What can(not) astrology do for you?

Maja Lazić
April 1, 2022

What can(not) astrology do for you?

Astrology in use:

Astrology has never been my hobby. I take it very seriously. I am also aware of its limits. Those who have been reading my posts for years know that my goal is to educate about astrology. Therefore, topic of this text is to clarify some of the (wrong) beliefs about what can be expected from astrology.

There are questions that an astrologer cannot answer. Even if it was possible, it would not be ethical to do so. Probably that is why status of astrology is so problematic and shaky. It is mailny due to those who answer such questions, even though topic of death goes beyond possibility of astrology or any other type of knowledge. I have written more about this in one of the previous posts.

Natal chart always continues to live. A good example of that are moments when movies or books about celebrities who have passed away are published. Their natal chart is activated by the transit through which they “come to life” through cinematography and artistic experience.

As you will conclude during this post, fear and not taking responsibility motivate people to contact an astrologer. This is fine as long as that contact encourages them to get rid of their fears and become aware of their inner strength. I think that one of the necessities for astrologers is to educate their clients about astrology, too.

Fear of transits

Astrology should give us power, but most people worry about what will happen in the future. They fear for themselves and their loved ones. Why is it so? There are periods of life turning points, but they are not always happening. There are also periods of challenge when opportunities arise seeking to make us live in accordance with the Time.

As an astrologer, I always try to explain transiting cycles you are in and what is asked of you to learn. However, transit cannot give answers on what exactly will happen. Your energy is constantly moving. You affect transits even more than they affect you.

However, it is often very easy to conclude what might happen because you behaved in a certain way in the previous period. This has accumulated in transit energy and will have to be released at some point. It is not up to astrologer to decide what you should do or to make decisions for you. The role of an astrologer is to explain which action leads you towards a goal or further away from it.

Personal awareness-astrology in use

Awareness always determines benefits of astrology. We cannot be aware of ourselves and our potential if we are afraid. Especially fear of Saturn is very prominent. Poor translations of some classic astrological books and misunderstanding of the energy of words and astrologers lacking complete astrology knowledge contributed to that.

Saturn is experienced by most people as something that puts a lot of pressure and worry on them. It is as if darkness hung over them and extinguished all the light that exists in their being.  Even if you are bothered by Saturn, solution for this planet is always peace and quiet. If this is not the case, person is faced with external situations that should be a call for life reconstruction. It no longer serves its progress and stability. That is why difficult circumstances are manifested.

Examples-astrology in use

Natal charts will show your values ​​and talents, but it depends on your use of Saturn what you will do with it, especially during Saturn’s transit. Life is a school. If you have worked hard and been disciplined there is no reason to be afraid.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are in one sign for a very long time. They activate one of your natal houses for a longer period of time. Sometimes these transcendental planets just ‘sleep’ in your natal chart. They are activated by aspects with your natal planets when you learn important lessons or run away from them.

Everyone will experience transits in their own way. Usually what we did during period of “planet hibernation” is important and influences further events. Aspects of these three planets with ascendant, Sun and Moon and their rulers will be very important to consider. Each of these transits raises question of whether you use this energy or resist it. My role as an astrologer is to help you find more optimal ways to use transit’s energy. That is why it is so important to understand the quality of planets.

Transits do not serve to block you but strengthen you

Uranus is a sudden energy of inspiration and innovation that seeks change. If there is no change, there will be stress, shocking events and emotional turbulence. It is necessary to channel that energy and for some people it is natural and unconscious. Others find this transit much more like an earthquake that happens suddenly. Your personality is called to move. Which direction you should go depends on how much you know who you are.

What makes you unique? What are you doing that no longer reflects you? What did you realize that you have to do because it is “now or never”? Where do you not hear your higher self? Uranus mostly brings relocation, professional change and turbulent love life, but sometimes only stress.

