Astrology ethics

Maja Lazić
September 2, 2019

Astrology ethics

What to expect from astrology session with me?

Most people, because of Saturn or some other planet, perceive their natal chart as a limitation or a burden. A natal chart is just a framework that helps us find creative ways to have a fulfilling life. What we do within the constraints of time and space is our choice. The limitation in the form of natal chart symbols is more than useful. We do have the freedom to do what we want with the planets and energies of the natal chart.

To design the best life for us, at all times. How to get the maximum during your 1.5h or 1h consultation? Learn how to use your natal chart in a way that allows you to live the life you have always wanted, while overcoming potential challenges.

  1. EXPECTATIONS: It is good to have an idea of ​​what you can expect from a consultation. It is helpful to read in advance all available information about the booked service. You can also check TESTIMONIALS. If you have any doubts before booking your session I am here to provide all the information you need. During consultations you get a lot of information, so it is useful to take notes. You may also get a recording of the consultation. This is only possible for Skype consultations and at your request

    2. ACCURACY: Consultation begins at the agreed time and is time-limited. Please be prepared to start in time and provide conditions that you are in a relaxed atmosphere without interruptions. Before beginning your consultation, your natal data will be checked again.

    3. PRIORITIES: Determine the priorities that you want your consultation to focus on, depending on what is important for you at the moment. What prompted you to book a session with an astrologer right now? The need for consultation is linked to a complex life situation – love, family, business or health.

    Especially if it lasted for a longer period of time. You will be asked questions at the beginning and during the consultation in order to get the most helpful answers. You are free to share as much as you want. All information remains solely between the client and the astrologer.

    4. ASKING QUESTIONS: It is useful to ask questions during the consultation. It is recommended that you send your questions in advance. You will certainly have the opportunity to ask more questions at the end. It is impossible to get all the answers during just one consultation. The quality of the answers often depends on the quality of the question itself. More useful answers can be obtained by asking specific questions instead of just saying you are interested to find out more about love.

    It is more useful to ask questions for yourself instead for other people or your family members. You can get the answers to these questions as well. Other people are parts of you anyway. It’s much better to use the time you have with your astrologer for yourself and your growth. All answers can be obtained exclusively during the session.

    5. ADDITIONAL WORK: After your natal chart is analyzed, another consultation in a period of one year or after six months is recommended, in the absence of challenging transits or complex natal aspects that you need to work on. If there is a particular problem you are facing and a challenge in expressing your natal energy, you can make a plan with an astrologer.

    He can help you leverage the potentials of your natal chart and overcome complex aspects or transits. Ask about additional consultations for healing natal planets or the types of energy sessions. This can help you after your natal analysis and how you can independently modify transiting energy on a daily basis.

    6. PROFESSIONALITY: The natal chart is analyzed solely in a professional manner. We automatically emphasize the positive principle of Saturn as the ruler of structure, discipline and effort. Although astrology has no boundaries, boundaries between the astrologer and the client must exist. Only in these conditions can an astrologer be of assistance to the client.

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