How to heal stressful transits?

Maja Lazić
January 8, 2024

How to heal stressful transits?

How to heal stressful transits?

You are currently going through a stressful transit and wondering what you can do. Many transits ask us to stop, rest and change unsupportive beliefs, behaviours and habits that keep us trapped in past. Most people find it difficult to actually stop and take a breath. But that’s the first step.

That is why it is necessary to pay attention to thoughts when discomfort, sudden moon drop, despair and sadness appear. What were your thoughts when discomfort arose? Every thought has certain consequence that manifests through transiting planet’s energy.

Some thoughts (nobody loves me, I’m ugly/unattractive/ashamed of myself/not worthy, I hate myself) take years to get out of aura. Their vibration is very low. Like plastic bags it takes decades to “decompose”. It is necessary to clean your aura regularly.

During stressful transits choose peace, not arguing, explaining your viewpoints and persuading others to do what you want. Don’t wait for transits to pass, but take action now. Pay attention to your thoughts. If you ask natal planets for help, they will help you. But first you need to be aware of how they communicate with you!

Body always shows the truth

Unpleasant physical symptoms that never go away and disagreements with important people are attempt to hold on to past. It is the way life is showing us that we are not learning with moving planets. We resist life lessons being adopted so we keep repeating them. Each following transit brings them again. It seems that we are going round and round not making any progress. It is impossible to succeed if we have not mastered what needs to be learned.

Planets never stand still always taking us with them. Our resistance creates painful and difficult dissonance, making our life equally stressful. Health often suffers during transits, even though it is a way for body to protect us, because ego consciousness could not bear to really “awaken the darkness”.

If we go against Nature and our Life’s purpose, we will feel pain. It is impossible for someone listening to his Higher Self to be unhappy. Physical pain is resistance to change and ego’s tendency to remain unconscious. When we are ready to dedicate ourselves to inner work we go through stressful transits much more easily. Those who still can’t see that it’s always about ourselves and changes from within, have much harder time dealing with transiting energy.

For example, during stressful transiting squares and oppositions of Venus and Uranus/Saturn or Moon and Saturn conjunctions, deep breathing and time for regular meditation are very important. It sounds easy, but when you really get into it, you will see how intense it really is! Many Saturn transits teach us how to set limits on how available we can be for others. Many people have problem saying no. Many workaholics continue to fill themselves with obligations for which they do not have enough energy.

How to heal stressful transits and its lessons

Sometimes it is easier to become aware of a transit through a natal house. Especially when transiting planet does not form challenging aspect with natal planets. In that case first you need to determine in which element is cusp sign of a house planet is located in.

For example, if you have problems with money and second house cusp is in Sagittarius, that’s fire element. In order for house energy to activate and your financial circumstances to change, you need to bring in “fire”. How it looks depends on each natal chart. Here is an example!

It is best if you have a wood-burning fireplace, but you can add fire element through lamps/candles or cook using stove more than usual. Sometimes it’s not about the element’s quantity, but its quality! If there are planets that are in a challenging aspect placed to this house then it is necessary to start with practical repairs first. Only after that you can possibly add a new source of “fire”.

Houses with stellium of planets

Count which natal house has the most planets (three or more). This area can bring you energy, but neglecting it drains you and deprives you of it being a source of stress. Natal energy is always circulating and constantly updated. Its quality depends on how much we nurture  our essential needs and take responsibility for our life.

Reasons why someone wants to embark on path of deeper connection with transiting planets mostly concerns love problems and relationships. Other common themes are inability to find a suitable job, career advancement, lack of money, poor health, chronic disease, excess weight and emotional loss.

All these problems on energetic level concern imbalance of body, emotions, mind and spirit. However, these are natal issues and not transiting challenges! In order for healing to occur we need to balance, purify and finally integrate natal energy.

My goal through Astrodetoks is to encourage you to be present and aware in every moment tuning into the quality of your astro-energy. Goal of astrology is to help you gain more confidence in yourself and in Life. This primarily means getting rid of everything you no longer need, as well as fear, guilt, pain and shame. It also implies different attitude towards astrology and its application in daily life.

How to heal stressful transits according to signs

In order to be able to heal transiting planets it is useful to understand sign’s energy. Aries is looking for action so techniques that require peace and quiet will not be appropriate. Something needs to be done, because action will bring fresh energy and relief. Your energy level and physical strength during transits show quality of transiting planetary energy.

Taurus wants to make sure he’s comfortable. This implies less work and lots of rest. Person must have something concrete to do during stressful transit, but may have hard time accepting “invisible” techniques. So we balance this energy by adding or subtracting something in our external environment to make us feel better.

Gemini wants to talk about problems he is going through and during stressful transits it is important to have someone to chat about how we feel. Here, first of all, focus is on thinking processes and thought quality that shows personal energetic state. Cancer needs to feel safe and achieve emotional balance. That is why this transit requires work on relationship with family members.

Leo needs to express emotions creatively so that he can get feedback. It is important to focus on yourself and show the environment your special qualities. If feeling of self-love weakens, it means that natal planet’s energy, which has a challenging aspect, is low and blocked.

​How to heal stressful transits according to signs – continued

Virgo wants to feel useful through concrete tasks they can be completed and whose progress they can monitor. Level of (un)purity can be problematic, but always has to do with feelings of guilt and not accepting yourself. This sign, through cleaning chores, for example, always “cleanses” old energy of transits that have ended, but whose lessons have not been integrated.

Many transits are difficult for Libras because they tend to want life to be easygoing. Person’s energy level is therefore seen through quality of their relationships and social life. Transits will be reflected in lack of satisfaction in interpersonal relationships, especially marriage. Scorpio feels transits very intensely and dramatically. Level of sexual energy is usually activated or blocked by transiting energy if detoxification and elimination of something from intimate life is needed.

It is important for Sagittarius to understand transit on theoretical level. If they do not agree with planet’s teachings, they usually feel pessimistic. This sign must live its philosophy and not accumulate “suffocated energy” by not consuming life. During stressful transits, Capricorn needs to withdraw even more into themselves and find support there, which is the right way. They just need to know when it would be easier for them to let others get closeer not having to do everything by themselves.

Aquarius likes techniques that are mixture of ancient and inventive, tending towards experimental approach in working with planets. With Pluto in Aquarius, approach to heal stressful transits will upgrade and could be too eccentric for more conservative individuals. Pisces experience astrology on religious level testing their faith. Usually during stressful transits they learn to connect with everything that exists in Cosmos. For them, every transit is an opportunity to see how close they are to “One Love” concept they intuitively aspire to.

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