Ascendant POWER

Maja Lazić
February 24, 2022

Ascendant POWER

Einstein’s theory of relativity says that the position of the observer influences the observed phenomenon by changing the observation’s result. This is especially true in astrology. How an astrologer will experience your natal chart depends on his chart as well. Of course, some things will be noticed by everyone. In addition to astrological knowledge, interpretation also depends on astrologer’s beliefs and life philosophy. All this affects what you will hear about your natal chart, which certainly depends on your ascendant.

In astrology, we cannot strictly isolate anything. Where one sign begins, all other signs are already contained. One aspect always has a residue of the past one. However, all aspects that have passed during your life and how you “survived” them can be seen in your ascendant. This is subtle, but astrological eye will notice it. Of course, the very notion of the Soul cannot be isolated and analyzed through strict factors. Therefore, no matter how much we analyze your natal chart, there remains a part that is “ungraspable” and whose core is in ascendant energy.

A dynamic expression of your energy

Natal chart is usually thought to be a permanent form, but it is your changing and dynamic expression that communicates with the environment. When you are physically calm you are very much active, too. Communication always happens on some level. Look at your ascendant in that way. Physical health symptoms of the body will thus show that ascendant’s energy is not channeled in a way that suits you naturally. It is also important that mental constructs about astrology, what your ascendant means compared to some other sign, affect your natal chart, often negatively. What you think about yourself energetically affects you by creating life experiences.

Since what happens in one part of your chart affects the entire natal chart, non-integrated ascendant is a problem for manifestation of flowing natal aspects. That is why ascendant is like a catalyst for everything contained in the chart, as a sieve through which experiences, events and situations pass. Often ascendant does not allow anything to come out and materialize. Flowing aspects are blocked because ascendant won’t let them through.

There are people whose ascendant is extremely emphasized, but other parts of the natal chart are somewhat rudimentary. They function in all life spheres, but unconsciously. When natal Sun is not developed, we hide behind a mask. That is what ascendant often is used for. That mask must fall off at one point, because it tightens and prevents individual’s shining Light. Ascendant should always support your natal Sun, but this is not always the case.

Relationship between ascendant and Sun/Moon

Relationship between ascendant and Sun/Moon is crucial. Some combinations are harder to “survive”. Some are very “lukewarm” or “unimpressive” at first sight. I have already written about it in detail. Basically, each of us is made up of all 12 signs. They are all parts of you and no sign is better than the other. How does your ascendant feel with all these energies? Which zodiac’s energy is most dominant? We will calculate that later in this text.

Moon will show our intimate world and that is the most sensitive part that ascendant usually keeps. Moon shows what we need, what must to be reconciled through family, partnership and with those who are close to us. Sun is our identity, showing where we shine and who we are. Ascendant can sometimes be sensed through style, behavior and attitude, but it is much more than that. More will be said in paragraphs below. I think aura would be a good synonym for ascendant, too.

Why is your ascendant so important?

All those born on the same date have same positions of natal planets in signs. However, interpretation is not the same because life experiences of these people differ. We calculate your ascendant according to exact birth time, which will determine house arrangement and planets’ position. This affects the development of your natal potential. We all know very talented people who can’t achieve much because they were born or live in the wrong place…

Not everyone is born with ascendant that makes it easier for them to develop their chart’s potential. Such people usually say that their Sun is to blame and they forget that their will needs to be strengthened. However, your Soul chooses what you need in this life. Often ascendant and natal Sun are in conflict as seen through exact square. Life lesson of this person would certainly be to reconcile this, otherwise this conflict will transfer to relationships that will inevitably break down.

Critical degrees

Ascendant at a critical degree can indicate problems that will arise at some point and urge this person to find a more adequate use of energy. Strongest influence is always when ascendant is at the zero degree, but also at the 29th degree. This has the flavor of ending and fatigue creating errors in assessment.

