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November 15, 2023



During first half of 2024, Chiron will conjunct North Node in Aries and give us an opportunity to see with new eyes everything that we started to integrate since 2018. Chiron is in Aries until 2027 and it will be joined on this way to wholeness by Neptune in Aries from mid-2025.

And I don’t have to tell you that you are not a failure, my beautiful boy. I hope you know that. You’re still just learning. You thought you knew everything, but everything in your life is happening as it should. Have compassion for yourself. All these people and events are there to wake you up so you can hear the voice of your inner self. And that voice is so beautiful! That crisis you went through, I know you are now beginning to see, was a blessing it was. In all that chaos there was a cosmic order…

But what do you still see that you don’t like in your life? Come and feel it. Let’s express it. Let’s integrate and transform it. Or maybe there is some other healing path? I only know about this one.

Return of Chiron on your way to wholeness

And it is true that you are not yet 50 years old and that you have not gone through Return of Chiron, but that key to healing that you are looking for is exactly that wound that hurts so much and that is still bleeding. Chiron’s return is a time when each of us goes through experiences that are beyond ourselves but are re-triggers of wounds that have not healed.  But why not heal it right now?

And isn’t it strange that Chiron spends only two years in Libra and nine years in Aries? Isn’t it strange that each of us needs to learn to master ourselves a little better?

And just a few days ago, my best friends bought me a t-shirt that says “Keep Breathing” for my birthday. Even though Chiron is in Aries at a time when I don’t feel like living at all. All these years I have been nurturing others. I am always here to help everyone and to listen to everyone. But my wounds remain. Some days they seem to be less painful, while on others they hurt even more.

They told me to go to tarot. Go to homeopathy. Buy Bach drops. Go book a massage. Buy that crystal. But man, I’m not better. I’m not better at all.

​All that pain…

Chiron in Aries for all of you with planets in Libra, especially if the planets are on the 16th-19th degrees activating opposition in which memories of wounds buried for a long time. It seems that the whole life needs to be re-lived in order to correct this path. Internal reconciliation is not possible without a crisis, and like every crisis, it aims to bridge something in us that we have pushed into darkness.

In astrology, we associate Chiron with situations that are part of this shadow, as well as karmic and cellular memories. And it is known that the greatest gifts come from the most difficult trauma. With Chiron in Aries you have to fight for it. You have to be brave and keep up.

This is the time to show the wounds because the crisis will continue to repeat itself until we realize why we needed some situations and events. Why did we need some people to teach us all those lessons?

Chiron wounds are expressed in most people as addiction, obsession, fear of getting high and betrayal, negative thinking, fears, trauma and stress. We may have periods when we feel like a victim or a savior. We are usually not self-confident, thinking we are not worth love. We do not know who we are sabotaging any circumstance and opportunity to help ourself.

Prominent Chiron & way to wholeness

In natal chart sign of Chiron will show in what way we are wounded. House will show in which area of life (or body) we are wounded and ruler will show how wound can be healed. If Chiron has a lot of aspects or is prominenz, we may go through various painful experiences that ultimately lead to spiritual, emotional and psychological healing when we learn to have compassion for ourselves.

If Chiron is on ascendant, we appear as a victim and identify with this wound or loss. This is how others see us. We are considered a “victim” in our environment. Everyone knows us as “abandoned, rejected, deceived”. It is our self-created identity.

If Chiron is on descendant everything we start, we start wounded. We feel that others see us or we treat others as if there is something wrong with us. Deep down we believe that people we love will hurt us. We carry a lot of restlessness inside us and at the slightest hint of unpleasant emotion we run away and hide this wound, losing opportunity to heal it. However, others hurt us because we hurt ourselves by not solving problemss we project onto environment.

​On MC Chiron can bring situations where we we have a profession that does not truly fulfill us. We continue to do it because of primary family and their expectations. In such a visible place, Chiron serves to make us aware. We must see this pain, but we avoid it.

Chiron & way to wholness in aspect to natal planets:

Chiron in aspect to Sun, Moon and Mercury

If Chiron is in aspect to Sun, it can manifest as need for drama and difficulties in relationship with father. Ego is torn apart and we don’t feel loved. We help others to show their talents neglecting our own. Or we only think about ourselves. As adults we still live as if we were a little wounded child.

If Chiron is in aspect to Moon, we may have difficulties in relationship with our mother, from whom we feel that we did not receive enough care and attention. We are emotionally insecure and reject emotion of sadness. For women, there can be problems during pregnancy, after childbirth, as well as eating disorders. Excessive attachment to children is possible.

In aspect to Mercury we feel that we are constantly being criticized. Knowledge we have allows us to maintain illusion that everything is fine. Connection to intuition and instincts is broken because we are ruled by  intellect. We feel that we are not understood and that no one ever listens to us.

However, we can heal this position through working on throat chakra, singing, writing and public speaking. Then we unlock talent to understand others and thus learn to understand ourselves better. Thoughts may be scattered, accompanied by worry, restlessness, vagueness or over-rationality, giving rise to sadness.

