FATALE LOVE: Venus/Pluto

Maja Lazić
April 1, 2023

FATALE LOVE: Venus/Pluto

Venus Pluto aspects in natal chart, synastry and transits.

In this post I will cover most important natal, transit and synastry Venus/Pluto aspects. If your natal Venus has aspect to Pluto, you will experience transit and synastry aspects more intensely. It is always important first to understand which partner is represented by Venus and which by Pluto. Venus is usually more aware that something is wrong, while Pluto operates on an unconscious level.

However, Pluto has more power in karmic sense, which does not make things easier. To understand these aspects, we must first analyze primary family, attitude to partnerships, sexuality, self-control and transformation. Although love relationship characterized by this aspect is an initiation to more self-love, both partners usually go through crisis and tension first.

We need to understand that due to slow movement of Pluto, not everyone will experience transits to natal Venus! Natal aspect can be more challenging during the transit, which is usually associated with an important person.

Sometimes this has nothing to do with other people, but rather our character traits! Pluto should be seen as principle that always takes and Venus as principle that gives by feeding this energy. As long as such food is supplied, relationship will last. Whether it is healthy is certainly a question to think about…

Easy and challenging aspects

In a nutshell, all Venus/Pluto aspects are intense, but trine and sextile are considered more flexible. Square, opposition, conjunction and especially natal inconjunction require a very high level of awareness and caution. If your Venus forms an aspect with your partner’s Pluto or vice versa, great obsessive need to be together can be emphasized. From partner’s point of view, it doesn’t have to seem like that at all.

Aspect will show what psychic obstacles will have to be overcome. However, challenging aspect can add to relationship’s longevity if we are open to inner growth instead of blaming each other. Karmic partner, if other factors coincide, could fulfill our needs and dreams no matter how impossible it seems. That is why very often we see these aspects in marriage relationships because relationship is needed in order to learn important lessons.

If there is Venus/Pluto aspect in synastry, long relationship or marriage lasts, but approach to intimacy will change drastically. I noticed that if this aspect is accentuated in natal chart will tend to attract partners of ‘lighter’ energy. Especially if it is not easy to cope with this energy on their own. Sometimes transits brings partners with whom same aspect forms in synastry. That is why it is always important to analyze both birth charts first. With Pluto, nothing is noticeable at first glance!

Venus trine Pluto

Natal Venus trine Pluto reinforces our belief that we are worthy of love. We believe that love will not leave us as we face life’s changes. Faith in love and belief that it is possible to find happiness and true love for a lifetime is strong. It is clear to us what kind of emotional security we need in order to meet our needs.

Aspect supports awareness of gaining money and real estate because everything is energy. Material growth is a reflection of inner harmony and readiness for major changes. Inner power always exists and can be accessed when we are balanced. Also, relationship must be characterized by diplomacy and beauty.

Deep understanding and true love make it possible for it to last. However, we must see Venus/Pluto aspects in both natal charts. It will be necessary to pay attention to sign, because it changes aspect manifestations combined with house position. If aspect is on cardinal cusps in synastry, karmic partner or fateful event changes our life after which nothing will be the same.

In transits, natal Venus in trine to Pluto signifies strong contact due to powerful attraction. Need to have a deep intimate connection is huge and emotions are experienced passionately. Transit can bring partner who wants same things as we. Intensity leads to pregnancy very quickly. Under these transits, we can meet love of our life and make crucial changes together that result in emotional closeness.

Venus sextile Pluto

Transit feels like we have found the right person for us that we have always fantasized about. Relationship has a sense of depth and closeness that we haven’t felt with anyone else before. Changes that contribute to development of relationship happen spontaneously because we are open to it. Relationship started under this transit can last a lifetime.

If we have a more challenging position of these two planets in natal chart, tension will be more easily resolved during transit. In synastry, when Venus sextiles partner’s Pluto or vice versa, they encourage each other to transform. They seem like a great match because they are motivated by same aspiration.