Critical degrees are zero, 13th and 26th degrees of cardinal signs, 8-9th, 21st-22nd degree of fixed signs and 4th and 17th degree of variable signs. It does not mean that if you have ascendant at that degree that you should get all worried. Degree is very time dependent.

Just four minutes difference in birth time can change your ascendant degree. However, only a small number of people really knows exact minute they are born. We also can dissect between physical birth and birth of the Soul and your energetic body. Sometimes it takes a little longer for the Soul to fully “fit” into the body.

If ascendant ruler is at a critical level, it is necessary to pay special attention during transits that activate it. I also noticed that progressed ascendant and Moon at the mentioned degree can be important. However, it all depends on planet, sign and how energy is used. Critical degrees contain great potential that must be directed. I always connect them with powerful people, but also with life crises.

How many people in their lifetime will know your natal Sun if ascendant hides it?

Hm, answer is gloomy. Basically, very few of them. Everyone who comes in contact with you also has contact verbally, physically or energetically, with your ascendant. Ascendant is noticeable in physical appearance, personal description and individual’s energy. Sun becomes known only by those who really get to know you as a person in terms of your desires, aspirations, values. Moon is usually met by people you live with, family members, your partner.

Example, you live with someone, but that person never really knows who you are. We get to know our Sun over time and develop it as we become more aware of ourselves. All this can be seen through aspects of Sun/Moon. If Sun does not have natal aspects, we may not know how to use this energy. In case we are facing this with Moon, it could turn uncomfortable.

It is easiest to think like this: ascendant is activated as soon as we are born, but natal Sun is acquired throughout life. We eventually become our natal Sun, usually in our late thirties. Many people “hibernate” until then and fail to achieve professional and emotional success because they simply still do not know who they are. Strong Sun is always visible in successful people. Weak Sun does not have the capacity to realize itself, because it simply “does not shine brightly enough”.

Weak Moon on the other hand we always see through reactive ascendant and drama surrounding this person. It is necessary to always remember that ascendant is a form of persona and not our real self. We put on this mask, but the older we get it should become more transparent so that everything from our chart can grow.

Does ascendant indicate personal appearance?

Although ascendant can describe what someone looks like, we never assess anything in chart in isolation. Ascendant and first house have their own specifics. Because house is life area, while ascendant is a part of personality. If there are planets in the first house, especially if they are not in the sign of the ascendant, each of the planets will describe our appearance, along with the ruler of the ascendant and its aspects. Serious astrologers don’t guess your ascendant, too…

If natal chart contains a stellium of planets, it can significantly affect description of a person’s physical appearance. Planets in opposition to first house will also affect how we appear to others. Especially since others see us in a way that we don’t see ourselves and we can analyze that through the relationship between the first and seventh houses.

Transits that activate your ascendant

Each transiting planet, especially Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, will be visible through the ascendant during transiting conjunction. That’s when you meet someone you haven’t seen in a while and you barely recognize this person because it’s just not the same anymore. Since these are slow planets, staying a long period of time in one sign/house, drastic change in physical characteristics can happen. This person changes from within on a deep psychological level.

Ascendant will definitely show what is first noticeable on you. You don’t have to be aware of that, but others will always notice. Person with Venus in the first house is perceived by other people as very attractive and beautiful. She may have full accentuated lips and large bright eyes.

Those with natal Mars in the first house may at first glance seem a little repulsive and rude if there is a tendency to react violently. In many books you can find descriptions that mention frowning face, rosy skin, fighting expression, flushed cheeks and abrupt movements. It all depends on how a person uses this planet. If you have this position I suggest facial yoga and ‘Zogan’ massage.

Person with Saturn in the first house can be perceived as very strict and tight with rigid posture. His character and spirit may not be like that at all. However, body never lies and first house, whether it is visible to the naked eye or only to Soul, always tells real truth about you and what you think about yourself. The proverb ‘it is not all as it seems’ best describes ascendant and first house. People usually fall in love with someone’s ascendant, but they truly love their Moon.

