Jupiter in house

Maja Lazić
July 26, 2021

Jupiter in house

This post is about Jupiter in house during transits.

Jupiter is in one sign for about a year. During that time, it is in one of the natal houses. If natal house is bigger or smaller, this will change transit duration. This varies for each individual. Meaning will also change whether there are planets in the house where transit is. Impact varies depending on whether there are aspects to other natal planets with transiting Jupiter, too. We have to connect all this with the sign of transiting Jupiter, but also with natal Jupiter. For anything to happen it is necessary to have at least three of the same factors. Just transiting Jupiter is not enough.

Quality of any transit depends on the quality of natal Jupiter. ‘Good transit’ cannot make up for ‘bad natal Jupiter’. It can still alleviate the situation and help us gain wisdom for better self-control. We have to look at each transit in the context of what was done in the previous transit aka in the house before the one in which Jupiter now transits. What we will have in this transit always depends on previous transits. To make it easier to understand, Jupiter does not bring anything. However, during transits you create what will be happening during next transit and what will come next.

Jupiter return

Please do not expect Jupiter to necessarily be associated with a strictly positive effect. Jupiter gives how much it gets and how much we have invested in ourselves, or something else that is important to us. This planet has to do with gentleness, spiritual understanding and happiness that need high moral values. Honestly, everything depends on your feeling of happiness! House where natal Jupiter is located will be the most important during transit because it will concern growth of everything that has happened in the previous 12 years, since last transit. Thus, Jupiter return is related to situations when we are able to finally outgrow ourselves and turn a new leaf. Internal growth is now equivalent to external growth.


Jupiter in the first house

Changes occur at the level of the physical body. Person can gain weight or body expands and becomes wider. When this transit occurs for the first time, body grows in height and width. Person has a strong appetite and usually good health, but may have more health problems if they do not pay attention. In some cases, transit begins with a problem or decision that will significantly affect life quality. This person is optimistically thinking which like a magnet attracts good opportunities into life. Sometimes nothing happens, but a person acquires wisdom and knows that some things must come to an end.

This is the time to fulfill our wishes, to receive gifts and to understand how every day can be a positive experience. We have more self-confidence and notice that we are better understood by the environment which facilitates progress. It is important to be open to serving those who know more than us. Do not exaggerate your desires as they are not always justified.


Now we do not see things realistically and we are not completely aware of ourselves. We think that we can do everything, but it is not quite so. This sometimes coincides with the beginning of something, seeing some big change. But when the transit is over, we may realize that we have screwed up as we do not have capacity to complete something. Ego grows quickly and we are not aware of our possibilities liking flattery too much. Travel attracts us and everything that is a new experience. Certainly, happiness follows us even when we do not expect it.

Good opportunities and progress come into life. Results depend on how much we are ready to learn and grow. This position is identified with laziness. Person suddenly does nothing on all these occasions. Too much happens and day passes quickly without us doing anything much. In some cases, marriage, relocation or job advancement occurs. We expand energetically. Some kind of growth is noticeable. People enter our life from whom we can learn a lot.

It is important that we focus on one thing and invest in it. If we want to work on our appearance, we should focus on that. It is necessary to pay attention to diet. Too much enjoyment of unhealthy food will lead to excess weight. Particular attention should be paid to liver and intake of fats, sugars and alcohol. In some cases, this coincides with pregnancy or birth of a child. What we have invested in previous 12 years is now bearing fruit. Sometimes results are not entirely beautiful, but help us learn something about life to gain wisdom.

Jupiter in the second house

Good opportunities in terms of money and financial progress are possible. We enjoy profits that come our way, but now we spend more. This is traditionally associated with higher earnings, but also higher expenses. We want better quality of things and spend on our looks and beauty. We gain self-confidence through money and what we can afford. Above all we should think in terms of improving life quality. How can we use what we have in a better way? Buying more things will not bring happiness that will be lasting.

This is the time to invest in ourselves and our talents that can pay off. During this transit, we may be prone to gaining weight. It is better to eat less, but of better quality. We may become aware of some of the beliefs about money and thus resolve them. Money is the basis of security and happiness here. We should dig deeper and think about the attitudes we have about money and how we spend it. Complexes due to finances now need to be resolved. We need to learn how to save on nonsense that only give us short-term pleasure and to have more of what will be permanent. Usually during this period, we realize what is really valuable to us. Alas, it is not sold in stores!

