Maja Lazić
November 11, 2022


This post is about Moon Uranus aspects.

Moon in astrology is all about the past, mother and our need for security. On the other hand, Uranus is about the future and new experiences. In aspect they aim for sense of freedom that is possible when we accept ourselves.

Uranus is an unstable and changeable quality that asks us to expand our comfort zone. This is a progressive and rebellious energy that loves company more than intimate situations. Moon prefers tenderness and intimacy, clinging to childhood habits.

Moon is mild and Uranus is stressful. That is why these two energies are not very prone to easy integration if there is not enough flexibility. Following post is an analysis of some of the most important aspects in birth chart, synastry and transits.

Moon sextile/trine Uranus

Moon sextile/trine Uranus in synastry encourages both people to feel free to be who they are. Partner accepts us even when our behavior is weird. He likes it! Intimacy happens in unusual situations and arises precisely because they intrigue each other with their various habits.

Our partner’s emotional nature fascinates and amuses us. We easily manage to fit into each other’s life ready to compromise. This encourages us to authentically express what environment has not supported so far. Emotional honesty will be very important and valued more than anything.

This can be a relationship where we are loved as we have never been. Although our mother may find our partner avantgarde at first glance, once she gets to know him, she will love him just as quickly as we did. Family accepts our partner even if he speaks a completely different language.

Moon squares Uranus

Moon square Uranus in synastry is often experienced as disagreement due to drastically different emotional needs. We want a serious relationship that will lead to family and life together. Partner is not in that mood. He wants to travel to America and have an open relationship. Authentic behavior is perceived as rebellious. Moon is shocked by partner’s freedom, which he never had.

In family, mother can be quiet and withdrawn giving birth to a restless child. They can’t easily get on well. Mother experiences a nervous breakdown trying to get used to “jumping on nerves”. This leads to breakdown due to a lot of noise and commotion. People do not understand each other because they communicate needs differently. While one likes classical music, the other prefers heavy metal. Neither is open to experiment or find beauty in diversity.

What is important to us in a relationship is not fit for our partner. No one is ready to compromise. Like when a teenager gets to stay home alone and his parents leave him with a baby to look after. Since they don’t have the same needs, expectations and interests, they create chaos together. Uranus can only be set free if it is responsible. At a younger age and depending on natal chart, that’s not easy for everyone.

Stressful environment and mental unrest encourage argument and separation. We cannot get closer if partner is not used to intimacy. It’s just that person represented by Uranus will not at all want to admit it or change it until it bothers them for a completely different reason. Abandonment and being ignored is more common than functional relationships. Rebellion doesn’t have to be negative. For very emotional people, partner seems to break our heart more often them not.

How is this aspect experienced in transit?

Moon square Uranus in transit characterizes exciting time that brings unexpected and sudden events. Environment is behaving strangely. It seems as if we are not quite ourselves either. It is possible that our true nature is coming out for the first time! More we are dishonest with ourselves or unwilling to open up to something new, more turbulent this transit will be. Environment with its behavior makes us feel that we have no one who understands us. Stress increases rapidly.

Dysfunctional relationships end if we are not ready to develop a strong bond. Unusual and intriguing people come into our life. We achieve unexpected intimacy with them through differences that divide us. Relationships usually don’t last. They open us up to see love in a different way. Freedom is key. Whatever we plan will be the opposite of what we expected.

Life situations teach us to get rid of control. Life might have been safe, but now that is holding us back and blocking us. We learn to allow greater freedom in personal relationships. Twists and turns and unexpected are not necessarily bad. As transit can last up to two years, be ready for anything.

Many people find it difficult to deal with this energy without knowing exactly what they want. They let events happen instead of creating them. We realize that plans usually fail if we had ulterior motives that weren’t really powered by authentic connection. Adultery, shocking relationships with huge age difference or emotions that are awakened and then turned into ignoring promise a love rollercoaster.

Moon inconjunct Uranus

Moon inconjunt Uranus in transit can represent an attraction to someone we can’t be with. Someone with whom we don’t see eye to eye catches our attention. We are emotionally incompatible. Although we might not agree, we came together to learn that there is a different kind of connection. We begin to realize that we have gone too far with childish habits. Those habits are suffocating us more and more.