What is your dominant energy if it is not your ascendant?

We can simply calculate this according to modality by counting how many planets we have in cardinal, variable and fixed signs. If you have three or more planets in one group, energy of that sign will be very important for you and can overshadow ascendant energy. That energy is what gives you power and you need to learn to use it constructively.

Energy of that sign will be noticeable in your life in some way, most likely through house where those planets are. Sign in which we have the most planets will always have to be seen through ascendant.


Cardinal energy is expressed through Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. It indicates sudden life changes, unexpected decisions and an active life in which there is a lot of movement. These people always get what they want, but when they get it, they want something else because energy always wants to move.

Variable energy is expressed through Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. These people try to fix any situation and achieve goal from various standpoints. Frequent life changes help us open our minds and learn to solve practical problems faster than others. These signs learn from mistakes, most often repeating them several times.

Fixed energy is channeled through Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Person stays in the same situation for a long time. Not much is happening and changes are difficult due to resistance. Often life does not go as we would like, but when we decide to end something, then we are persistent and determined. These signs always do their best in a certain area according to natal houses.

Once you have determined your dominant modality, we now need to determine your dominant element. We will do this by counting how many planets are in earth, water, air and fire signs. We always see potential imbalance in chart through lack of one element that manifests itself through challenges in a certain area or relationship with others. You can read more about element energies here.

What does the element show us?

In some cases, we compensate for the imbalance of elements through Sun of our partner or he has a lot of planets in element we are missing. However, you should also know that other people, could as well bring an imbalance into our natal energy with their planets.

Fire element consists of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius and shows a temperamental person with emphasized reactions to events. These people need regular physical activity and being outdoors.

Water element consists of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. This is a receptive person, stressed yin energy and strong need for rest. Emotions are key and they are greatly influenced by the environment.

Air element consists of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. This indicates an unstable nature and changeable thinking patterns. Person is very curious and needs to learn and express.

Earth element consist of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. This person seems very stable and calm. There is balance and awareness of practical and material world. Everything we have must be soothing, but it requires increased care for the body, too.

Can ascendant help us organize our day better?

Ascendant and our dominant astro-energy can help us be more productive, but also more in tune with ourselves. In that way, we can have much more energy and use it constructively. Each of us has our own specific way of functioning, but many of us were not brought up to support it and over time have forgotten our true nature.

For example, earth signs know how to find a practical solution, they are organized, focused on completing planned obligations and willing to invest necessary effort. Air signs always have an idea how to solve a problem they are suddenly facing. Water signs are adorned with great imagination, but they often waste time triggered by their emotions appearing suddenly. Fire signs are always active and when they do not achieve their goals, they should learn to strengthen their will.

Body messages and conjunctions with ascendant

Our body and physical appearance are defined through stored conflicts in the musculature and bones that date back to past. To better understand your body and how you express your ascendant and first house, it may be useful for you to read Lise Bourbeau’s book “Heal your wounds- and find your True Self”. Barbara Brennan’s first book also talks about it in the language of energy.

Conjunctions with ascendant are like New Moon where an individual learns a new kind of manifestation of his energy. We know that New Moon is complete absence of Moon’s light in the sky and darkness. That is how a person hides behind this planet with which his ascendant has conjunction. Sometimes that planet represents a mask and how a person expresses his energy, but that is not his true nature.

If Moon is conjunct ascendant, a person hides his true nature through emotions, although it does not seem so at first glance. Moon in Leo will strive for drama and extravagance, but behind all that, person feels empty.

Influence of Prenatal Solar Eclipse on ascendant

One very important factor to understand yourself is Solar Eclipse that happened before your birth. It shows your Life Path. What lessons we learn and how and what is the connection between present and past incarnations we see through a comparing it with the natal chart. If we compare natal ascendant and ascendant of Solar Eclipse chart, we can see if there is any internal conflict that we will have to resolve.

