Healing through Astrology

Maja Lazić
June 19, 2021

Healing through Astrology

Purpose of every astro-analysis is always to empower. It is to help us make independent decisions with greater faith in ourselves. Of course, we are talking about real astrology and luckily, you are in the right place!

If we do not have an answer or a solution, it is because we block its vibration and frequency. Even if the answer is there, we cannot hear or see it. And yes! Astrology can help, but that does not mean that your question is answered by anyone other than you. Because answers when you heal yourself come spontaneously from you. If there is no answer, there is no true understanding of your being.

It is very easy. So, let’s explain how this works.

There are a lot of people who block their Sun, Moon, ascendant sign, etc. These are the most important natal factors that define you. If they are blocked answers elude you because there is no ‘receiver’. As this non-manifestation of parts of the personality is a consequence of some long-ago unhealed trauma or pain, often until this trauma is healed you can’t reach those answers. It is especially important to step out of victim’s role and connect with your primary energy as much as possible. This happens naturally when we truly understand the natal chart. I wrote more about gaining answers through astrology in my recent post.

So, how do we heal through astrology?

In order to heal through astrology, we first need to see where we are right now. From which position are we starting? What triggered us to want to learn more about the natal chart or current transits? How aware are we and how much do we accept responsibility for our lives?

What is the most prominent and dominant in your personality? How does that affect everything else?

Healing can involve various techniques and exercises that reflect cosmic principles that are visible through sacred geometry of natal aspects. Principle ‘as above so below’ applies. This takes you to a completely different level of analysis, too.

Natal chart is an energy field.

Everything is connected and you cannot (and should not!) unravel this energy knot as long as you are alive. There is great energy potential in it, but its mismanagement brings problems. As planets absorb and release energy all the time, what has been accumulated they transfer further and draw similarly energy from the environment. Another thing is that some people in your life may exhaust you even more. Whatever you do to ‘recharge your batteries’, you may feel drained again. Sometimes this is a family member or your spouse who is essentially incompatible with you. However, if we have chosen something/someone ourselves, it is again our responsibility.

For most people, energy exchange happens through stories they tell and listen to, because mental energy is constantly generated. Not everyone is aware that they live by those stories that were told a long time ago. Sadly, even these stories are not theirs, but someone else’s who is shaping their life experience.

Finally, if we are not ready to change, we will certainly go through shaking cycles of personality development that aim to change us. How ready are we really to accept responsibility for the challenges we have gone through?

Do we affect the planets or they affect us?

Either we influence something or we are influenced by it. We absorb energy through our natal chart and this is very important. Energy always expresses the sign quality of the ascendant. It is described through the first aspect that is formed, but we should learn to direct it towards the North Node, especially if there is a ‘difficult’ aspect. Lunar nodes are about past lives and future influences, in the form of karma that we bring into this incarnation. What we want to create will be shown by the sign, house and aspects with North Node. What blocks us and prevents us from thriving will be shown by South Node.

We are always influenced by our past, which determines and changes vibration of each upcoming transit. That over time changes the chart. It is like leaves that fall and grow on the same tree. As some old parts fall away, new ones are born in you. One choice cancels out another we may have in the future. Everything moves and changes. However, it is true that natal chart of a large number of people works by the principle of habit. And we are talking about bad ones here! If we behave in new situations so that we experience them from the framework of some old situation or trauma that is conditional behavior. It does not allow healing.


Our unconscious memories affect transits and manifestations of our natal chart, too. However, natal chart serves us as a means to make unconscious conscious. But the fact that the astrologer made you aware of something is only the first step. It is necessary to change this pattern and make a transformation. That is why analysis is not there to inform you, but to make you recognize yourself in it as in a mirror. It is to encourage you to change what does not suit you. Healing is not a magical process that happens overnight, but a journey that you set out on your own.

Avoiding planetary lessons

We unconsciously identify with certain natal signs and planets to a greater or lesser extent. We don’t really like some signs or we don’t understand them at all. We consciously avoid some planets and their lessons thinking we will be able to bypass them. Saturn shows what is important in our lives being one of these often “avoiding planets”. It points out where we are trying too hard or what we avoid and not take responsibility in fear of making a mistake.