Chiron in aspect to Venus and Mars

In aspect to Venus, we are tied to someone we have given power to influence our quality of life. We feel that we are not worthy of love and remain in a codependent, unbalanced and unfair relationships. We attract partners who are not fit for a relationship because they haven’t gotten over someone from their past.

We may tend to grieve and feel that no one really loves us or that love is conditional. It is important to work on the heart chakra and to give love to ourselves through touch. Rose oil can also help, but the primary thing is to learn to love ourselves and to stop giving too much when we get too little.

​In aspect to Mars, injuries, increased aggression and quarrels are possible. We do not know how to express sexual energy in healthy way. Hyperactivity is a way to avoid feeling angry. We have learned that it is not safe to be angry. We need to work on impatience and rage through sports, martial arts and tai chi. Violent behavior is common when we are frustrated and tired. Burnout is common because something has to stop us.

Chiron in aspect to Jupiter and Saturn

In aspect to Jupiter, we can be prone to escapism and dogmas or blindly follow teachings of a guru. Beliefs hurt us because beneath them there is a deep inner restlessness. We have never found answers to life’s big questions. We lose faith in God or blindly trust those who offer salvation. We need to find inspiration within ourselves and not outside. We are often immoderate in eating and drinking or spending resources, especially other people’s.

In aspect to Saturn, we suppress our true nature and believing that there is a certain way we should live and behave. We change our relationship to time as structure of consciousness changes. Conditions of physical reality are painful. Very often we leave our body frozen in pain. We can have problems with authorities until we build integrity.

We are afraid to take our place in the world. We have taken on our father’s wound that our grandfather also had. We are serious, insecure and always criticizing and judging ourselves. Rigid behavior and attitude we have towards life that we are always to blame for everything makes us feel that everything was wrong, but we cannot overcome it. Old unsupportive pattern of behavior needs to be discarded and to not isolate and escape from emotions.

Chiron in aspect to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

In aspect to Uranus, we are going through an awakening because life is changing and getting into a new flow that we need to get used to. Unexpected and sudden situations or accidents serve to raise level of consciousness. We are not very good with people because we don’t know how to show feelings. We are prone to shocking behavior. Usually this follows a kundalini activation during Uranus opposing natal Uranus. Feeling that we are expelled from our existing way of life should first be replaced by feeling that life is full of miracles and awaken curiosity.

In aspect to Neptune, we feel that we are not part of source and that something is missing in our life. We remember that we once had what we are unsuccessfully looking for. Confused by circumstances, we live in an illusion, feeling that we are always rejected. Intuition is blocked and everything that can remind us of pain is avoided. Creative impulses are also suppressed. In some cases, a nervous breakdown or serious alcohol problems are possible. Chronic exhaustion and feeling that a part of us is irretrievably destroyed contributes to a vague sense of identity.

​In aspect to Pluto we can have extreme desires and eventually realize that we have brought ourselves to this point where we had to experience pain. Heavy dose of self-destruction combined with need to assert power and control. We can be someone who abuses immediate environment in desire to dominate. We are afraid of appearing weak and powerless, so we attack others first. Need for revenge for unrequited love or injuries is expressed as obsession and possessiveness.

Chiron in natal houses

In the first house we may be prone to physical injuries and in the second house we may be unhealthily attached to material things. In the third house we can be rejected by brothers or have traumas from early education. In the fourth house we can be completely different from our family and carry ancestral karma that needs to be integrated.

In the fifth house we may feel that our creative talents are not appreciated. In the sixth house we feel that we just need to work and help. We are never good enough, so there is a tendency to self-punish. In the seventh house we have relationship problems. We transfer model of behavior from childhood into marriage and other important relationship. We can experience abuse when we give power to those we love.

In the eighth house we can be a victim of betrayal or abandonment. In the ninth house we can be a victim of religious teachings or life philosophy. In the tenth house, we can experience condemnation from our father, boss or even public. In the eleventh house we are abandoned by groups and we lose friends in disputes, which is followed by the feeling that we never fit in. In the twelfth house we lose everything that came into our lives. It is possible there is a tendency towards addictive diseases accompanied by feeling that life is meaningless.

Chiron & way to wholeness: how to heal it?

Healing Chiron means that you need to change pattern of behavior and get out of situations that are unhealthy. Transiting Chiron in Aries is asking for all of us to reclaim our true power. This means that we need to recognize and pay attention to the blocked emotion of anger, which is the root of problems.

We need to learn assertive behavior by letting go of fears and negative dialogue. Unhealthy beliefs should be replaced with supportive ones. We don’t have to be someone else or do something we don’t want to do. Healthy boundaries should be set, but will always be tested.

Why is it so important to heal natal Chiron? When this wound is healed it is cleansed and healed on all timelines. However, first we need to stop denying that we are wounded and give ourselves opportunity to feel anger and sadness, followed by acceptance. Only then does the person go through a test in form of a new situation that is similar to the previous one to see if what was needed has been learned.

If we have mastered it, we start surrendering to life with confidence that everything will be fine. According to position of Chiron in sign, house and aspects, meditation, prayers, crystals, drawing mandalas, yoga, breathing exercises, hooponopono and Bach drops as well as homeopathy can be very helpful.

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