Saturn in house in synastry

Maja Lazić
February 27, 2021

Saturn in house in synastry

Many relationships are thought to have failed because of Saturn. Literature masterpieces tell us that true love is sad. Still good partnership means  there is no difference between partners. Any problem is mutual. It means accepting karma and this maintains relationship. Synastry can help you understand where problems occur and how to solve this.

Synastry consists of a large number of factors that must be taken into account. Here I am talking about Saturn and its position in partner’s natal house and vice versa. Before you read the analysis, let me clarify something. Saturn traditionally represents the lessons we learn. Many people associate this with pain, abandonment and sadness when it comes to love. Of course, natal sign and aspects of Saturn will tell us more.

Composite Saturn

It should be emphasized that there are different ways of calculating natal charts. Therefore partner’s Saturn can vary in different houses. Whole signs and equal house system will exclude possibilities of intercepted signs and problems with expressing energy. If we do not express it, it can be negatively manifested in partner’s behavior. Different chart calculations show us various views of a problem. There is really no place for fatalism in astrology! Of course, fatalism is usually there if you do not have all the necessary information and extensive astrological knowledge.

In composite analysis which represents chart of a couple and their relationship, Saturn should also be considered. In this case, it will be very important especially if it forms aspects with natal Saturn of one of the persons. This indicates that relationship will allow karmic context to master what is needed.

If composite Saturn forms oppositions with natal Saturn of your partner then it will show that he has an emphasized role in the relationship. His behavior will directly predetermine this relationship. Likewise, position of Saturn in your partner’s house compared to his Saturn in your natal chart can represent completely different lessons. This will show karmic patterns that we have to integrate. They will be repeated even with a different partner.

Lessons in love

We attract people we need. Both partners can learn different lessons. Also, compatibility level varies depending on the angle from which we look.  Position of your partner’s Saturn in your natal house will show your weak area. What shaky life spot needs to be fixed? Problems in love relationships always have roots in us. That is why first natal analysis is one of the ways to honestly look at ourselves and see where problem lies. If it is not solved over time, it only gets bigger.

I really deeply believe that by choosing a partner we choose our destiny, at least while we are in a relationship with this person. Rest assured that many things that were not pleasant, but you went through in other life areas while you were in that relationship, are directly related to the partner you have chosen. If you were with someone else, you would have a different destiny. Your life story could have been different. Also, usually the older person becomes more aware of the difficulties that exist in the relationship. This person could be more willing to change, no matter how free-spirited he may seem at the beginning.

Natal Saturn in partner’s houses

The following are informative interpretations according to natal Saturn in partner’s house. Allow yourself not to judge and to accept messages that exist in this for you. You are reading this now for a reason. In some cases you will recognize yourself more in the position of his Saturn in your natal chart and sometimes vice versa. It’s just about the level of awareness and perception. Read both positions and compare them with composite Saturn for deeper insights. If you want me to do this analysis for you, feel free to contact me by email. You have all the scheduling information on this page.

Natal Saturn in partner’s first house

The closer Saturn is to the ascendant the more pronounced is this influence. Karmic tension is felt in the relationship. Partner teaches us to get serious and finally grow up. We meet him when a big problem is also occurring. In that case, partner stays with us and relationship lasts until that problem is solved. Relationship is not easy. We often get sick or feel burdened. If you have fallen in love and became ill, be sure that this is the beginning of a karmic relationship.

When we are with our partner as much as we love him, he creates sadness and a feeling of heaviness. Or we could be feeling this way. Like some stone we carry with us all the time. We can’t explain why something is wrong, but it becomes obvious as time goes by. We feel responsible for him, but we do not know how to achieve a deeper relationship. This relationship is a struggle, but it is a great chance for “a life school”.

Partner with this position is sometimes chosen just at the moment of his/ours Saturn’s return. In that case, partner should be treated with special love and attention. This is not very easy for most people when he carries his unresolved issues with himself as a part of this union. Still, learning is usually here a mutual process.

