Pluto in house

Maja Lazić
October 9, 2021

Pluto in house

This post is about natal Pluto in a house.

Absolute changes when nothing is the same are announced by the energy of this planet. They come slowly and invisibly. Changes happen first in us because the goal of this position is psychological transformation. When we resist this change, external events and people come to “disturb” and “irritate” us for the change to happen and be initiated. In analysis of Pluto, it is necessary to take into consideration its sign and aspects. In this text I will deal with only some of the topics that may concern the position of Pluto in 12 houses.

Aspects will show how we will deal with Pluto in a natal house and what can be related to this profound transformation. In no house is Pluto bad, but necessary, because change in life is inevitable and healthy. Stagnation is not. It’s the kind of transformation you have to make that isn’t usually easy. But avoiding and delaying it will bring a problematic form of Pluto’s manifestation. What does not grow or is not used always rots and decays. Where in your life is there toxic energy and what can you do to release it? And remember, the one who is smarter, wiser and more powerful always changes and forgives first!


Pluto in the first house

This position describes a person with an intense gaze. He strongly influences others with his energy and appearance. They either love him or hate him. This person usually enchants with his magnetism. Something radiates from him, but is also frightening, not just attractive. He could be afraid of the power of others. That is why he avoids contacts where he cannot have control. However, something still pulls him towards such relationships in order to change the attitude towards himself. Great physical changes outside and inside follow him through life always coincide with some loss, progress or simply a change in living conditions.

It is as if a new person is being born and something in him is looking for a change. He has a need to control others because he does not control himself well. It seems that he constantly has conflicts with others because of his personality. He insists on something that haunts him and for which he can’t find a cause and explanation. Strong character understands other personalities and their motives. It is very important to him because that is how he feels safe. However, he does not reveal his motives to anyone and wants to be an enigma for others.

Hidden agenda

He does not put his cards on the table. Even when he does not hide anything, it seems that something is not right and that people should be careful. New persona is born after a great crisis, but not as long as he is afraid to let the old persona go. Feeling of power is everything, but he may also step into situations that are dangerous and in which he will be a loser at some point. We feel strong and we need to act from our ego, but we must be aware of what we are going to focus our energy on. It is very important to dedicate ourselves to something where we will channel our strength into awakening of personal power that comes from our being. Conflicts in marriage are very common in this case.

Pluto in the second house

This position concerns attitude towards money and way of earning. That is only what is on a visible level. What motivates us to earn more and what money means to us is hidden in depths of personality. On that path to answers, we must experience great losses and gains. The goal is transformation of personal value. This person can be poor and then earn a large amount of money that he loses if he has not gained a sense of personal worth. How much he values ​​himself and in what way he uses his talents, so that he earns through that, is one of the themes. It is up to the person to realize how he is using his energy and to make a living from that.

All he has or doesn’t have is in his natal energy, and there’s nothing manifested or worthy if he’s blocked it by guilt and shame. Love and self-confidence are bought with money and valuable possessions when we are still learning during life that everything is born from us and our energy. What gives us security and how we deal with financial losses is also emphasized. Losses are always related to personal value and whether we feel we deserve something or not. Do we think we are valuable and why do we feel deep down that we are not?

Money, money, money

Energy of money flows in us. It is just a question of how much we allow it to materialize outside. However, it should be understood that money does not guarantee happiness, nor can stability be obtained. It is up to us to discover energy drive in ourselves through talents and what we are wasting this energy on. It is also important to know what habits we have and what are usual attempts to keep things under control. All we achieve financially is just a substitute for something we don’t have, which hurt us a long time ago and made us feel worthless.

Pluto in the third house

This position is about profound changes in communication, relationship with environment and sense of control seen through words we use. Society controls us or we feel that way. Manipulation is present and obsessive thoughts because something simply does not give us peace. What is it that causes us so much stress deep inside us, in our consciousness? It is a decision or belief that we must change from the core. Everything we say is experienced with great intensity and it disrupts many friendships. We are not aware of how much weight our words have on others. Relationship with relatives and neighbors must go through a transformation and be free of hatred.