House of natal Saturn shows the most important area in life, but why is it so difficult? This is what will last, either as a pain and an obstacle if we do not take responsibility. Saturn is emphasized in chart of people who are successful in science, but also in creative and artistic affairs. Saturn is needed for every success! That is why healing through astrology always begins at this “station” by checking the “baggage you carry with you.”

Saturn’s transits allow us to remove everything unnecessary, because that prevents us from achieving stability. Failure to do so opens doors to pain and disappointment. This is especially true for aspects with Moon and Sun. Until we integrate Saturn, we cannot talk about healing. And we do not realize that we are creating suffering on our own.

Planetary principles

If you have stelliums and a lot of conjunctions then there is a fusion of energy. Some of the planetary principles might be sacrificed or less manifested. And every planet wants to be expressed! So, if we do not express it consciously, it will happen unconsciously. What we do not recognize in ourselves will become visible as a conflict. Or we may experience it in relation to other people or in specific difficult situation.

As everything has its own magnetic field, we are constantly under the influence of other people’s magnetic fields. Not only people, but also objects and devices! Some of you feel very exhausted when you are in front of a computer for a long time. And the same thing happens when you are with certain type of people. Or when you do what you really don’t want to. Well, you certainly expected an invitation to rebellion and revolution from me!

A magnetic field that is stronger will always prevail.

If your magnetic field is not strong there will already be some stronger magnetic field that will overcome your energy. This has nothing to do with the natal aspects, but with how much you understand yourself and your nature. Then not only do illness, loss and great life tragedies occur. You may also lose opportunities to live your life happily and to find your purpose. In the shadow of another Sun, you will fail to develop your own. And without the consciousness of the Sun, can anything grow at all?

When we do not understand our potential, everything can affect us because we experience everything more powerful than ourselves. But when there is personal stability there is only highest and purest energy exchange that is necessary for life. Like inhaling and exhaling, we take what we need and throw out what we don’t need anymore. Just as Moon subtly passes from one sign into another, so one should learn this lightness and subtlety. Not that there is a “small nervous breakdown” every two days. Don’t blame the planets!

Expression of Energy

Same energy can always be manifested through one chart in several ways. Usually a person is aware only of its negative and positive frequency, being ignorant of many other subtleties that exist. My great interest is evolutionary astrology, which is based on metaphysical teachings, past lives, sacred geometry and quantum physics. I consider this type of astrology especially beneficial after natal analysis when a person is ready to reconcile and heal his chart.

In karmic astrology, we especially pay attention to Moon, Saturn, Lunar Nodes and Pluto, which is about collective unconscious. All of this, through evolutionary astrology, allows us to enter Soul memories that are somewhere deep, They are available as sensations that we feel in our energy body. Therefore, healing through astrology has nothing to do with interpreting symbols, but with energetic and practical work.

Lunar Nodes

Healing your natal chart involves a detailed understanding of Lunar Nodes where the condensed lessons of the past and future are located and all that the soul has learned so far. Therefore, this kind of analysis is more suitable after Saturn’s return.

In some cases, midpoints can be helpful in healing, which, after all, means connecting all parts of yourself. That is why I practice holistic astrology because I see the highest value in it. Through midpoints we connect two planets and sometimes more than that and all the transits that activate these planets. Challenging natal planet, which is the midpoint of the other two planets and often energetically unstable, will react in transit even in easy aspects. It is necessary to find out how you can “channel it” in a more positive way. That means adding what you don’t have to create balance.

Basics of Healing

As everything exists in time and space, astro-healing must have a time determinant, physical basis and practice. Exercises can be related to breathing as a form of subtle cleansing or include chakras and merging opposing planetary principles. This is very individual which I determine during karmic astrology analysis according to the type of problem you are facing.

We can’t talk about healing if we don’t mention Neptune and Chiron!

