What is a stellium?

Maja Lazić
April 24, 2021

What is a stellium?

This post will explain what is a stellium and what that means for you.

If there are multiple planets in one sign in your natal chart, that sign will be prominent. Some people have two or three prominent signs besides Sun, Moon and ascendant sign. This may be more very dominant in the manifestation of personality. In case there are oppositions and squares, personal expression will be altered.

Stellium/ascendant/Sun/Moon/planets/asc ruler in Aries, prominent Mars or the first house:

This is a warrior of great strength and lively nature. He does not like complications and is focused on activities, direct behavior and agility. He can seem self-contained or as if there is no tact. He is quick to react. He is always looking for something new and easily starts different things that attract him. Since he likes to do everything his own way and has a competitive spirit, a lot of things remain unfinished in his life. His interest passes quickly. He enjoys solitude and is used to relying on his own strength. He does not want your advice. There is no time for that as he is in a hurry. He believes in himself. He must learn to deal with anger. He does what he wants and what suits him because he is independent. He is not always aware that his honesty can hurt other people’s feelings. Sport is very useful for him as a healthy manifestation of his fighting nature. Accidents and physical injuries are possible in afflictions.

Stellium/ascendant/Sun/Moon/planets/ruler asc in Taurus, prominent Venus or other house:

This is a grounded nature that loves delicious food and comfort. Character has a calm and silent nature, but also stubbornness. Thickness is visible in physical body. Interest is on possessions and material things. Gardening, cooking, music and real estate attract attention. She is sensual in nature and very tactile. Behavior is predictable and practical. She is very attractive and is characterized by a special softness of the voice. They like to be physically close to their partner. She reacts slowly and little can significantly shake her personal stability. She is persistent and tends to peacefully solve problems she faces. She has a sense of beauty. She knows how to make you feel comfortable and satisfied in her company.

Stellium/ascendant/Sun/Moon/planets/ruler asc in Gemini, prominent Mercury or third house:

They are interested in various things. They like to research and ask questions. Curiosity, but also scattered mind is often seen. They like to learn. They are like children who want to hear, know and see everything. They may get frustrated as environment doesn’t understand everything as quickly as they do. Occasionally they are overwhelmed by mental stress when they talk too much. They are very mentally active. Anxiety and restlessness should be channeled through silence and rest. They need to exchange ideas with others. They have different hobbies, a lot of friends and acquaintances. This position is common for writers, journalists, teachers and actors. They want to try and taste everything, at least for a short time. They don’t dig too deep. They can have a variety of jobs that definitely need to be fun and move, learn and spend time among people of different characters.

Stellium/ascendant/Sun/Moon/planets/ruler asc in Cancer, prominent Moon or fourth house:

Vulnerable nature and strong feelings seek protection. Person is nostalgic and focused on home and family. Relationship with mother is very important and everything inherited through family roots. She likes to reminisce of the past and look at family pictures that take her back to that time. She is sentimental and does not like to change habits acquired in childhood. Throughout her life, she does what allows her to stay in a comfort zone, nurturing emotional connections. When she does not feel safe or has family problems, it throws her off balance. Then she withdraws into herself and becomes moody. Family and a sense of unity with loved ones are important. Food, home and money give her security. Memories lead her through life, but also protective role she has. Emotions are changeable. They will show how secure she is and how close she really is to herself and others.

Stellium/ascendant/Sun/Moon/planets/ruler asc in Leo, prominent Sun or fifth house:

We like to be in the center of attention. We love being in charge and we need a leadership position. Personality is very charismatic, but people may often experience it as arrogant. It is full of pride, dignity and personal strength as well as royal demeanor. This sign is emphasized in the natal charts of celebrities. Position is characterized by creativity and diverse personal talents. She knows from birth that she is special and self-aware. That is why she must know that sometimes she can also create many unnecessary dramatic situations in her life. This can create huge problems in marriage or at work.

Stellium/ascendant/Sun/Moon/planets/ruler asc in Virgo, prominent Mercury or the sixth house:

Nature is to be of service. Mind is technical and needs order in everything he does. He is detail-oriented and takes an analytical approach to each situation. Others experience him as someone who criticizes or is picky. He approaches life in an organized way. Humility and need to serve helps to improve and correct existing situations. It is emphasized in chart of nurses, secretaries and specialists in a certain field. Although they will not always call themselves experts due to humility and shyness, they acquire their talent through years of work and effort. Paying attention to the smallest details leads them to success. Women with this position have natural beauty and simplicity.