Transit can be characterized by emotional turmoil or family rebellion. Relationship with mother can be strained. Partner usually cannot satisfy our emotional needs during this period. This is an opportunity to end relationships that are no longer serving us. Pay attention to stress at home. Clients also usually mention breakdown of electrical appliances or sudden relocation.

Moon conjunct Uranus

Moon conjnuct Uranus in natal chart is about stress that we carry in energy since birth. Like sudden blinding light, emotions are expressed unexpectedly. Sometimes they devastate us, but it all depends on the sign. It’s like we can’t hear ourselves due to all the noise in our head. On social networks, we have opportunity to show ourselves. In close environment we do not know how to form relationships.

We communicate with many people, but are not really close to anyone. We try to explain to others who we are. Friends and family don’t understand us. Even we don’t understand ourselves. It could take a long time for us to learn that it is safe to show emotions. We escape familiarity by entering into unusual relationships with strange people alienated from themselves.

Consequently, relationships are not traditional. We became so used to stress that we detached ourselves from heart. We began to run away from problems into isolation and solitude marching to a rebellious rhythm. Our world isn’t really where we would like it to be. Surrounded by impersonal concepts and ideas, isolated from touch and intimacy we unconsciously strive for, we feel misunderstood.

If only someone would notice and love us as we really are! Electric charge is variable. We often do the opposite of what we want and what is truly our nature. Emotional life is unusual. Expressing emotions is done in inappropriate situations. Emotional rebellion certainly unlocks extraordinary artistic talents if creativity is adequately channeled.

How is this expressed in transits?

Moon conjunction Uranus in transits can suddenly imply a connection that causes us to open up to more authentic personal expression. We associate it with a feeling of inner instability that spills over into environment, home, family and relationships. We would try something new, but we are afraid and don’t know how. Unusual and free-spirited people enter our life. We experience various turbulent moments. We often feel lonely facing overwhelming events.

We are like someone who, at a concert full of people, feels alone. Although this is the time of sudden affection, we are attracted to people we would not otherwise notice. It’s risky to love and show what’s on your heart, especially if it’s been deserted for a long time. It depends on age and natal Moon, too. Heart chakra opens suddenly during transit only to close again if we don’t feel safe.

Mature people have fewer problems than teenagers, but some of them feel young for the very first time. Transit takes place once every 84 years. Some experience it as children, in old age or never. Over about two years, stress increases if we have not been able to resolve accumulated tension and emotional problems. Usually an old experience will prevent a person from enjoying the now.

We are learning to integrate part of ourselves that we didn’t recognize until then. We only noticed it in those we loved. Friendships are important, but relationships tend to be free. Certainly, this is time for relationships that seek a quantum leap of consciousness. Friendship turns out to be more important than love. Usually a lot of people enter our life shaking it with unusual forms of emotional expression.

How is it expressed in synastry?

Moon conjunct Uranus in synastry shows (mis)understanding of partner’s unusual behavior. We fancy someone very different from us. Diversity is so exciting! Partner can support us in opening up to a more authentic emotional expression. This unusual planetary connection does not come easily to everyone. It is strange to environment and to ourselves that we are together.

In friendship, aspect does not cause problems because Moon feels more secure to express compared to intimate relationship. Sometimes even friendship has a strained character. Friends suddenly return or leave us. Partner is not always there when we want him to be. It seems we can’t rely on him. This encourages us to turn to ourselves and sometimes to distance from relationship completely.

More eccentric the partner, the more we will want to get close to him. In unusual behavior of our partners, we see our own patterns, but it is difficult to change them. Even though they can’t seem to fit in, they still manage to be together. Intimacy/freedom as a problem will arise sooner or later. Partner withdraws at times when it is expected to become more intimate.

Thrill will not be lacking, but both can be hurt. Especially if partner is not used to such unexpected emotional overturns. He may not be ready for intimacy. When he is ready to change, they can spend wonderful “ad hoc” moments together. Parachute is definitely necessary if you’re jumping into the unknown. Sky is the limit here, often literally!

Moon opposition Uranus

Moon opposition Uranus in natal chart can be shown through mother who experienced stress or does not feed her baby regularly enough. Tension is felt at home and in family, which Soul remembers. Mother was not ready to give birth to a child. Everything happened suddenly. Emotions are very turbulent. We feel unbalanced. Someone important can suddenly disappear from our lives.