Natal Saturn in partner’s second house

As this partner comes in our life, we become aware that there is not enough money. We are facing debt and need to reduce amount of spending. He may cause us some loss. We may simply face financial hardship during this relationship if there have been issues with money before. We become aware that we are not satisfied with our lives. Partner teaches us what is really valuable, but it is not money.

Pragmatic approach becomes important when it comes to nutrition. It is very good to start a diet or occasionally fast as a form of remedial measures. Partner can help us sort out financial situation and understand our personal value. In some cases, partner does not see our value. We try to “attract” him through expensive gifts. Money becomes a weapon and it lowers confidence.

Financial issues

Stable earnings will help overcome other weak areas in our lives. We do not ask money or security from others. Partner begins to realize that he must also work on his security. During relationship, partner or we may feel as if we are energetically on reserve. This is accompanied by a drop in self-confidence. We learn to be diligent whether we are in a relationship or not, whether we have a partner or not.

This is an opportunity to change the image of ourselves. We should get financially stable, especially when it comes to secure income. Relationship and love must not be the only thing that makes us feel safe. We will soon be left without it if it is so. In some cases, we are hungry for love. We develop compensationsl behavior patterns that harm us and hurt us even more. It is important to live our values ​​and not punish ourself if we have not yet achieved this.

Natal Saturn in partner’ third house

Relationship goes through severe communication problems. When we are with him we feel depressed and a lot of things worry us. Partner does not see the light at the end of the tunnel. He has negative comments for everything we do. One of the possibilities is that we are burdened with problems that we need to solve. Then suddenly partner appears and we find it very difficult to communicate. This is like a mirror of our problems that we fail to solve. As communication improves, that problem will be solved as well. It is usually about some documentation or a contract.

In some cases, it shows two people whose ways of functioning on a daily basis do not fit. Complications in relationship are not understood. They stem from inadequate verbalization of our thoughts. Partner’s difficult words press us and are hard to let go. This is all a sign that we need to slow down and rethink this. Understanding will not be achieved through words, but in the silence that Saturn represents. Remedy  is silence and responsible behavior.

Saying something and promising to do it will have unpleasant consequences if we are verbally irresponsible. We need to understand how words create a connection in the future. They carry the seed which will have a certain result. Change in how we talk, what words we use and how much we promise will significantly improve relationships. In some cases, we have to make serious decisions during this relationship. We do not have enough time for our partner. He basically does not understand us. It is very important to work on communication to keep this union together.

Natal Saturn in partners’ fourth house

Partner does not fit into our family. All love problems start from home. It is very likely that relationship with our parents is bad. This relationship only further shows how important it is to heal childhood issues. Family disagreement becomes an obstacle for development  of this relationship. At the beginning or during relationship, we face a painful house change  or a loss. Couple quickly begins to live together. This requires responsibility and seriousness. Love disappears or becomes difficult.

We chose this partner to reconsider relationship with parents. We need to understand what is holding us back and preventing us from forming our own home and having our own family. Sometimes there is no possibility of living together, because parents or fear we carry from family blocks this relationship. We learn to harmonize habits with our partner even though we disagree on everything. We are not brought up in the same way.

Problems or quarrels over real estate that is in poor condition are possible. It is necessary to invest a large amount of energy in the house in order to settle. Partner cannot commit to relationship. One parent is ill or “has something against us.” Ending or starting a relationship may be associated with a change of residence. There is a need to take greater responsibility in family and towards our future family. We need to heal our karmic heritage.

Natal Saturn in partner’s fifth house

This is a typical position for a karmic relationship. This relationship is accompanied by sadness or difficulty. Very often we cannot have a child with this partner. We feel that we cannot show our creative impulsees. Love relationship breaks up in youth as soon as a problem arises especially if partner does not take commitment seriously. Relationship is accompanied by difficulties, but it gets a bit better with age. You need to be very serious right from the start and not take love for granted.