Neptune’s transit serves to wake you up from dreams. Yet, this awakening for a large number of people comes through illusions, lies, confusion, insincerity and disappointment. Where do you feel you are a victim? What should you let go of? What is the real truth and how honest are you? These are just some of the questions that can help you better understand this principle.

Your answers will show you where healing should take place.

Creative visualization technique can help you, but also ‘removing the mask’ that hide your authentic nature. Awakening will be painful if we refuse to heal. Whatever we dream about, this transit calls for awakening. This will happen surely when this transit ends and Neptune is preparing to move on to the next sign.

Pluto teaches us to understand what empowers us. Everything we have not resolved in our lives comes to reconsideration. Unfortunately, we are also greeted by traumas from previous incarnations and karmic inheritance from unresolved ancestral line. Our inner being speaks through psychosomatic difficulties, but it also gives us a chance for great insights.

Pluto teaches us to surrender to the Universe and lose control. If we do not trust and if there is no communication with the Higher Self, then it can be shown through destruction of the psyche, manic behavior and propensity for obsessive actions and even crime. However, Pluto’s goal is your deep transformation and understanding why you are resisting changes in the core of your being.

Astrology in use

Active use of astrology means that at all times we should be aware that we are using the energy of transiting planets in some way, creating our own life. This approach to astrology opens us up to a completely different natal chart experience. It allows for a deeper dimension of interpretation and correcting challenging transit influences on natal planets and balancing energies that we perceive as “problematic / worrying”.

On the other hand, passive approach to astrology implies belief that outcome of events does not depend on the individual. That is of course absolutely incorrect! This is the most widespread approach to astrology. An individual believes that there is no influence from his side on what is happening and what is shown through transits of the planets and the natal chart. Passive use of astrology through attitude that answers to questions are outside of yourself is based on belief that it is only necessary for a certain transit to pass.

Large number of people still believe that their natal chart is to blame for everything and especially Saturn or any other planet. They consider themselves victims of astrology / destiny choosing a role where only thing left for them is to “wait” for transits to pass. Or to ask “astrologers” what will happen, which damages them even more in the long run. In that way, person does not get the most out of their natal chart. He is being motivated by fear and not desire to take life into his own hands. Active astrology is like buying a bike and riding it every day. Passive astrology is a bike you never ride, but keep in the garage, if case you ever need it. When you truly need it you will see that you forgot how to ride it.

Passive use of astrology

Passive use of astrology is often accompanied by inability to forgive, distortion of the truth, propensity to intrigue, belief in curses and black magic. Although passive use of astrology is still on the rise despite progress of mankind, an increasing number of people is waking up. They are recognizing the value of using original astrological teachings. Increasing number of people is focused on transformation and open to balancing “challenging energies”, which is what I always focus on during consultations.

Active use of astrology helps you to be happy, healthy, feel good and at peace at any time. It depends on you, not on something outside. In this way, you gain more self-confidence and faith in yourself. You can generate much more energy that you can direct towards achieving goals and desires. You no longer experience transits as “challenging” because you keep the focus on what is really important to you through high personal frequency. This is something that is practiced like any new skill.

Higher knowledge

Through active use of astrology, you gain Higher Knowledge and develop a sense that helps you recognize when you are “out of balance.” After all, planets are in you and you need to know them better than an astrologer because you live with them. In this way, you gain insights and awareness when you do not cooperate with energy of transiting planets and when you yourself block potentials of your natal chart.

Primary focus I have as an astrologer is to make you aware during consultation which psychological traits are holding you back. Which traits are not useful to you because they are “working against you”? Sometimes it happens that a person just has to “forget” what he read or heard about his natal chart. He does not resonate with it and it does not bring him any good. All my blogposts are focused on active use of astrology. My website can certainly help you understand core principles of modern astrology.

Trauma and natal chart

If a person has experienced physical trauma or a very painful loss, there is a parallel emotional and energy trauma. Physical trauma can be a specific loss of a person or important life circumstances, a physical problem, a fracture or an illness. We can observe this through Saturn’s transit and natal position.

