Maja Lazić
August 31, 2022


This post is about Moon in house in synastry.

Moon synastry shows emotional dynamics in a relationship. For this analysis we need accurate birth time data due to rapid Moon movement. Analysis for partners with whom we are not in a close relationship is not advised. Synastry was never intended to see which of several partners we would be more compatible with! Reason why we are not happy is deep within us and in our natal Moon.

Natal Moon will show habits we have and our attitude towards close relationships. It will show energetic harmony and possible obstacles to relationship. Partner’s house represents space where Moon comes to life, where it will find a “home” to be nurtured. It is a place where we want to feel safe. Partner gives us that in the way shown through Moon sign.

However, we will have to first look at what context Moon brings to house through natal and synastry aspects. If aspects of natal Moon are challenging, we will add that quality into whatever house it falls! After that we combine all this with our partner’s Moon.

Moon aspects in synastry

Moon in aspect to Sun is about replenishment of soul and body, where emotional support brings fulfillment of goals. With Venus, it is about harmonious love or friendship. Moon “feeds” on Venus, striving for relaxation and enjoyment. With Mars there is anxiety and uneasy assertiveness. Therefore, there is danger of emotional wounding. Mars represents disturbing energy that calls for caution.

With Jupiter there is inspiration that brightens our heart and hope that grows stronger over years. However, if there are challenging aspects, it often leads to spiritual integration of past emotional experience. With Saturn need to create security is achieved through questioning emotional boundaries. Protection is what we get, but it is more common that there is lack in an emotional sense.

With Uranus there is stressful release of emotional energy and stepping out of comfort zone. With Neptune there is lot of illusion, but also possible realization of dreams. It is about escaping from reality and idealization. Very often there is some disappointment and vain hope.

With Pluto deep transformation and change that accompany relationship are highlighted. We feel vulnerable when our partner opens up parts of Pandora’s box in our psyche. Aspect indicates a deep relationship focused on overcoming fears of rational mind filled with darkness.

Moon in the first house

If Moon is exactly on ASC, connection is easily achieved and emotional flow is strong. Positive influence is a consequence of similarity in characters. Partner fulfills our emotional dreams by helping us meet our intimate needs.

If Moon is in same sign as ASC, we feel strong emotional support. Our partner’s feelings add to our sense of self-awareness. Life is easily shared and feelings are openly shown. We know that we are accepted as we really are.

Emotional safety results from being sure of ourselves. Security must not be based on attachment to a loved one or depend on his behavior. If we were not close to ourselves before we met him, it can lead to an excessive suffocating attachment. They understand each other on an emotional level and recognize themselves in each other.

If Moon is in different sign from ASC, relationship is also based on closeness and acceptance. Partner makes us feel free to express our emotions which contributes to compatibility depending on house sign. Relationship is based on respecting feelings of both persons.

Moon in the second house

Partner fulfills our various desires on a material level, which makes us feel loved and safe. Moon gets what it wants from its partner in order to feel satisfied. Support comes through delicious food, gentle touch and valuable gifts. If we don’t value ourselves enough, we reject attention we get that way.

Emotions that go with material attention are not what we need. We do not know how to let someone in as it means changing habits. They like similar things, but things cannot replace emotional fulfillment, which might especially be a problem. It seems when we are emotionally investing in our partner, but we are not getting much in return.

Partner contributes to strengthening our sense of personal worth. We can gain a better opinion of ourselves. This position teaches us to emotionally empower ourselves to acquire what we need. Sometimes we feel like we gave it all only to end up being manipulated. Unconscious habits guide this relationship. One partner is used to giving all the time and the other one takes even when he does not truly need what is being given.

Moon in the third house

What we say contributes to emotional security of our partner. Love letters and songs are written and love messages fill our inbox. However, this is more often just a friendship or a business relationship. Way of thinking defines emotional contact. Emotional communication is of a similar type, so agreement exists easily.

They approach life in a supportive way. Partner feels safe to express his opinion on various matter. Together they can be successful in business or achieve some educational cooperation. Conversations are essential part of this contact. Sometimes it is only converdation and chatter that manifests with this position, nothing else.

Moon in the fourth house

If Moon is exactly on IC, our most vulnerable area, partner is a reminder of our emotional past and intimate world. Our experiences in family or with parents are similar. If we had a difficult childhood, partner wipes away our tears, healing initial wounds. They enjoy spending time together at home, because they are connected on a deeply intimate level.

Closeness they feel opens them up to shared experiences of emotional support. This is an indicator of a strong relationship due to comfort and support that partner provides. If we haven’t overcome some old painful experience, strong attachment can lead to a painful breakup in order to become aware of our emotions. Partner is perceived as an important part of our personality. That is why separation from him is difficult, like a small baby being separated from its mother.

Deep intimate bonding is glue of this relationship. They understand each other and past brings them together. Sometimes they know each other from their youth. However, childhood upbrinding may impact relationship in some way. If we had a difficult and painful childhood, partner is seen as a cure for this wound. Sometimes he reminds us of our father. Atmosphere at home should contribute to bonding. Healed past is a definition of a happy future together.

Moon in the fifth house

Relationship is full of love and fun. We fall in love easily and enjoy our partner’s company. We open ourselves up in this relationship for mutual play and joy. Our inner child rejoices because it feels that it is being healed in partner’s presence.