Person shown by Pluto awakens in us need to change something important in our life. As time passes, relationship deepens and attraction does not fade. These are couples who celebrate fifty years of marriage! Very often, in synastry, it can indicate marriage and children. Partner came into our life to initiate big changes that support us and strengthen our life balance.

Venus square Pluto

This aspect in birth chart feels like there is not enough love. It always seems that way. Love comes at a moment of crisis. Other problems make us confuse constant internal conflict as a necessary relationship ingredient. That conflict alienates potential partners. We are stuck in past remembering old pain and obsessively recalling one tension after another.

Pressure is present, but pushed into unconscious, so no relationship can last under it. There is a strong fear of love and intimacy. There is obsession with a certain person who is unattainable to us. We are attracted to those with whom we cannot find a common language because they challenge our inner balance. We are attracted to “mental games” with partners all the time breaking our power to control ourselves and feel loved.

Arguments, emotional struggles, misdirected anger and moments of disinterest because partner has had enough of the drama alternate. Love is cruel and painful while guilt and resentment remain. We have to forgive old wounds not reopening them all the time. When we get what we want, we lose interest because drama excites us.

What we think is love is big manipulation until we are healed. Behavior motivated by tremendous internal tension, if not resolved, leads to re-abandonment. We go around in circles, because we didn’t learn our lesson. We have to go through that all over again.

What is being activated by this transit?

Venus square Pluto is about a stuck relationship with impossible ways to transform it. During transit we begin to be aware of conflict that has been there all along, we just didn’t see it. Pluto, like a magnet, draws out toxicity that disrupts relationship balance. Both people are driven unconsciously by a strong desire to have power and control over each other.

Their ego is constantly in conflict which leads to a breakup because relationship is unhealthy. Lack of trust and pressure that one person puts on another is root of this problem. As exact transit weakens, this intensity will also pass.

Then we have impression that it is no longer attractive, although now we can actually see things clearly. People’s energies are not aligned, so they put themselves in a situation where at least one of them gets hurt badly. Selfishness, anger and manipulation kill this love.

What is being activated by this synastry?

In synastry, Venus square Pluto shows unwillingness to compromise and sometimes even violence and abuse. Pluto shows discarded personality layers that are manifested through his relationship to Venus.

Person that we love, reflects our relationship with ourselves. We run away from that image because it is frightening. It shows relationship will end at some point because we want more or less of this drama. Key problem here is unequal giving of love and mismatch in direction in which we want relationship to go.

Pluto can ask for more than we are willing to give. If he doesn’t get it, he tends to cheat, lie, manipulate and blackmail. Pluto generally gets what he wants no matter what it takes. It can involve various sexual problems, power games and control. Conflicts are frequent because something is constantly simmering underneath.

Partner would like to have everything, but is not truly eager to give much in return. In this way, with a small amount of attention, he manages to control the other side who just wants to be loved. This is most often a painful karmic relationship.

Venus inconjunct Pluto

Natal aspect triggers loss that has deeply wounded us. As a result, we began to doubt whether we deserve love at all. Partner reopens old wounds that still hurt. Insincerity is involved at the start of relationship. Tendency to cheat rests on desire for environment to show us worth. We put ourselves in situations where we lose power completely.

Strong need for love puts us in a desperate position. We do everything we can to get love that is never there in amount we are looking for. We try to cover up dissonance that exists deep within our energy. We usually end up hurting ourselves and those we love. Struggles in love leave us lost and hurt. We are a victim until we learn to feel truly worthy of attention and affection.

Love relationships can involve losing large amounts of money, resources, real estate and honor. We can’t keep what we feel deep down that we don’t deserve. That is why we attract partners who will take advantage of us.

We should not treat other the way we do not want to be treated ourselves. We accept being someone’s doormat in order to be loved because we are motivated by strong inner hunger. Until we change this and raise our standards, we often go through dreary relationships.

How is it experienced in synastry?