This creates strong urge for extreme and risky behavior to satisfy emotional needs. We may seek security in other people, food, sudden adventures and toxic relationships. There is a tendency to overcome limitations of emotional experience. That is why we are attracted to a shocking partner. We find ourselves in a relationship where we have to break limiting circumstances or even the law.

We may experience separation or a sudden family change. Aspect can develop a pattern of running away from emotions into something new and unknown. We learn to be our own biggest fan and to integrate destabilizing life situations. Unexpected and drastic emotional expression leads to loss of dear people. We cannot connect with others. We are disconnected from ourselves.

We did not meet our needs in childhood. Even then we felt abandoned. We don’t know what it means to be emotionally secure. Strange hobbies and atypical friends enter our lives. There may be a problem with motherhood and pregnancy. We rebel against parents and family, but also ourselves. We are insecure when life is calm. We are used to stress. Soul journey to an unexplored part of us can calm us down. Everything is in vain while we are looking for love in someone else.

How else is this aspect manifested?

We can benefit greatly from Kundalini Yoga. Sometimes we are drawn to adrenaline sports. Relationship crisis is a reflection of a personal crisis. Parent could be of rebellious nature with whom we never knew what to expect. Lack of freedom is what we always feel. It prevents us from truly living. We should accept all emotions and learn to maintain stability in heart. We learn to heal and relieve tension.

Aspect gives wonderful creative potential to express emotions through blog writing and social media content. Although it contains something in itself that it considers incompatible, it is precisely our partner who may consider it exotic. We can learn a lot about ourselves by studying emotional expression in foreign cultures. We can fall in love with partners who are unusual.

We only like those who are different and unique. We fear emotional safety. We feel we can’t breathe when attention is focused on us. We want to be with those who are unavailable because we are not “available” to ourselves. We try to find a way to be accepted by the environment, but we need to accept ourselves first.

Around age of 42, this aspect is additionally activated and becomes more emphasized. Every 21 years we have opportunity to heal and support our heart chakra. If we don’t have a constructive emotional outlet, then tension is suddenly released during Uranus opposition. Emotional earthquake in to be expected!

How is this aspect shown in synastry?

Moon opposition Uranus in synastry indicates stress in relationships and instability. Partner may be very emotionally interested, but unwilling to tolerate our behavior. We can be frivolous and see everything as fun. These are very unusual relationships, where partners are completely different from each other. Partner can represent our polarity that needs to be integrated in our behavior.

What bothers us is our inauthentic behavior. Now it shows in our partner’s which disturbs us and makes us feel uncomfortable. Relationship can be essential for integration of emotional life of person represented by Moon. Emotional dissonance is characteristic. Through relationship, we should explore ourselves and discover what annoys and irritates us. We see it first in our partner.

We get on each other’s nerves. What our partner likes is disgusting to us. Like a child who comes to school on the first day, but won’t let go of mom’s hand. He won’t play with new friends seeing everything new as scary. We see stress and not beauty which requires an open heart and flexibility to leave the comfort zone.

Relationships teach us to step out and embrace the unexpected. However, breakups are common until both people are sure of what they want. Strange and unpleasant situations where we feel we are opening up will be an opportunity to remember when abandonment happened. When that memory is accessable, change for the better has already begun.

How is it shown in transits?

Moon opposition Uranus in transit draws attention to unusual people and relationships that have something new that we haven’t tried before. During transit we divorce or separate from a partner if relationship could not support us to be who we are and be loved at the same time. Breakups happen to encourage us to be more spontaneous in relationships. Insincerity with partner can mark a period that lasts about two years for most people.

Those in serious relationships may be surprised by partner’s unusual behaviour. He might become selfish, childish and rebellious. Unexpectedly, those are needs that we cannot fulfill. We see all this as an attack on home and family. Question is, do we see something in partner’s behavior that we ourselves desire?

During transit, we learn not to push away those who are important to us just because we don’t understand each other. This is the time to hear the inner impulse for change that we have not embraced for a long time. Misunderstandings with environment are possible. Stress is always integrally ours, which we now see externally in an exaggerated form. Glass has been overflowing for a long time… But now, it is also broken!

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