Maja Lazić
October 27, 2023


This post is about solar return Sun in houses.

Solar return is a chart that is calculated for the moment when natal Sun returns to the same place for each year. Sometimes it can be the day before or after your birthday. Solar Return is a vital energy that aims to direct you towards your priorities for that year. Through this chart, we see perspective for that year, potentials and areas of life that will be primary for you.

The mistaken belief is that solar chart should bring you something because it represents an inner experience and a yearly theme of focus, not events during a given year. On the other hand, it must be combined with transits that together create external circumstances that are changeable and that actualize solar Sun during certain period of time in that year.

Notes for solar return chart

What needs to be considered is whether one sign or element is emphasized and how it matches energy of your natal chart. In the rest of this post, you will be able to understand what it means when solar return Sun falls into a specific house. If other solar return planets fall on planets in your natal chart, it is certainly very important. If planets return on the same degree and sign it is called the return of the planet which marks natural expression.

If the solar return chart is similar to natal chart energy, it flows easily and these are years when we enjoy life and feel supported. If solar return chart is very different compared to energy quality of natal chart, it may indicate a problem, health condition or issue according to house where solar Sun is located.

House where Sun is in solar return chart is an area where you will be visible and shine, if effort is put in and lessons of that year are mastered. For example, if Sun is in tenth house, it can be a year of career success, achievement and goals, but everything should be connected to house of natal Sun. If it is in your natal chart in third house, you can achieve success in writing and communication. Where solar Sun is there is what we want to achieve that year.

Prejudice about solar return chart

Frequent question I get is whether one should travel to another place in order to neutralize energy of a “bad year”. Firstly, bad or good year doesn’t exist a priori because none of it is pre-defined for you. We ourselves create both good and bad years. What is important is not what you have, but what you do with it.

You can calculate solar return chart for the place you travel to for example for your birthday, but in the end the solar chart calculated for the place where you stay for most of the year always prevails. The following is an informative analysis according to position of solar Sun in houses. Of course, it will be necessary to connect this with Sun sign, with aspects, ruler and its position.


Sun in the first house

This position represents focus on personality and need to follow impulses and instincts. Person wants to actively focus on realization of desires, so this solar year requires a lot of movement and assertiveness. It is necessary to pay attention to physical body and impression we want to leave on others, but that it authentically represents us.

Sun in the second house

This position indicates that a person becomes aware of his needs during this solar year. Focus is on money and resources as well as what is truly valuable. We need to develop self-confidence and improve skills that will lead us to achieve our priorities.

Sun in the third house

This position indicates that the person is developing new ideas that change his outlook on life. He is driven by the desire to learn and be in contact, so greater communication with his relatives can be beneficial. Focus is on new experiences, but problem may be overwhelming thoughts which he needs to learn to control.

Sun in the fourth house

This position indicates that focus is on home, but also sometimes represents possible problems with family members. We want security, but if we have never had it, it is not easy for us to feel it in our being. Emotions are primary as are family relations where we learn not to react but to respond.

Sun in the fifth house

This position indicates that person is focused on hobbies and desires of the heart. It can be a year when children are going through changes or pregnancy occurs. This solar year is a time when there is a great need to express yourself creatively and have fun.

Sun in the sixth house

This position indicates a year focused on work and daily habits. Health and relationship with colleagues or change at work may be primary. Person deals with daily duties and tasks that occupy him, but he should pay more attention to his health.

Sun in the seventh house

This position indicates a year where relationships are in focus as well as communication with your partner. It can be a year of disagreements or starting an important connection. Focus is on the awareness of your personality that is projected onto the partner.

Sun in the eighth house

This position during this solar year indicates that focus is on intimate relationships and resources through family ties. Sometimes a person has to solve a money problem or receives an inheritance. She needs to learn what it means to trust people who are important part of her life and what it means to be powerful.

Sun in the ninth house

This position indicates a year where the person is focused on long journeys and higher education. This may be a time when some legal issues are being resolved. Often a person changes his core beliefs and opens up to new views on life philosophy.

Sun in the tenth house

This position indicates a year focused on plans that can be achieved or goals that are a priority. It can be an important year for career, success and repetition. Lesson he learns is not to forget about himself and family members in addition to all his obligations.

Sun in the eleventh house

This is the year when society, associations or groups you are a part of become very important. Such a solar year awakens in us urge to get rid of what is not in accordance with our long-term goals. Also, this can be a year when we decide to make big changes.

Sun in the twelfth house

This is the year when we can step back from everything and be more introspective because an important part of the personality is being healed. Person needs to spend time in solitude and connect with intuition. Wounds that could not be healed for a long time are now being healed and trust in the Universe becomes a guide on this person’s path.

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