Stellium/ascendant/Sun/Moon/planets/ruler asc in Libra, prominent Libra or the seventh house:

Person may act indecisively. He wants balance and doesn’t like quarrels. He is friendly and relationships with others are important. For that reason, in order not to disturb or spoil them, it is difficult to decide. He will not always express his opinion clearly. He is an excellent negotiator and knows how to achieve harmony and unite opposing opinions. Pleasant aesthetic appearance, elegance and beauty are visible. They have jobs in public where their look can bring them many benefits. In their personality, they sometimes feel the discord of opposing opinions. They see and learn this through important business and personal relationships. They seek harmonious and fair unions with others. Receiving and giving must always be balanced.

Stellium/ascendant/Sun/Moon/planets/ruler asc in Scorpio, prominent Pluto or the eighth house:

He learns to find strength transforming himself and his life. Personality has an intensity and magnetism that can attract conflicts and psychological crises. This is emphasized if they reject their own instincts and their “shadow”. He learns how to overcome challenges, revealing secrets and mysteries along the way. He digs where many do not want to watch, because it is dark and frightening. Trust is important, but there is always caution, especially as long as dark toxic personal urges continue to control them. If he is interested in something, he completely surrenders leading into obsession and being preoccupied with the research. All this leads to a rebirth where focus of the mind and mystery purified from doubt can be of greatest help.

Stellium/ascendant/Sun/Moon/planets/ruler asc in Sagittarius, prominent Jupiter and the ninth house:

They are characterized by a view of life from a broad perspective. They are leaders in personal philosophy and awareness of all the opportunities that are offered to them. He is an adventurer and a world traveler who lives for experiences and exploring new creations. Sociable, direct, honest person wants to bring excitement and fun into his everyday life. He is optimistic and constantly expands existing boundaries. He asks questions to which answers often do not yet exist. Search for them is interesting and fulfilling. Life experience he gains allows him to give good advice. Travel and different foreign cultures give him a broader picture of life. Beliefs significantly define his life. It is necessary to become aware of them, especially if they are restrictive. New horizons towards which he confidently walks are necessary for expansion.

Stellium/ascendant/Sun/Moon/planets/ruler asc in Capricorn, prominent Saturn and the tenth house:

Person is responsible, ambitious and practical. He always plans all the steps he has to implement and do in order to achieve a goal. His life is like climbing the mountain of business success. His main interests are work and career. Down-to-earth, enduring nature and great amount of self-discipline make him a desirable employee. That is why he can be great as manager of a company. Objectivity and focus on facts, clarity and strategic nature lead to success. During his life, he examines his personal and physical boundaries and relationship with authority. It is important to build what supports him and to gain integrity.

Stellium/ascendant/Sun/Moon/planets/ruler asc in Aquarius, prominent Uranus or the eleventh house:

He does not seem to fit in and is eccentric. He has progressive scientific mind that seeks freedom. He is inventive and has surprising personality traits. He is friendly, but emotionally cold. He is guided by his ideology, which is characterized by a strong opinion in a certain area of ​​interest. It is focused on social activities. He will always keep his freedom, even if that only means to think with his head. Some will consider him as arebel. During his life, he searches for his tribe and associates with many people. It becomes easier for him to maintain emotionally superficial relationships. If he succumbs to the pressures of the environment out of the need to be accepted, he feels even more misunderstood. He seems to be sacrificing his talents for love. He often pursues unusual occupations and finds different ways of taking a new look at old problems.

Stellium/ascendant/Sun/Moon/planets/ruler asc in Pisces, prominent Neptune or the twelfth house:

He has mystical energy and can feel like a victim. Scams during his life teach him not to dream so much, but to stand with both feet on the ground. He has a sensitive intuition and a dreamy viewpoint in an effort to maintain an ideal image of things. Those who are engaged in acting, dancing, theater, as well as priests and painters have this sign prominent. He tends to combine never before and still unimaginable ideas and especially shows creative talents in art. It is useful to swim and be around water. Life success is equivalent to his faith and readiness to live his dreams in reality. Power of imagination enables him to get out of life’s problems. Sometimes he finds himself under in addiction, so he has to be careful. He learns how to swim through life and not drown, but bring spiritual treasure from the depths.

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