However, precisely because it is so deep it is not seen through natal chart and ascendant. We will analyze in which sign and house Solar Eclipse and its ruler are located in order to see our deepest aspirations. Sometimes natal chart does not follow the path chosen by the Soul. Then amount of energy decreases and person gets sick. Ascendant and everything related to it and physical body carries with it some problem/unhealthiness.

If we assume that ascendant represents our attitude and motivation that invites us to react, relationship with ascendant of this chart will show quality of our energy body. If ascendant is in the same sign and approximate degree, then it is very possible that we look the same as in past life.

We will also pay attention to whether a planet was retrograde, but which is not retrograde in natal chart. All this helps us to understand that in our natal planets, there are always traces of some other planets, which have touched us, during period in our mother’s womb or even before.

What do we carry in our core?

Quality that exists in us goes back deep into past. Although it will not always be seen, we will carry its energy and thus sometimes bring disaster into life. I’ve noticed that ascendant of Solar Eclipse chart in relation to Moon should be well considered. This will give us an idea of ​​how a person sees free will and how he chooses to use energy of natal aspects. It should be remembered that natal chart always shows the Way, but how far you will get on that road is not predictable.

Astrological analysis is an opportunity for us to reposition ourselves and see if we hear cosmic messages or not. Cosmos always communicates with us and if life is difficult for us, we are often not open to this communication. If same situations happen all the time, it means that we are not going our own way, but working against ourselves.

If same people keep coming back into your life, it means that you are spinning in a karmic circle. It is difficult to leave this, because it asks for an absolute change and getting out of comfort zone. If same thing happens to you no matter what transit is going on, it means you are stuck in the past.

You can have a wonderful natal chart, but if your energy is “depleted” then life will not be overly pleasant. It is essential to understand that Sun always gives and Moon receives, so in order to have something to give, Moon must be fed. If it is poor, then Sun is like that, so we will rely more and more on ascendant to cover up that ‘inner poverty’. However, it is like investing all your money in one thing, where chance of losing is great.

Our attitude towards life and ourselves

Only if we change ourselves will the circumstances change. Until then they are repeated and often appear as punishment. Ascendant is physical part of us, but Sun is our spirit and our universal energy. Which of the two is stronger? I think answer is clear. I hope now you understand importance of why you have to live your True Self and not put yourself in a box to make others feel better.

If you have been feeling sad for a long time, understand that this is a cosmic message for you that something must change. Your feelings are always messages and if you hear them you can more easily align with Universe. Old unprocessed emotions take place of beautiful new experiences and that drains your energy.

Cosmos and we

All this can be seen on face/body. Remember that Universe always communicates through you, through your physical form of existence. Your thoughts and vocabulary are the way you communicate natal chart energy to others. Pay more attention to the music you listen to and images you look at because ascendant absorbs it all.

Universe is based on the law of dualism. Some transits are not really pleasant, but they are necessary and you need to learn something from them. I noticed that more ‘raw’ our ascendant is, when we don’t have to hide behind a mask or a persona, power of ascendant is stronger, so everything in natal chart becomes powerful.

Your habits will definitely determine your future and your subconscious mind brings you information that helps you achieve success and achievement. As you deepen your connection with Universe, answers you will receive become clearer. This shows true power of your ascendant, which attracts to life what it needs and wants.


Astrology is always in you. As long as we are not sure what our real vibration is, ascendant is not laser precise but “spilled”. My work through Astrodetoks aims to empower you and help you learn to trust your inner voice. We can also practice this through energy exercises and meditations, that I can design for you during ‘Spiritual astrology analysis’. It’s a way to learn how to get answers to questions you would otherwise ask someone else.

We learn to cooperate with our natal chart and not go against it because it contains everything we need. That is why it is so important that ascendant is active, which we achieve through exercise and energy work. In essence, astrology is a way to accept yourself and not leave the control of your life to someone else. That’s why my blog is created for that purpose to teach you to recognize your inner voice.

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