We have similar hobbies, interest and aspirations. He is our soulmate who energizes us. It doesn’t have to be a long relationship. This partner could optimistically support our talents and heal our heart chakra.

Moon in the sixth house

This is karmic position where martyr archetype is activated. We help our partner overcome life’s challenges, but that requires daily service. If one party wants romance it can be a big problem. We are too tired for that due to everything that needs to be completed.

True emotional fulfillment does not exist. There is only duty. Sometimes it really does lead to love, but illness and work comes first. Partner cannot fulfill what we need to feel emotionally nourished.

There is unequal giving and receiving. One side always sacrifices. Although we attracted a partner into our life for a reason, it would be wise to give, not expecting too much. See it as a karmic rebalancing that will pay off in another area of ​​your life.

However, if your health, money and beauty diminish, you should take a break from spending time with him. If your life is generally getting worse, you should consider ending this relationship. You are possibly not yet emotionally mature enough to heal it. Relationship teaches us to chose wisely in marriage, friendship or at work.

Moon in the seventh house

They are bound by feeling that they have found a soulmate for themselves. It can be a relationship that turns into marriage. Relationship with this partner is very important because we see parts of themselves in him. We are very interested in each other, complementing each other.

Mutual understanding is expressed and acceptance exists on an emotional partner level. We show our true face, believing that our partner will accept and support us. Close connection is possible because we trust to open up. But as with everything in life, balance is important.

Moon in the eighth house

Strong karmic attachment exists, but we are not aware of it as long as relationship lasts. Partner unlocks past karma where relationship ended tragically. We strongly want to achieve intimacy with him, but we feel fear. It seems that we would confide in each other, but one person is afraid. He runs away from it being not ready for such an intense closeness. No relationship can compare to this! Dark secrets and psychological crises accompany this relationship.

Toxic pattern as tempting as it may be at first will cost us an arm and a leg. Relationship crisis is initiation for our transformation. Yet everything seems like a dark night of Soul that does not end even after we parted. We feel insecure with this partner. He sees us clearly by scanning us to the core. Intimacy is blocked and broken.

We are in a tunnel where there is not much beautiful. There is no trust to show the most vulnerable part of ourselves even though partner wants it. Strong erotic sexuality and manipulation intertwine with lies and secrets. Trust has been betrayed and wounds are bleeding. Abuse of resources and fraud can accompany this relationship. Not everyone is ready for this kind of bonding, which is accompanied by depth and weight.

In youth this position is very stormy. Ex*partner are hard to get over. However, whether we want to admit it or not, our partner sowed seeds of our transformation and ego unmasking. Dark tendencies are there to give us light and love. However, most often, if we are not mature enough and we have been hurt in the past, we continue to hurt each other badly.

Moon in the ninth house

Relationship encourages spreading of our life philosophy. We share similar ideals and outlook on life. We are bound by spiritual love and interest in various topics or studying. We give our partner faith in himself. We strengthen his energy to embark on his life’s adventure.

This is a friendship characterized by mutual growth and similar attitudes towards life. They can travel together, study or support individual’s achievement of common goals. Relationship is characterized by emotional expansion.

Moon in the tenth house

Partner helps us become aware of emotions related to business success, reputation and career. He is someone we get advice from or look up to. We value him for professional success he has achieved. This is not an emotional connection, but a business cooperation. Rational level of relationship is in focus.

Partner teaches us which emotions should remain public or kept to ourselves. His attention is our emotional fuel in order to succeed professionally. Partner does not ask for love from us. It would not fulfill him and is not the meaning of this relationship. He can help us professionally or even heal relationship with our father.

Moon in the eleventh house

This is a close friendship that can bring fulfillment of desires. Partner encourages our need for expansion and realization of plans. We can achieve a lot together. Relationship is optimistic because both persons fulfill their needs by being supportive of each other.

This aspect certainly makes any other challenging aspects easier. Relationship between two soulmates can last because something strongly and positively binds them. They influence each other in the best way.

They encourage each other in their pursuits. This is a relationship that will initiate us into creating best version of ourselves. We know that we are supported by our partner.

Moon in the twelfth house

It can be a relationship where we feel sad and unsatisfied. Unconscious fear is awakened. We have no understanding for our partner. His emotional nature is unclear to us. Something is constantly missing. We can’t achieve a deeper union. Connection is weak because one side just wants to escape from painful reality and life challenges.

Negation of emotions accompanies relationship. A lot depends on spiritual maturity of both parties. We sacrifice ourselves for our partner. With this, we redeem old karma, but partner runs away from us more and more, drowning in sadness or vice. Partner is prone to self-pity in our presence. He does not have strength to cope with life. Our help is not enough for him.

Usually partner is faced with great loss feeling that he cannot go on. Over time, we realize that we are emotionally exhausted because we give so much to our partner. In the end, we have nothing left to give ourselves. Telepathy and empathy intertwine, but it is difficult to reach light if partner does not have a clear life purpose.

We teach our partner to make contact with his Higher Self. Although we can feel lost in this relationship, we are in it because this is how we test our limit. We can learn what we are ready for and what we are not. Giving to this partner is like a bottomless pit where we can easily reach self-negation.

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