Are astrologers clairvoyant?

Maja Lazić
February 9, 2022

Are astrologers clairvoyant?

Are astrologers clairvoyant?

What this power is I cannot say. All I know is that it exists.’’ said Alexander G. Bell. When you become aware of your personal power, which nobody can do for you, you begin to realize that all the experiences and people in your life have come for a reason.

In this text, I will provide indicators of clairvoyance in the natal chart for those interested. These factors are listed in many astrological textbooks. I will mention only those that have proven to be accurate during my experience. Some things I can best explain using myself as an example. Although it is not my goal to talk about myself, I know that many of you are interested in my chart. My talent and knowledge are result of work, discipline and dedicated learning, although I have these factors.

Clairvoyance vs. astrology

Both astrology and clairvoyance can be studied. Knowledge must come from somewhere. It is a consequence of investing energy in a certain direction, either from this or a past life. In both areas, it is a matter of combinatorics. Every kind of insight that comes mentally, emotionally, instinctively, spiritually or energetically can be connected and interpreted. This type of automatic combinatorics is practiced. It very much depends on the emphasized cerebral hemisphere.

Like any gift, it is not worth much if we do not know how to work with it or if it is not used daily. Clairvoyant can read the energy quality at a given moment on basis of which you get your question answered. Quality of energy is seen through voice, posture, breathing, non-verbal information that “give you away”.

It is mostly seen through fear in your eyes.

Astrology is about interpreting any moment in the future/past based on astrological symbols. In both cases, change of energy (thoughts, emotions, beliefs, actions) can affect future events. Before that you must learn to recognize how you use your power on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, a large number of techniques are still applied taking away client’s power. Or teaching him that answers and knowledge are beyond him. Always turning to someone else for help forms a habit which can never serve in the highest sense. Astrology is not used to control and manipulate people.

However, it is what can be encountered very often. You will know that an astrologer is not really someone who has studied his craft well, if he insists on mystery. Mystery of the astrologer and refusal to explain insights given to you always slow down positive results. This leads to an even greater misunderstanding of yourself. Always ask why something was said during consultation if you do not understand.

Creating through words

Modern astrology works on a principle that may or may not include intuition and clairvoyance. Words create and it is very important that you understand aspects of your natal Mercury. This planets helps you create your life through speech and written words. What you expect and think comes into your life. That is the law by which everything in the Universe works. Basically, your words always show you future events. Astrological language is just a translation of those symbols that you can understand them.

Your natal chart reacts to your thoughts/words. It can also react to other people’s thoughts and words. I noticed that during consultations when I talk about some possibility activated by transits, client might say that he has been thinking about it for a while. And that is what usually happens in his life when transits happens.

Client recognized himself in my words and became aware of his thoughts/feelings. Now he has control and power over what he will do next. Yet everything I say rests on the explanation and interpretation of astrological symbols. There is no great philosophy here when you know the mechanism of astrological interpretation that I have already written about.

Mercury and its role

What you think about determines your future. Aspects of natal Mercury to other planets are not easy for all people. Nor they are always used for the highest purposes. Still, it is the main creator of your life. Just as I cannot think your thoughts, I also cannot create your experiences and your future. I can explain to you from practical, theoretical knowledge and more then ten years of experience why you now feel bad and how to overcome it.

Your energy vibrates at a certain frequency that separates your thoughts and feelings. Astrologer must always confirm intuitive insights in the chart! Otherwise, his analysis is not authoritative. Astrological analysis cannot be based on intuition and feelings.

Whatever is said during astrological consultation, you still have to cross that path on your own. As we all know, this is often not easy. That is why information you get during consultation must serve in the long run, to give you concrete practical examples of what needs to change. And with that change or its rejection, you continue to create events and your future.

Does that now mean that only by changing our thoughts we change our natal chart?

Our natal chart is always the same, but by changing our thoughts and beliefs, we activate its various parts. This then bring new events into our lives. Anyone who has tried any of the mind-altering techniques knows that it is a painstaking and slow process. This probably explains why most people are lazy and prefer to have someone else determine their life instead of working on themselves. This can actually be done with energy with which words are spoken because words influence.

I don’t think it’s necessary for an astrologer to be clairvoyant. It is necessary for him to be astrologically educated and to listen carefully and not to judge. To accept you in a way that no one has ever accepted you as a person. Clairvoyance can be useful only if it is applied together with astrological techniques that do not work by feeling, but on mathematics.

Astrologer should help you raise your energy quality, although in some cases this cannot be expected after just one conversation. Client who wants to work with me must be open to learning from me and be willing to change. When we have knowledge, we can assess whether something is valid or not.

My bad experiences with ‘astrologers’

I can’t believe what is being advertised, sold and offered as astrology. I had many times very unpleasant and ugly experiences while I was still at the beginning of my studying However, it showed me what I don’t want and how not to use astrology. Now I can say that it was useful for me to have such negative experiences through various ‘astrology services’.