We are not really ready to change our attitude or to accept insights that come from the depths. It all scares us a lot. We think we are powerful if we are verbally rude, if we shout, intimidate or blackmail. But that’s how we make even bigger issues. Superficiality is despised and a deeper reason, cause or motive is sought for everything. Our brain is constantly working. It is important to know how to switch off so that there is no “burnout”. We look at situations in black and white, but above all feel depressed and pessimistic. Great quarrels and investing effort to learn something to the core that changes our whole view of the world. We feel fear in our thoughts, but we cannot always verbalize it.

Free the mind

We are nervous and great worries torment us, haunting us night and day. We are not comfortable opening up to others and being analyzed, but we gladly do that to them. It’s a way to feel safe as we want to know what others think so they wouldn’t hurt us. We should try to communicate better and hear the other side. Thoughts are repetitive and obsessive. Meditation is very useful. Mindfulness as well as Kundalini kriyas. Avoid curses, hatred and insulting speech. Dedicate yourself seriously to studying a topic that will occupy your mind and from which something new will “grow”. We begin to be interested in certain books or outlooks. Then we reject it when we realize that there is much more to be studied and learned. Knowledge gives power, but only if we “dig deep”. Isha Kriya meditation can help a lot if there is a health problem that stems from this nervous tension.

Pluto in the fourth house

This position is about changes in family and in the house. These changes are so profound that at first glance they cause great fear. There is conflict and disagreement with parents or with one family member. Feeling of control in family is caused by a situation in which we misused our power. Trauma at home and loss of property in case of afflictions. Wounds from the past are awakened up to finally heal them. But that requires a different attitude towards home and parents. There is a fear that involves parents. We act as if we hate them even though the opposite is true. It seems that we can’t stand the atmosphere at home.

We feel that we were very controlled during childhood. Demolition of home or its destruction and loss of intimate connection with family members. Relocation and changes in the house or obstacles that must be overcome in order for transformation to occur. Divorce of parents and one in the family disrupt lives of everyone else. This position can be associated with breaking of family ties and karmic heritage that comes from home and ancestors. By changing oneself, we change destiny of everyone else. Only question is whether we are strong enough to rise to the highest vibration and not react from the lowest which will only bring us even more pain.

Pluto in the fifth house

This position is about great creativity, children, pregnancy, but also ego and love. Life changes through emotional relationships and partners. We fall in love because of passion and erotic intensity, but then we experience cooling of emotions as death of love, although only then does love begin. There is fear that we will be abandoned or that relationship will break down. We do everything to “control” our partner through sexuality and power. We are not aware of how our psyche affects the feeling of happiness and love. Secret relationships, but also reconciliations just when we thought it was over. This is a typical indicator of karmic relationships.

Psychological problem can hinder this relationship from progressing and growing. We are essentially afraid of true love knowing it will change us. It is possible that etheric body still remembers some old heartbreaks and connections that stem from past lives. Secrets contribute to a lack of trust and doubt. It slowly but surely erodes relationships. We want all or nothing in love, but we often gamble with emotions. We want to feel loved because it gives us a sense of power. Obsessive desire for a child. Hobby to channel emotions helps us change. We learn to love, but we can be alone for a long time, because we are afraid to be intimate and close. Partner may be hiding something from us. If so, he is not the right choice for us. Fraud and gambling are a negative way of expression. It is better to play sports or take risks through art and creativity.

Pluto in the sixth house

This position usually is about deep and at first glance invisible changes at work and in terms of health. Exaggeration and extremes seriously endanger vitality. Symptoms are always an indicator of hidden and mysterious changes at work that are difficult for us. However, we know that we must change as well. We have a strong desire to give our workplace a sense of power. We are still “wasting” our energy in areas that do not lead us to desirable goals. Job loss, but also problems with colleagues are common.

Habits are unhealthy and we need to find a way to channel stress through vigorous physical activity. We are obsessed with certain foods or vices. Everyday life is full of intense events. We find it difficult to maintain control. Bad habits need to change. Toxins and hostile environment create diseases that are a form of initiation into change. Conflicts at work are hard to forget and vengefulness is possible. It is important to know how to find a solution and not stay stubborn or be revengeful.