This can be a very dysfunctional, aggressive and painful influence. There is a discrepancy in temperament. Partners exploit each other by taking and demanding more and more. It is not easy for us to set boundaries. It always depends on how much we value ourselves and are aware of our personal worth. If we value ourselves, we will avoid such relationships.

Partner uses up our energy resources by wanting something that we are not ready to actually give. It is a common example of beautiful women who become dilapidated neglected old women during relationship while partner improves not only his appearance but his financials and reputation.

One side keeps giving to get love, but it never happens. Partner abuses love and manipulates us, because we ourselves do not know how to control our instincts. We need to learn to strengthen our personal power. That is why we have attracted this partner as a test. When you learn to stand up for yourself then you will realize that there is no need to be in a relationship that does not meet your needs.

Venus conjunct Pluto

In natal chart it represents people who experience magnetism and strong passion. They don’t have to be classic beauties and can even be considered repulsive. Emphasized sexiness and sensuality are noticed by everyone who are not indifferent to it.

These are very strong personalities who aim to feel power they lost a long time ago by loving someone in a very unhealthy manner. Although they can be loyal, if they judge that their partner no longer deserves their loyalty, they can become promiscuous in order to feel powerful.

Money, reputation and material objects that are a status symbol of wealth will be important to them. They want you to take them seriously. In love, when things become less dramatic and when we realize that our partner has a life besides this relationship, we begin to satisfy our passions in dishonest ways.

This can mean secret relationships, affairs and an active sex life in addition to marriage. What is visible always hides a lot of what is invisible. Marriage exists even though it is dead in sexual and emotional sense.


In moments when we feel abandoned, having already experienced that in childhood, we do everything to ensure attention. We usually choose a person who cannot give everything to us in such an intense way. He knows how to maintain a relationship that is on verge of collapsing, by doing the right thing, diplomatically, all in order to secure position and power.

Person with strong need to control others does not like to experience control and manipulation. That’s why people are attracted to her because of that intense charge, but after such strong passion, they want distance. It is difficult to be next to a volcano which can burst into flames at any moment.

Way to make a relationship last is to work on trust and honesty. Unfortunately, most of time we are looking for drama to prove that we are truly worthy. Simple relationships are not interesting to us. Love relationships change our life.

If we don’t have real self-confidence, we will always need some external reassurance, through confirmation that we are worthy of love and attention. Marriage may last, but it will be characterized by drama, turbulence, hurt, deception and a great deal of snooping, cover-ups and lies.

What happens during transit?

Venus conjunct Pluto brings love we know from a past life that we meet again. We feel a strong attraction and desire to be together. This is one of factors in karmic relationship. Someone enters our life looking for love with equal intensity as we are. We usually have a stronger need for our partner to own us and to know that we are his. Transit seems to open wuthering heights of passion.

When breakup occurs, they easily re-establish contact because thread of fate binds them. If manipulation is present, which we must first see through birth chart, relationship can be characterized by jealousy and unconscious behavior that is projected onto partners. Transit awakens in us a part of our personality that we were not aware of until then. We say and do things that we previously considered forbidden. We simply cannot control ourselves and it all starts from not understanding ourselves.

After that comes regret because it does not lead us to intimacy we crave. That is why it is important to learn to communicate openly. From beginning, it is necessary to balance a very intense love with ordinary life conditions. Transit can bring love of our life, if we don’t confuse passion and sex with loving emotions.

When we feel safe in relationship, then it provides transformation. Otherwise, everything is destruction if we are afraid that partner will disappear from our life at some point.

How does it show in synastry?

It can refer to a strong relationship where we suddenly become obsessed with our partner. Attraction is broken and we want to possess this person as soon as possible. It seems that we are getting in touch with a part of our personality that we didn’t have opportunity to live until now. Although these kinds of contacts often fall into category of forbidden fruit, there is usually some kind of extreme existence.