Love is a disciplined matter. It carries weight which become a karmic burden. Suddenly a love affair feels like a chore. It is not enjoyable as it used to be. Relationship must be serious in order to last, but love is easily lost when there are problems such as living together, earning money, etc. This position shows that we must be the pillar of this relationship. We must do what is needed and expected.

First love

We must act responsibly, no matter how difficult it may be. In some cases, this means breaking up. It does not mean loving someone who hurts us. In both cases, it is our mirror. It shows the side of our personality that we have neglected. This negstive side is now seeking attention. Usually relationship is very dramatic.

When it comes to first love, it lays foundation for every other relationship. It will be very important to analyze problems that occured. They will be re-expressed in some other relationship, although we might not be aware of that. Heart never loves with full capacity if it is afraid or has been hurt and not mature enough. As long as it is like that, love will always end. Joy and enthusiasm will disappear if the relationship cannot become serious. We need to learn to give love to those who are difficult to love.

Natal Saturn in partner’s sixth house

This is a relationship that can last a long time. There is always some kind of stress and problems to move to the “next level of relationship”. Partner gets sick or feels unstable if too much time every day is spent together. This is not easy for living together if you are a lot of time at home. Habits are different and partner awakens the need to organize our lives. We need to become independent, change habits and take responsibility. Sometimes there is a big health problem. We can’t find a job, so that affects relationship and its course.

We  let our partner know that he should do what he promised and maintain discipline that characterizes an adult. Partner encourages us to change the routine of life. We finally start to take care of our diet, household hygiene, cooking, health, and paying our bills. This position is often associated with some health problem we are facing. In some cases this relationship can last a long time. Still it carries a bitter taste and makes us feel emotionally sick.

Many old books call this position “sick love” and a relationship before marriage/important relationship. Some people stay in this relationship for so long that they miss that next true love in which they could have been a long time ago. They did not meet that partner, because they unconsciously wanted to stay victims and suffer. Situations are repeated and love is like a chore. Constant disagreement cannot sustain love nor is exciting in the long run. Just because we are in a relationship it does not mean that we can forget everything else. We must learn karmic balance.

Natal Saturn in partner’s seventh house

This is a typical factor that can indicate marriage or a serious long-term relationship. We really want relationship to last. Over time serious love and marriage have a different quality than we thought. No, love is not sweet as honey. It is responsibility towards our partner and this relationship we must maintain. It does not serve to make life easier and more beautiful for us. We should be the one to make someone else happy. We learn to make our partner’s days better. It is the way how we become happier and feel more love. Boundaries cease to exist.

Relationships with obstacles

Not everyone will like a serious relationship and obligations. Partner may feel the need to separate from us because he could be afraid of commitment. We feel that this connection is very important, but it burdens us. Burden exists because any relationship requires discipline. The more we are dedicated, the easier it will be for us to reach happiness. Investing in partnerships is learned here. Sometimes we just suffer because love is not what it was in the beginning.

This relationship will survive and overcome all the difficulties when both partners take responsibility and invest energy. In some cases, divorce occurs or an important contract at work is terminated when partner proposes or relationship begins. Relationship is mostly challenging, but it brings permanence and lasting duration. If there are a lot of good aspects and depending on the sign, it can be an indicator of a strong relationship. This is a karmic reward.

Natal Saturn in partner’s eighth house

This is a very intense relationship. It brings certain difficulties about which Saturn’s sign will say more. Financial challeanges are a form of learning. Marital disagreements, sexual problems and traumas that are too painful or fresh to resolve become a burning issue. In some cases, if there are such problems, partner is here to finally help us solve them. This does not mean that it will be easy or that he will know the way. He himself has problems which he may try to black out. Love wounds and psychological blockages prevent us from feeling deep emotions that are key to growth

Partner may refuse to acknowledge that problems exist and find ways to avoid investing in relationship. Relationship is accompanied by karmic debts, in some cases, loss of pregnancy or suffering. Love is destroyed and ‘killed’ if there are negative emotions projected. Purpose of this position is not that partner becomes our rival, but that we clean wounds, ‘put a bandage on’. In that way there is no more bleeding and we finally heal.