What is my duty to tell you is that it is wise to avoid astrologers who are not preparing to analyze your natal chart but are “channeling” what they are feeling at that moment. Or those who give you short answers to questions in text messages without ever talking to you or analyzing your natal chart. That are psychic services that are advertised as astrology, probably because it sounds and sells better. Certainly, since it is massive and usually cheap, a large number of people lose power precisely through charlatan astrological readings. That is not astrology.

Which position in the natal chart shows clairvoyance and receptivity to working with energy?

I will list only a few and it is best when there are over three seen in your chart. However, if you have them in your chart, it does not mean that it must manifest that way. We always have to go back to natal symbols and what kind of energy we invest in them. Prominent Neptune, its aspects and Pisces sign, especially stellium, indicate sensitivity to impressions that transcend boundaries.

It is very important for those with this position to meditate regularly. Meditation is absolutely necessary for them. Overwhelmed with feelings and indulging in something bigger and higher is possible only when we are completely grounded and free from fear. These people should have daily spiritual discipline and do hatha yoga.

They often have a bigger problem than benefit of clairvoyance due to absorbtion of other people’s feelings and thoughts. This is especially present when there is lack of connection in the body. These people usually feel like victims and think that clairvoyance/intuition/hypersensitivity is a punishment.

Possible issues

Their mind and heart are always somewhere else as left cerebral hemisphere is not very active. They do not get along with life’s flow. They can easily faint, tend to wake up with difficulties and have little energy. This is all an indication that they do not have a stable Muladhara. They cannot safely enter astral worlds at all.

Everything happens to them intensely. It seems as if they are fighting some sea monster where they are left at mercy of others. These people dive into depths of energy and unfortunately in some cases they find salvation in madness and vices. As you know, special skills and talents often can bring a curse or problem. In many cases because person has not learned to work with his talent or does not understand their specific energy signature. However, it again depends on the whole natal and person’s character.

Transiting Neptune in I/VIII/XII house in sign of Pisces can bring a period of increased sensitivity. This can lead to a complete opposite-closing of chakras due to excessive stimulation. We absorbs other people’s energy. It happens that at the beginning of transit, especially if we are stressed, we might go through a personality crisis and have to seek psychologist’s support.

Generational influences

My generation, with Neptune in Capricorn and Pluto in Scorpio, has many scientifically inexplicable gifts. Not everyone has faith, nor do they know that they have to practice this muscle-like gift in order to know how to practically work with it. Intangible becomes tangible especially since transiting Pluto in Capricorn and energy manifests what is invested in it. I noticed that this is present for those with Pluto in Cancer who carry a lot of sadness and wounds.

South node in XII house as asc ruler indicates skills we learned from past lives. This now show that there is a specific talent that a person discovers only when he notices what he is spending his energy on. Not everyone will “unlock” XII house. Of course, intuition and instinct exist in every person. It is not expressed for everyone nor does everyone know how to use it and “read insights” they receive. Confusion is present.

Sign of Scorpio, especially for South Node or VIII house cusp, can also indicate clairvoyance with Moon in aspect to Pluto. Reconnective healing and various seminars, trainings and energy work have significantly contributed for me to open up to astrological teachings. Energy work is something that I think has helped me a lot, because it was natural for me. But I also believe that it is because I had a good theoretical background and everyday practice.

Moon and Soul

Many mediums have natal Moon in Pisces and/or in XII house. These people are often open to various not always pleasant astral influences. Entities can get “attached” to them, especially before sleep or during dreams. VIII houses can be prominent showing interest in metaphysical and occult knowledge, but astrologers always have an emphasis on Uranus and Mercury. Emphasized third house with Mercury can pave path for a person to develop power to communicate with higher self.

I have VIII house cusp in Gemini, whose ruler is in third house. Since I was a child, I experienced other realms of communication, which I know that a large number of people still do not believe is possible. When it merges with North Node, in my VI house in field of work, it is clear to you why I channel my chart and energy precisely through working with astrology.

What can also indicate clairvoyance is anaretic 29th degree. Astrologer with this position could be someone who is very fatalistic in his “predictions” that often feed his ego. This is especially true in case of fire signs and aspects that are not easy. It is always essential that natal characteristic when there is adequate transit activating them is worked through. It depends on how we will use our natal potential. Symbols never stand still!


In order to use all these talents, what can significantly help is to separate from others for at least a couple of hours every day. Set boundaries in relationships and with your energy. I have a very specific life routine. Without it many of my talents would not be as they are today. Special talents always speak of great vulnerability and relationship problems.

Believe me, all this is not as fun or exciting as in movies and novels. Sensitivity to psychic influences and connection with the invisible world if a person is not grounded, if does not have a good relationship with body and material world, or money, can be a bigger problem than blessing.

Prominent Uranus in third house and in Aquarius indicate cosmic messages and channeling of the higher self. Stress is carried in our vibration. Intuition that gives us images or visions indicates an open sixth chakra and someone who finds it easy to enter a meditative state. I know astrologers who see images when they analyze natal charts. I also know those who can tell you amazing things completely excluding intuition, only guided by astrological statistics.