Neptune is our way of removing the veil of illusion as an elusive subtle energy of etheric quality. Neptune is about ambiguities and fantasies that make it difficult for us to solve problems. Usually it involves lies and scams or someone is exploited. We are deluding ourselves about something concerning transiting Neptune, which is always related to natal position even when there are no aspects.

Neptune transits usually are about some kind of existing manipulation that we are not aware of. We might not even be aware as long as the transit lasts. It seems as if there is fog around us and we cannot see clearly. Healing at the level of Neptune can involve working with Bach drops, teas, tinctures, herbs, sacred plants, aromatherapy, but also visualizations and rituals with candles. As with any healing, it is an intimate process.

Examples of working with energies

In earth houses, Neptune may indicate lack of materialization. There is always something missing to concretely fix things because Neptune’s nature is elusive and invisible. Earth houses in water signs can also be problematic, because then what should be tangible becomes untouchable. When transiting Neptune is there, it is even more prominent. How we work with healing through astrology in this case? For example, one technique is drawing and painting or placing a picture that brings in what is missing.

Details depend on the specific case and natal chart itself. In one of the following texts, my plan is to generally explain how to work with the principle of Neptune. As for individual work, I can only talk about it during karmic analysis and in additional consultations where we do practical techniques.


In some cases, Neptune makes it difficult to “diagnose the problem” because we do not even want to and unconsciously prefer to suffer. Especially in the case when Neptune is in the first house or in conjunction with the ruler or in square to Sun. However, solution is always through setting boundaries. When we get out of the role of a victim, and working with chakras can help us a lot here, we gain opportunity to hear intuition that wakes us from this sleep. Square with Sun and ascendant is often more challenging and involves an identity crisis. I remember examples of natal charts when nothing happens in the house where Neptune is transiting. It is simply as if that life area has disappeared, as long as the transit lasts.


When it comes to healing, Chiron is often mentioned. This “wounded healer” serves to help us let go of what hurts us and forgive ourselves and others. Art, creativity and alternative medicine are also part of Chiron’s healing process. Musicians and actors have a prominent Chiron, but everyone can heal their natal through music or art. However, this does not mean listening to music that is in tune with the vibration we are currently on, but by changing our vibration through different music.

Inspiration of Neptune in combination with Chiron helps us solve a problem, especially if it is in aspect with ascendant, Sun or Venus. Healing Chiron in aspect with Moon might involve healing childhood trauma through activities that we loved as children. That is why some people choose an occupation that is very healing, too. These are the people who knew from an early age what will be their job when they grow up.

Moon and Chiron

Moon and Chiron in a man’s chart can symbolize a wound in a relationship with mother or a woman. It may be about blocked heart energy, but in a woman’s natal it may manifest differently. My Chiron is in the place of its exaltation in Gemini, so my path of healing is through speech and words. As it is in the VII house, healing happens through helping others and the wound arose in a relationship that was only an initiation into my life purpose. With stellium of planets in Aquarius in the third house, conjunctions of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter and many other factors, my natural path is astrological counseling and helping through astrology through the written and oral word.

Each of you has your own natural path to healing. Only when you start walking on this path you will develop skills to help others. When we let go of old energy, it is immediately seen in our attitude and our life. Healing energy always starts with spontaneous expression of our nature. And only when you understand yourself can you manage transits and natal aspects with more ease. Problems arise because we essentially do not understand ourselves.

Personality transformation and full potential

Human consciousness determines destiny of each individual. Life is about moving forward. And planets help us move from one phase of life to another. On an individual and global level Cosmos is constantly talking to you. Do you speak this language of astrology and how much do you manage to really “decipher” its messages? Anyone can learn astrology at some basic level, but astro-healing requires a serious, deep and professional approach. We need to understand that astrology is not always the solution and should not be confused with psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry.

In life, everything always moves.  Whatever you have gone through, if you are ready to invest effort, you can overcome challenges! If you need help to embark on this healing path and to understand yourself better, I am here for you. During consultation, I will also suggest what you can do practically and energetically. It is up to you to remember what you have been told and take responsibility if you decide not to do so. Because both actions certainly have their “predictable” consequence for your life.

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