Consultation with an astrologer

Maja Lazić
January 15, 2020

Consultation with an astrologer

What is a consultation with an astrologer?

1. Consultation with an astrologer is time-limited.

  • Time allows us to focus on a particular problem / topic (transiting Moon will indicate this) and to not be overwhelmed by too much information.
  • Short consultation is ideal for current events. 

2. Each astrology cconsultation is tailored to meet the client’s needs.

  • I do consultations in English and Serbian and this has enabled me to gain extensive experience in astrology.
  • I provide constructive information as well as suggestions for independent practice with the energies of the planets. Topics of such practice are chosen holistically so that they are the key to understanding your life.
  • The planets respond to your vibration, so depending on how open / closed you are, the type of information you get may vary.

3. Astrologer prepares for the consultation.

  • Preparation depends on the experience and the natal chart itself. Any skilled astrologer must be able to speak about natal charts and transits without preparation. As the consultation is time- limited, preparation is necessary and usually lasts as long as the consultation itself.
  • Astrological chart is calculated by a professional program.
  • Professional astrologers must have knowledge of all astrological techniques and constantly improve their skills! Each astrologer has his own way of approach to natal charts which develops with time and experience.

4. High quality astrologer asks questions.

  • Planets communicate with each other all the time. Talking to an astrologer is like talking to some expert in another field. Part of my job is to listen to the client and give him a safe harbor to talk openly about what is bothering him. The information you give and receive during the consultation is strictly confidential.
  • I always ask the client at the beginning of the consultation what he is most interested in knowing and explain to him how the consultation will proceed. I will ask him if the info I am providing is helpful, whether he needs me to explain something further. This allows me to know in which direction to proceed with the analysis and what to devote more time to.
  • During the consultation I encourage the client to ask me questions and actively participate in the analysis. You can also send me your questions in advance. You may leave a written comment after consultation. Read Testimonials
  • Ask questions that begin with How and Why. Useful questions provide timeless answers. The goal of the natal analysis is to benefit from that experience at any later time.

5. Astrology is not bombastic, fatalistic and mystical.

  • Astrological knowledge is worthless if the astrologer is not capable of explaining astrological symbols to the client so that he is able to fully recognize himself in the description and to benefit from it.
  • Astrologer clearly sees topics that he does not need to open yet if the person is not ready to face them.
  • After a high quality analysis, you feel safe about yourself and not afraid for your future. The advice from astrologers should never be to just wait for some transit to pass, but how to transform its impact and solve the challenges you face.

6. Not every astrologer (or school of astrology) is for every client and vice versa.

  • The same way a client chooses an astrologer, an astrologer can choose a client. This is what experienced and sincere astrologers do.
  •  The astrologer’s skill, deep astrological understanding and linguistic talent are what distinguishes excellent astrologers from average ones, as well as the willingness to recommend a client to another astrologer or expert.
  • I will often recommend physical exercises and yoga as a form of working with planetary energies if the person is open and willing to work on their own. I will be happy to recommend books, resources and techniques that may be useful, too.

7. Astrologer is not a psychologist.

  • Astro-therapy as a technique involves integrating archetypes through specific guided exercises which can be an excellent support to the client. Reconnective healing is another mode I can suggest. My goal is to educate the client and help him spiritually as much as I can.
  • Astrologer is not there to solve your problems, but to help you come to your own deeper understanding that leads to a solution. When we understand ourselves everything can be solved.
  • I will refer a client to psychological or any other therapy if I find it necessary.

8. Astrology has its limits.

  • energy of the client directs the analysis of the natal chart in the necessary direction at a given moment. Some answers remain in the future when you are ready for them.
  • your natal analysis changes with time and your evolution, and it depends on the astrologer who analyzes your natal chart. I cannot give more than what a person is capable of receiving at any given moment.
  • if we continue with the same behavior, we get the same results from our natal chart. Transits do not bring ‘magic solutions’ to people who refuse to change, apologize, forgive and abandon egoistic goals.

9. Astrologer encourages client’s independence.

  • if a client needs frequent consultation it is important not to develop dependence on astrologers and astrology. Consultation once a year or every six months is more than enough.
  • In the case of Saturn’s return, the opposition of Uranus, the conjunction of trans-saturnian planets to the Moon or Sun you can benefit greatly from more frequent consultations, but only if you are prepared to do the suggested practice on your own.
  • I always tell clients when to have a follow-up consultation if a specific period comes up that is seen as a challenge.

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