For people with an open 6th chakra, dreams can be emphasized, initially in the form of nightmares that are often prophetic. Sometimes this can give me additional insights into what is happening before I am to talk to a client, for example. I admit that I still can’t interpret these dreams for myself. Like you, I also have areas that I have to still work on. My plan is definitely to connect dreams and astrology in the coming years. That is my great vision and desire because something like that does not exist.

Transiting cycles

Of course, there are periods when it is much easier to “be clairvoyant”. Those who are going through Neptune transit in aspect to personal planets or a transit of transcendental planets in XII house are significantly prone to these influences. This is true for conjunction to personal planets. It applies to Pluto transits, but in a different way, usually more turbulent and stressful.

Uranus and Neptune had conjunctions with five personal planets for me in my youth. Pluto will make the last conjunction with my natal planet in the next 25 years. This means that every planet in my chart will be colored by Pluto and undergone complete destruction/transformation. It is something that very few people experience. In order to go through something like that, it is necessary to be born with the remaining 9 planets in signs after the sign of Pluto. Those planets must be located in ninety degrees.

We are talking about the transiting cycle here, and such “connected/bound” transits are like a wave that leads you to initiation into secret and sacred knowledge. That is why it is important to understand that we do not all start from the same point. Not everything is possible for everyone. Everyone can shine in what is given to them to develop in this life.


Prominent XII house can mean that you might visit psychics, mediums, astrologers, healers, bioenergetics, etc. Or just read and research a lot about these topics. It does not mean that everyone will enroll in training or start doing this, especially if it is not supported by chart. However, I am sure that there is no person who has not been “clairvoyant” at least once in his life. We can’t just talk about a special gift or talent if it only works occasionally.

For example, during an eclipse we all feel more or less vibrations of the environment. There are also those who when eclipses occur on ascendant or natal Moon feel vibrations of important loved ones or have ability to telepathically communicate with world of dead.

Some people have developed clairsentient gifts, but are afraid to talk about it for fear that they will be ridiculed or that the environment will think they are weirdos. As long as they don’t see themselves as fantastic, these gifts are paused and may even disappear completely.


After all, word clairvoyant itself often has a negative connotation, which is a consequence of cultural conditioning. It is usually believed that if we hear and see what is not material, we are not mentally stable. Fear of being abandoned, excommunicated or ridiculed prevents this person to talk about their insights which in long term is guaranteed to close their throat chakra, so it is less and less able to truly see.

Clairvoyance is a form of communication and must be communicated in some way. We have to understand this and ‘to see’ what will happen means seeing an image, but that image can always be interpreted in several ways. It is important that you understand this. Interpretation and not the image itself is what changes reality. There is no use of clairvoyance if it cannot be purposefully communicated to be helpful.

Problems and unpreparedness for insights

Overflow of astral information requires balance and grounding, silence and nurturing conditions where we will be able to let go and allow our true selves without shame and hesitation. We have to understand that there is a part of astrology that we will never understand, but that always affects everyone whether he loves astrology or not.

Like death, we can know some things only in the last moment of life and that is how it should be. Basically, in order for an astrologer to help you, you must be willing to work on yourself. Please know that thoughts always trigger your natal chart. You create your future and not what astrologer says. Something can happen in life that is completely atypical and that cannot be put under any law of probability.

So, should astrologer be clairvoyant or psychic?

Clairvoyance is not a qualification astrologer must possess. Intuition can certainly help him if he combines it with knowledge and if he connects feeling with astrological symbols. Astrologer does not have to “guess your past/future”. He should help you learn how to recognize when you are on the right path and when you have deviated from that path.

He must teach you how to recognize when your energy has a negative/positive polarity that leads to events. No one but you can write your life story. It is not true that a natal chart reading is done only once in a lifetime. Analysis will serve you differently at various ages. Some things that have been possible over years could disappear as possibility. Analysis will vary according to astrologer and astrological system, too.

A few closing words

You create your own life and every experience in it. Nothing has happened because an astrologer or a psychic told you. Your energy was on that vibration. That is why it is crucial that you understand how your energies manifest. When you understand that, you gain insight into creation of life.

Most people have lived unconsciously for a very large part of their lives. When they “wake up”, which is not pleasant at the beginning, it takes time to neutralize the old. That is why there is not always and immediately possible to see effects of working on oneself. Nothing can be done by force. There really is cosmic timing.

Special gifts-nurture them to grow!

Whatever special gift we have, we must learn to use it responsibly. An astrologer who is only clairvoyant and has no astrological knowledge can be useful only at a given moment. Only if you do not think with your head and if you have closed your heart, out of fear or for any other reason. When that moment passes, value of its clairvoyance becomes completely lost and meaningless.

Astrological knowledge and practice must always have value and serve you. Branch of astrology that fascinates me the most is evolutionary and spiritual astrology, which is rarely practiced in my region. I can’t tell you anything that if you’re completely honest deep down you don’t already know or don’t sense it in some way. You will recognize the truth when you hear it. After all, no person is afraid of the future, but only of unrecognized, pushed away and unhealed feelings.

Do you think astrologers should be clairvoyant? Are you clairvoyant?

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