Jupiter in the third house

We think more positively and have more contact with people. We meet someone who becomes a good friend of ours. He can give us wise advice. Relationship with relatives and neighbors is improving. It is possible to buy a car, large electrical devices or a mobile phone. Contracts and agreements are worthy and happiness accompanies us. We learn much and begin to understand things on a deeper level. We also have success at school or during a seminar or a training. We read and write more and communicate better with others. Mind is more optimistic and open to insights. We hope that everything will be alright.

It is now useful to learn as much as possible and expand our existing knowledge. If there was a conflict with friends, we will be able to fix it. Our words can give someone hope and enable them to see things from a different perspective. Success follows us through written word. We like literature of a psychological and philosophical character. Some good news comes from our environment, neighbors or relatives. Improvement in the neighborhood and some positive opportunities through acquaintances with others.

Jupiter in the fourth house

Transit is characterized by the intensification of events at home. Its quality depends on the situation in which this transit begins. If relationship with family members is good, then positive opportunities happen at home. It is possible to heal relationship with parents. Home improvement or need to tidy up certain parts of it. Investing in a house and letting go of fears acquired in childhood. In case there is a problem with one of the parents, this transit helps to improve this relationship.

Purchase of real estate, relocation and good circumstances surrounding sale of apartment also apply to this transit. Family line is being healed. We are beginning to understand family patterns. We need to take more care of our house and its decoration. We like to organize home celebrations and gatherings, but we only let in those with whom relationship is intimate. Some people need to be alone during this transit and think about how happy their family makes them. How much do they feel like part of the family? Challenges in this area always shake our whole persona. If there are serious problems, it is necessary to be wise and take constructive steps.

Jupiter in the fifth house

Transit can be characterized by a new love story and beginning of a great romance. Heart opens and we let more love into it. We know what it is that we are looking for in love. Nice news about emotional life. For some a very turbulent dating life with a lot of passion. We can invest energy in hobbies and new interests. We dedicate ourselves to creative self-expression. There is a great need for us to express ourselves and for others to notice us.

Fun, going out, enjoying other people’s company and sport activities please us and encourage competitive spirit. In some cases, pregnancy is possible. It is possible that we get opportunities to earn money through hobbies. Certainly, more happiness accompanies us, which is not strange because we feel more optimistic. Ego grows and only in some cases we do things that can be harmful. Then we hurt us or people around us, especially when it comes to emotional life.

Jupiter in the sixth house

This position is connected with business opportunities for success and improvement in workplace. Relationship with colleagues and boss improves allowing for greater respect and progress. Expansion through career and helping others also is noticeable during this transit. This is the time when we make positive changes in our diet, exercise and daily life. Sometimes it is as a result of illness or a health challenge. It is also possible we will want to buy a pet.

Since we associate Jupiter with expansion, weight gain is also possible. We should pay attention to our diet. This is usually time when it is harder for us to eat in a balanced way if there are various problems on a daily basis. We are busy finding solutions at work because we have more responsibilities. In some cases, it is possible to start a new business and repay debts. Healing health symptoms and serving others is very important. It will be a good for us to work on cleaning, tidying and making changes at workplace. We should be investing energy to solve accumulated problems or to do work better and with higher quality.

Jupiter in the seventh house

Transit emphasizes partnerships and improving marriage situation. Contracts with others find a positive impact and business ties flourish. Spouse may also have opportunities to progress feeling this transit more than we do. We need to balance parts of our personality so that marital relationship improves. We attract happy circumstances, because we seem more fulfilled and happier to others.

This period is usually about improving our appearance. There is need to repair connections with important people. If there was a marriage problem, this transit can increase it first. That will help so that it can be solved in the way that both sides can benefit. Favorable opportunities come through other people. Those who will bring us growth and progress enter our life. Typically, this period is associated with some public success or gain and a positive resolution of a legal process.

Jupiter in the eighth house

In case there is trauma or pain that has remained unhealed, it is now important to work on it. Psychological resolution may be helpful. We are attracted to occult and mysterious teachings. It is possible to be obsessed with an idea or to finally be able to find a cause of problem. Intimate life deepens. Sexual energy is intense and passionate. This in some cases indicates adultery and extramarital affairs. Money from inheritance, real estate or through sales can come. We have a desire to invest.

We understand why we create crises, but we also become wiser. We know how we can finally solve something. Past lives occupy us, on an unconscious level. We feel their karmic influence. We want to let go, but still if there is fear, we strive for control. We are very suspicious of others expecting to get hurt. This is the time when we can heal a relationship, but also when there can be divorce and division of property.