However, planet’s sign will tell us a lot. This combination will be most powerful if found in Scorpio and in VIII house. However, love overtime can get a taste of hate. We have a focus on one goal: strongly directed to be with our partner “forever and always”. We don’t see that we are being afraid to see this relationship in true light.

Pluto obtains love and he’s hungry for it no matter what. Loss and disconnection are very hard to get over. He will not let his partner go because he believes that it is the only way for him to feel whole. Large amount of energy is generated between them whether they are together or not.

Relationship becomes deep very quickly, but Venus does not want that depth accompanied by drama. She wants enjoyment, fun and love, not darkness. That’s why Pluto sometimes tries to manipulate Venus in every possible way. If we grew up in a family where love was nurturing and we can discern what good or bad relationship means, we will not want relationship to last because it simply does not fulfill our needs.

Venus opposition Pluto

In natal chart it can bring suppression of everything that we have characterized as unpleasant, ugly or toxic. However, this is how we hide truth from ourselves and those who might love us. We fight against ourselves and then we meet it in our reality, but we pretend that it is not so. Aspect feeds on jealousy and inability to get what we desire. The bigger the obstacle, the more we want it.

However, we only see our Plutonian side in others because we have completely denied it in ourselves. We do not recognize love because we believe that it must involve problems. It has followed us since childhood. Unconscious wishes lead us through partnership crises and difficulties with a goal to transform. Otherwise, we forever lose opportunity to love and find someone who is our soulmate.

Love is all or nothing. When we like someone obsessively, we don’t see those with whom relationship would be easy and beautiful. We like someone else’s husband, our boss or someone who is not age appropriate. More forbidden something is, the more it attracts us. Our obsession with unhealthy love rests on our bad judgment of partners we choose.

We do not like partners similar to us, but completely incompatible. Their differences cannot be reconciled lacking to provide balance that relationship requires. We should learn to express and receive love in a healthy way. We need to realize that we always carry problems for which we blame others in our core energy. With help of partner’s presence, we see our emotional nature and old wounds clearly for the first time.

How is this transit experienced?

Venus opposition Pluto describes sudden transition of love into hatred or extreme obsession. We are in a state of confusion and strong feelings. We suddenly became obsessed with this person who came into life during this transit. Love and passion intertwine, but apparently passion has no measure, starting to turn into emotional abuse and expectation that this relationship will last our lifetime.

These are relationships characterized by violent nature of at least one partner. There is manipulation to maintain love even though it is not there. One side may abuse the other to get something he wants. However, neither side is getting what they really need.

Transit manifests great fear that a loved one will leave us and that happens if we have been leaving ourselves behind for so long. Breakups followed by reconciliation and stress are common. Sometimes everything is related to money or an agreement that was not honored. Although relationship is tumultuous, usually same pattern repeats itself until we realize that change is needed. First in us and then in relation to those who are important to us.

How is it manifested in synastry?

This can show an intense contact that is unstable. Jealousy, fear and blackmail are common. Relationship is dramatic, with a tendency towards extreme turbulent behavior that provokes other party to bring out the worst in themself. Although we can be strongly attracted, relationship dynamic is unhealthy.

Over time, often at beginning of relationship, we can start to hate the person we liked. Partner becomes repulsive to us because of its conflicting nature. This is by no means easy for a life together. It is often more suitable for passionate relationships that will last a short time. One person might suffer for years after breakup.

Ex-partner may be completely reluctant and act as if nothing has happened. He doesn’t want to show that we are still important to him and can deeply touch and hurt him again.

Usually Pluto is in control of events and imposes some change that Venus cannot follow. After this relationship, nothing is strong enough because we started to associate intensity and drama with love. However, such relationship can only be attractive to people who are inherently prone to problematic behavior and low vibrations.

People who manipulate others will attract Pluto who will manipulate them even more. After such relationships, only great pain remains. Yet every partner is there because we needed them even when it means we almost lost our lives because of them. We have to connect Venus/Pluto aspects with Moon, too.

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