Pluto in the seventh house

This position is about karmic marriages and partners who manipulate or control us. There are problems in marriage. What we think is the problem, is actually just the tip of the iceberg. Issue is much bigger and it is not in that person, but in us. That person is there to bring it to the surface through this relationship. Relationships turn into their opposite. Crisis serves to make us understand what we really want. This is also possible with contracts, which are complicated and we could end up in court. We project on others our negative traits of which we are unaware and thus give power to the negative side contributing to further fear. Loss of control because of a partner and something he does.

Manipulation and obsession in relationships that have toxic character and through which we create new karma. Destructive personality, but also personal regeneration when we reconcile parts of ourselves. Relationship with others must change because we have to grow, but do not accept responsibility. We think that someone let us down. But if we are honest, we know that there were things we did that were not really completely correct towards others. It seems so difficult to maintain balance in marriage and crisis after crisis alternates.  It serves to move relationship to the next level of intimacy. At some point we no longer have strength to endure this and relationship breaks down. We are jealous and as if we had to go through betrayal or deception.

Projections in marriage

Complicated relationships in which there is a storm of emotions and passion, but also something that scares us. When marriage breaks down there is a connection that binds us to this person because energy permeates everything. Ex-partner becomes our biggest enemy because we can’t forgive him. In fact, we cannot forgive ourselves for making so many mistakes in our assessment and not respecting our beliefs. We knew that he was not for us, but why did we need all that? This question will not give us peace and there is no answer, too. How to reject and deny what is a part of us? With his behavior, partner shows our unconsciousness. We have just attracted him in order to bring balance to ourselves. Contract losses due to lies that destroy what we thought was ours, but was not truthful is possible in afflictions.

Pluto in the eighth house

This position is about the need to uncover core motivation of our behavior and strength of our personality. However, some parts that rest in our psyche frighten us terribly. Darkness radiate from us, which is felt in aura that is heavy, gray and dense. There is a fear of marriage and losing money. There is control over everything that belongs to others, but it is still ours. Inability to be truly intimate because of fear. There is always a threat lurking from a bush that scares us. We have to face our fears, stop undermining ourselves and not see in others what we do not want to see in ourselves. Why so much doubt in others and in life? There may be problems with inheritance, some money coming through a loan or with selling real estate.

We are interested in occult topics that help us heal ourselves, but only when we have good control of our energy and when level of vengefulness, jealousy and hatred is reduced to zero. It is useful to go through some therapy. We can strongly resist being analyzed by someone and letting someone so close to us. Interests concern death, life, sexuality, birth and occult teachings. Divorce and death of a partner in a traumatic way of expression in afflictions. It is important for us to know the truth. That requires opening to Light and breaking with vices. Psychotherapy and astrology attract our attention, but we may think that through that we will reduce chances of being hurt again. Abuse, fears and worries about money due misdirected willpower. Strengthening, regenerating our personality and rejuvenating our psychic reserves is a goal of this position. It can describe someone who after great pain is initiated to help others.

Pluto in the ninth house

This position could involve obsessive ideology. It can explain problems in college or while traveling. Somewhere abroad, our personality changes completely. Learning about different cultures contributes to us becoming a new person because our beliefs change drastically. Spirituality magnetically attracts us. We might feel resistant to everything that we cannot control. There are frequent quarrels with those who think differently. Obsession with a topic and ignorance of the matters which are important in our daily life. Professors are great convincing motivators, sometimes even gurus. Countries abroad change us when we come in contact with some other exotic cultures.

We experience transformation and understand circumstances that shape our life, but also freedom that we have or, on the contrary, abolish for ourselves because of our beliefs. Power is always in changing of what we believed in. When a person believes that he is a loser, that the world is bad and people corrupt, he is entering into conflicts with others. He must learn to be broad-minded and not rigid. Cults and dogmas represent a closed energy that will hurt us greatly at some point. It is important to continue to learn and not to control with mystical knowledge. Mind manipulation usually concerns both legal problems and loss of such great and desired freedom.