Natal chart carries all the physical traumas accumulated in itself. Sometimes it happens that a person does not heal a broken bone because she did not heal herself on an emotional level and energetically. Then each transit will be more difficult because there will be an imbalance. Even when the transit passes can prevent a person from achieving goals. Emotional level of trauma is guided by Neptune’s transits and Pluto rules the energy level.

That is why, in addition to understanding our natal chart in order to be more successful, it is always important to make physical changes. You need to become aware of your emotions and energy changing patterns. If one of these levels is missing, astrology cannot give maximum and help you overcome challenges. That is why we always have to look at the whole natal chart and all transits, even without mutual aspects.

Additional therapy-astrology in use

I think that it is often necessary to include some kind of therapy if a person has gone through great life difficulties. Do not just rely on astrology. In conversation with a person, I can get an idea of ​​how much he/she is in line with life mission shown by the Nodes and whether he/she uses South or North node more. It can also be useful to assess whether birth is closer to Full Moon or New Moon. This will say something more about person’s energetic body. Dealing with difficult traumas, we really have to understand that astrology has limits and can only be an aid, not the main tool.

We cannot fully understand natal chart separated from the environment. When an astrologer analyzes your natal chart, he takes into account only you. In real life your natal chart never exists in isolation. It is constantly energized by other natal charts from the environment. It is that invisible magic factor!

Your natal chart carries with it the charts and energies of planets of important people, partners, family members, sometimes even famous music stars you like. In that case, in order to understand ourselves, we must always take into account the environment. You do not exist in isolation, but within the community, place of residence, environment, collective, family… Context is therefore always an important factor in analysis. Your life would be very different if you lived in Africa compared to your life in Vienna.

Dates for important events

Many people contact astrologers to choose an important date for starting a business or an important ceremony. Elective and horary astrology is used for such a thing. In general, attitude of modern astrology is that there are no bad dates. Thus, retrograde periods should be used for contemplation and planning. Retrograde Venus is not a period for getting married or buying real estate. These are just some of the guidelines.

Retrograde Mars is not the time for operations. When it is necessary and cannot be avoided, longer recovery might be required. There are periods when several planets are retrograde, but that does not mean that then it is not the time to initiate something and that we should sit on our hands. It is necessary to finish what is left of the past and learn a lesson that will be useful for the future. Retrograde planets are necessary and useful!

Transiting Moon

On a daily basis, transiting Moon describes not so much the type of activity. Most of what we do every day represents habits. It shows atmosphere concerning topics activated in natal houses. For example, Cancer Moon will focus you more on emotional life, family and home.

This short transit encourages us to be receptive and to allow people and events to come to us alone instead of us pushing them. You may notice that at that time you spontaneously have more activities with family members. You talk to your mother or feel especially “cranky” because your emotional needs are not being met.

A good date is not a guarantee of success. It can make beginning of anything smoother, even though every relationship is already defined in time and space. Astrology certainly does not serve to “provide insurance”, but to help you grow as a person and gain life experience.

Alchemical laws say that there is no “something for nothing” and that everything has its price. Success will always be seen in person’s energy regardless of natal chart aspects. Of course, an astrologer can help you choose a better period to initiated something, but not a specific day. Cosmos cannot be controlled and whoever tried something similar paid a large karmic fine.

Health and astrology in use

Natal chart certainly shows person’s health and what he needs to pay more attention to. Sometimes it happens that a person only when ill begins to become aware of himself. He is turning to astrology, looking for a way forward or some Light. However, just as emotional health strongly affects health of the body, Moon is an important indicator that can help us on a daily basis to get into balance.

Rule is that if medical intervention is needed, Moon and Sun should not be in the sign associated with that organ or part of the body. For operations Mars should not be retrograde.  You may want to avoid Full Moon and time leading to it. This should be adhered to when possible.

