limitations are let go. Career usually becomes successful in late adulthood when we are aware that success requires sacrifice. It also requires great discipline and effort. Saturn’s return and events in this period of life will make it clear which path to take.

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