It is necessary to work on fears through some healing technique and talk to a psychologist. Our attitude towards death is changing. So is our attitude towards life! We finally become aware of the importance of close and intimate relationships and how everything around us represents ourselves. Those who hurt us are an opportunity for us to realize how we hurt ourselves. That is why this is the time when we can heal a lot of things. We may also create crises that will be hard to forget.

Jupiter in the ninth house

Transit can bring opportunities for travel and cooperation with foreigners. Going abroad is very pleasant for us and getting to know new cultures. All this serves to expand our understanding of life and practically live our philosophy. We have more understanding for various teachings that may be different from those that we knew so far. In some cases, we come into contact with various spiritual teachings. If we do not travel, we may at least be into books about world travelers. Self-study, seminars or spiritual pursuits become interesting to us. Someone may decide to continue their education or have more success in college.

We read and learn about different life experiences and that changes us. We are open to see what fills our hearts and recharges our batteries. We need to listen to that voice that leads us to the higher purpose of our lives. This is a time of learning driven by ideals and beliefs. There is a desire to find our shining star. We can connect parts of ourselves through contact with other cultures. Ninth house is related to Jupiter, so this is a very beneficial influence.

Jupiter in the tenth house

Success at work and career progress is mentioned in every astrological book. However, what is happening is that our reputation at workplace is changing. We are becoming aware of the need for advancement. We have a new role at work that can include certain benefits. We want our commitment at work to be rewarded. We try to do everything we can to make that happen. It seems to us that only success visible from the outside is important. Therefore, sometimes due to this aspect, we suddenly find ourselves in a situation when other areas of life turn out to be shaky.

In that case, business progress is not permanent either. Question is when we will lose the position and stop climbing hierarchically. Relationship with father is going through crisis, but there is another chance to solve problems. We become aware of what his role was in our lives. What do we needed to learn from him? Family is asking for more of our time. Partner may feel neglected. We don’t have time for ourselves either. It seems to us that everyone has very high expectations of us. We still feel that we have the strength for everything. Do we?

This is the time to become aware of our priorities. Then invest energy in what we want to achieve! We are looking for our place in society. Others are more willing to help us get there. We are aware of our business needs and make decisions with greater wisdom. New beginning bring new opportunities. This is certainly a period when we can achieve a lot and reach towards business success.

Jupiter in the eleventh house

New friends enter our lives through membership in a society or organization. Contacts with others become important. Thanks to them, we have more hope that everything will be fine and that we will achieve what we want. We have a lot of business plans for success. This can bring us extra money or a raise. Ideals and desires for future become more tangible. Only problem arises if we are committed to a large number of goals for which we do not have energy and time.

Opportunities for progress come through cooperation with others. Friends can introduce us to someone who will invest in our project. Communication with others is good. We come across many like-minded people. Social networks are important to us. Through them we can launch an important project that will bring success. If we don’t have our own group of people, we may be able to find it now. If we are interested in an organization, we can now become a member or get involved in working on a common goal.

Jupiter in the twelfth house

This is the time when our intuition becomes very strong as we get rid of remains of past lives. Through symbols in dreams our subconscious communicates with us. Dreams heal us and so we release old patterns. Meditations with mandalas can be useful to us. We must be aware that in some cases we may first be faced with what is not pleasant. Basement door opens up to transform us. Music, movies and literature can help us significantly.

We have more understanding of why some things had to happen in the past. We are committed to something that is invisible, but bigger than us. Through that we can give more to others. That is what we should definitely do now. Some astrologers call this position “the time to pay off debt” when things fall into place. Spiritual expansion is possible especially through strong need to be alone and to dedicate ourselves to something, in silence and peace. We are inspired to create something, so we need to give space to creativity.

Issues showing up

If something bothers us, we want to find out what is behind it. Which fear hurts us still? We stop being afraid of our darkness. It seems that our inner world gets a chance for gentle healing and comfort. We believe that everything can be good, but we still don’t know how and when it will happen.

This is the time to understand what karma is. How have we created it so far in our lives? Energy techniques are very useful and anything that allows us to let go of past. As this house is connected to ending, we now need to put an end to many things. We get opportunity to understand painful situations in a new way and forgive ourselves and others. Time during this transit is like swimming in a healing ocean. More pain and sorrow we wash away, more we can gain during next transit when Jupiter crosses ascendant.

What is Jupiter in your chart teaching you during its current transit? How can you use the most of this Jupiter transit?

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