Here are just a few examples. Aries connects with head and brain. Taurus is connected with throat, voice and neck. We associate sign of Gemini with our hands and arms, lungs and breathing. Sign of Cancer concerns chest and abdomen. Leo rules the heart and back. Sign of Virgo rules digestive system. Libra rules kidneys.

Sign of Scorpio is related to sexual organs. Sagittarius rules hips, thighs and liver. Sign of Capricorn concerns bones, teeth and skin. Sign of Aquarius rules shins, ankles, nerves and circulation. Pisces rules feet.

Homework for you

You can compare whether you have problems with part of the body that rules your Sun and the Moon. If there is a health problem, there is certainly a problem in the planetary energetics resulting from the way you use it. Moon will show a weak or sensitive spot, but it can help us understand ourselves better. It helps us see what we have to do for ourselves to avoid problems.

An astrologer is not a doctor, we should always keep that in mind. Serious health problems are not solved by astrology. It can help make your Soul feels lighter and show you how to empower yourself. Physical body requires a different kind of work, too.

Compliance with cycles-astrology in use

The more you are in tune with Moon cycles, the easier it is for you to connect with your emotions. For that reason, a person should know how to work with natal and transiting Moon. Some people, I noticed, have this naturally developed, regardless of their Moon sign. There are also examples of people with Moon exaltation who have big emotional problems almost every day.

Women who have a problem with menstruation and fertility usually have a problem with this heart-body-Moon connection. Meditation and yoga can help you strengthen this connection. New Moon is the time when we cleanse our body, while Full Moon clearly shows something we don’t need anymore. Pay attention to these days and how you feel.

When you understand your natal chart, you also understand what you need to learn through transits. It all helps you become aware of the way your emotional body communicates with you. It is the language of the Soul. When you open yourself to that language and hear that voice, then there are no diseases and your natal chart becomes “easier”. Illness is only there if we have strayed from our path and our purpose. Compliance with Lunar cycles is the path to health. That is why there is so much emphasis on this in my work.

My boundaries in working with people and how i use Astrology

You often write to me that you have never seen an astrologer present his work in as much detail as I do. You say that you are delighted with the clarity of my approach. I am absolutely against fatalism in astrology. I like to make clear what is possible and what is not! As an astrologer specialized in modern astrology, I encourage clients to actively use energy of the planets and transits.

Active application of astrology at all times means that we are responsible for our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and actions. This in a way energizes each planet and natal aspect. Goal of astrological consultations with me is to teach you to cooperate with your natal chart and to draw strength from it. It is not an excuse for you not to be able to do something.

My astrological work through Astrodetoks is aiming at liberation from unhealthy mental patterns and beliefs that are clearly visible through natal aspects. While working with clients and interpreting their natal chart, I always pay attention to education about active use of energies of natal planets. Most sessions are also focused on releasing of toxic and painful emotions from the past. That is why consultations with me are like psychotherapy and a deep energy experience. Clients say that time passes with me in an instant. They can’t sleep thinking about what I have said. It is as if a new world had opened up to them.

Astrology should be useful!

Natal chart helps us determine where energy is blocked and why and which planet is being used in a destructive way. Astrology should be used for this purpose. My goal is to teach you how to overcome challenges. In that way you achieve your natal potential, satisfaction, happiness and success by focusing on activating the positive natal aspects that everyone has. It is a process and it does not come just like that.

When I am doing consultations, I choose words very carefully. Everything I say is uttered for a reason. But the client leads the consultation, not me. Even though I prepare for each analysis for at least two or three hours, during consultation I let the topic that the client needs to hear appear on its own.

Analysis is something that can be prepared, but the course of the consultation depends on factors that have nothing to do with the preparation. They are a result of merging of two energies, mine and the client’s energy. Probably that is why magic happens during consultations. You can read numerous impressions and reviews of people all around the world who worked with me. Still it is something you can only see for yourself.

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