Pluto in the tenth house

This position is a sign of career changes and quarrels with boss because our characters are irreconcilable. Strong reputation and a very prominent public role that shows professional strength. We progress in work environment. We are placed in high positions visible to public, but we cannot stay there forever. Of course, better option is to succeed after disappointment, than to experience loss after success. Progress in work and manipulation that brings possible fall from that position are in both cases to understand that job we have serves not only us but others. Jobs where we can experience inner change is a common choice.

Psychological manipulation and reputation, which is “dark” and contains something “corrupt”, when instead of work and knowledge, we were brought to the position by insincere behavior and manipulation. Contacts with powerful people, ambition and disappointments because we realize that there are areas in life in which we are powerless and in which we have absolutely no control. Finding a job that fulfills us comes at a high price. Why we do something is intertwined with many psychic influences and need to be powerful, capable and rich.

Power or weakness

We learn how to fight for ourselves and direct our power to help others. That is why we are given to thrive more than them. Job that is prominent, but in which we need to know how to rely on ourselves teaches us how to pave the way to success. Problems in relationship with father if he strongly influences us or we are told what we should do, which we do not like at all. We come to a high position and then we realize that nothing depends on us at all. Power comes from afar, from depths where we still do not have access. What is visible from outside is just a trick to hide real events from the public eye.

Pluto in the eleventh house

This position can indicate changes that are driven by friendly relations and interests. We plan for the future with friends. We look for connections that will strengthen us because they are based on the same goals and beliefs. We change our root beliefs that tied us to certain groups of people. In some case, friends become enemies. Friends can be opponents and very insincere. We are not open enough with them and do not show our true personality. Connection exists only as long as we share beliefs and interests because they have come to change us. If we do not want that, then we enter into conflicts with them. People around us change our course of life. We are not even aware that we have attracted those who are there to break or empower us.

It is true that we are stronger together but only if we do not use others for our own accumulation of wealth and power. Dangerous associations or social networks concerning control, destruction, manipulation, wars. Earnings from work or hobbies can be great. We must understand that we have only one life and that we should never give it to propagate bad intentions and destructiveness. Still, power is addictive and gives us adrenaline. It is up to us to understand that it is not important whether others love us, but whether we can love ourselves when we go against common sense just wanting power and money. In hope that we will be wise enough to use what we have to benefit and achieve some really beautiful ideals and goals … More pure and transparent our goals are, greater is success and support of others.

Pluto in the twelfth house

This position is about repression that exists in depths of energy body and unconsciously hinders us. Intense transformation is needed, which happens through dreams, if there is no other way for personal evolution, but also through persistent nightmares. Our psyche changes our life circumstances. It seems that ego must be rejected with willpower and personal control. Compulsive needs and obsessions we are not even aware of and with which we bury our true vibration. We lose resources/energy and waste time, running away from life and choosing path of least resistance. We ignore problems and push them under rug as if someone else is to blame.

This person owns something very powerful and never dares to use it. Patterns from distant past or past lives and people who ignite strong feelings in us, both beautiful and ugly, come into this life. Losses that indicate we are going the wrong way are there to guide us. At one point we seem to give up on everything. Just when we completely give up and let go of the past and what was supposed to be, we realize that we are beginning to accumulate strength. It will push us many steps ahead of others at one point. To move on, it is as if we have to be pushed to the brink of ruin in order to awaken energy of transformation in us. We learn how to change ourselves and parts of us that do not want to be transformed, but it is why we suffer so much. It is difficult to control what is inside us because it is bigger than us.

Inner struggle

And we don’t even need to master it, but just learn to believe in that part of ourselves where there is still darkness. It inevitably floats into our consciousness and our reality every second of waking life. If we do not control our thoughts, emotions and decisions, if we do not have control over ourselves, then what happens when we achieve the desired is only a coincidence. It is not an indicator of our true abilities. And then we suffer, because we had what we wanted, but only for a brief moment and now we don’t have it anymore. And what is ours can never be lost. It is only a way of cleansing parts of some old roles we played in previous incarnations.

What lesson does natal Pluto have for you?

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