True love turns to hate?

Partner is the love of our life. He can become someone when we start to hate. This position is often associated with adultery or some form of sexual injury that spoils relationship. We learn to whom and when we can open up, but our partner is not a psychiatrist. This serves to find out where our boundaries are. We learn how much our partner respects them and whether he is ready to show us his woulds. We wonder if he can let us deeply into his heart, to places where he was injured and where he still suffers.

Immature people will hurt their loved one even more by taking revenge for something “minor”, not realizing what a fatal mistake they make. Greatest love goes through the greatest transformation, but after that regenerates. Often love will die. Revenge will only bring misfortune. Partner may no longer be able to be a part of our life when relationship ends.

Natal Saturn in partner’s ninth house

We can meet our partner while studying, during a lecture when we discover our life philosophy or change our life radically. Partner helps us to practically check our beliefs and see how much they serve and support us. Problems can arise if relationship is a long distance one. Other issues occur when there is difference in education, status, culture, etc.

Different understandings and beliefs prevent relationship from developing. Infidelity is common in some cases, especially abroad where karmic lessons are learned. We feel that love is blocking us and that we need freedom. We question our lives and what we want from future. Our partner does not share our opinion. Suddenly this is not what we have that matters, but what we do not have and strongly want. Adventurism is punished.

Partner encourages religious reconsideration. It seems that we have to change our beliefs, sometimes even our faith, in order for the relationship to continue. Patners enters our life when we face a legal challenge or have to make a decision to go abroad. This position teaches us that those we consider different from us are our part that seeks love and understanding. In some cases, this is an indicator for second marriage.

Natal Saturn in partner’s tenth house

This position shows a partner with similar energy as our father. He comes with a lesson we have not learned in relationship to our parents. Partner brings structure into our lives. Very often this is reflected on our career or as problems at work. Disagreement over what we want in relationship is noticeable. Partner affects how others see us and “spoils our reputation”. We may feel that “we can do better”.

It seems that we are starting to feel more and more as if we cannot fulfill high expectations we has, which he emphasizes even more. We learn not to sacrifice a career for a relationship and to be disciplined about time we have when we are together. We put practical expectations in love and partnership first. This relationship is sometimes just a form and not real love. It is not of the quality we hoped for, but we are still here and “trying” to overcome differences.

Natal Saturn in partner’s eleventh house

In some cases, this shows a friend we like but who is not ready to be anything more than friends. There are problems with relationship goals. Love accompanies loss of friendship. Relationship cannot expand in desired way. Partner encourages us to ask ourselves what our dreams are and what we want from relationship in general. We are becoming tired of expectations he has for our life.

Friends influence relationship or their opinion blocks it from growing and developing. Partner does not accept our friends and future goals. This is usually not an indicator of a relationship and love affair. It is not an overly difficult and challenging position, though. It is accompanied by some disappointment when it comes to plans for future.

Natal Saturn in partner’s twelfth house

Relationship brings with it some kind of sadness and loneliness. When we are together, there is struggle within. We feel that something is not right. This is due to karmic memories that awaken at body level. There is fear to love. We remember from some past life that we have been left so many times, maybe by him. This relationship may be accompanied by problems. It is not in our capacity to be able to overcome it without changing subconscious patterns.

We feel that relationship is a great failure. We do not see that we are scared and afraid to let love lead us. This is a typical indicator of a long-distance relationship or with someone unavailable or who does not have time for us. In some cases, just when relationship needs to grow into something more, we go abroad. There is separation.  This separation is physical or mental/emotional. Some kind of blockade always exists.Sometimes partner is in hospital or even jail.

Relationship represents a debt that exists at the level of energy body. Bone fractures, injuries, mental illnesses and chronic diseases might occur. We haven’t had peace since we started dating so we have a hard time sleeping at night. We feel as if we are constantly in fear of making wrong decisions. Entry of a partner in our lives coincides with moment when it becomes obvious that everything we have pushed under the rug so far must finally be resolved.

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