Venus after karmic relationship

Maja Lazić
August 21, 2020

Venus after karmic relationship

Karmic relationships always come with additional problems. These can manifest in the form of blocked creativity, emotional imbalance or financial debt. If the natal chart has the karmic challenge of Venus, love worries block the woman’s yin energy.

If this lasts for a long period of time, karmic cords are created that prevent true intimacy with someone else who would be a much better choice for us. If there is already a problem at the level of the first chakra which stems from fear that we will be abandoned, this is especially emphasized.

Karmic cords

The longer the karmic relationship lasted, the stronger the karmic cords have been created. That is why even when the relationship is broken, we remain with that weight. Women mostly feel it as mental confusion and constant thoughts about their ex-partner. They are not emotionally ready to enter into a relationship with someone else, even though they really want to.

In the case of aspects with Pluto, genital problems may occur. This is especially common if we gave much more than we received. Body had to defend itself in some way by forming gynecological problems at the level of the uterus and ovaries.

I’ve seen situations where a woman pays his boyfriend’s bills and literally gives him a comfortable life just asking for a little love in return. However, part of her knows that this is not right, so she develops cysts and fibroids in the form of self-defense. This is an excuse not to be intimate with him, because she feels that something is not right.

Problem escalation

In some cases, this unresolved conflict is transferred to the third chakra. There is a great need to achieve business success and prove that we can do it all alone. “Love” that was bought with sex leads to the second and fourth chakra being literally destroyed and closed. Then various psychosomatic issues can develop. Obesity, swelling of the legs and abdomen or heart problems will be seen through aspects of Uranus to the natal Moon.

Multiple parallel relationships additionally burden the second chakra and always affect the quality of life or bring financial complications. For regeneration after a karmic relationship, we need to learn to find balance in our feelings and awaken gratitude. This can be a bigger problem for women whose Moon and Venus are not in flowing aspects, but in square or opposition.

Emotional needs are then in conflict with relationship desires. That is why we need to ask ourselves what it is that we need for fulfillment. We need to understand how much our mood depends on our partner. How have we been feeling in our own skin when he appeared in our lives? How do we feel now?

What does Venus regeneration mean?

Regeneration of natal Venus differs according to whether Venus is placed before or after the Sun. This emphasizes the masculine or the female principle. Here we have a subgroup of the Venus combust. We should check whether natal Venus is retrograde or in Venus return chart for a given year. We will take all this into account in order to work with Venus on a monthly basis during the New and Full Moon. Use the following principles:

Moon in the fire sign

Find time for fun and activities that are spontaneous. Going out, dancing, sports bring more inspiration. Feeling of freedom can be experienced on your travels and it will regenerate you. Awaken the passion which you can continue to cultivate through some interesting hobbies. Allow uncertainty to enter your life so that it does not bring worry or fear.

Moon in the air sign

Find time for intellectual activities. Learning will help you better understand who you are. Take a course and read books that connect you to your body and female energy. Write about your experience. It will help if you connect with others who have gone through something similar. You should nurture female friendships based on shared values. Go to the theater, museums or seminars where you learn to dedicate yourself. Give more space to your interests and it will regenerate you. Breathing exercises and education on how a woman’s body works are very useful.

Moon in the water sign

It is important to learn to slow down. Find techniques that will help you work on painful and blocked emotions. Bathing in the sea, in a bathtub or going to a spa and water therapy are very helpful. Change in diet based on intuition will serve you and cooking courses. Meditation, spirituality and greater devotion to yourself while allowing you to retreat into silence and peace will lead to regeneration. Feeling of protection needs to be awakened.

You will succeed when you connect with your true nature through the emotions that you feel now. They are there for a reason. We need to learn to calm down. Create a safe atmosphere. Soothing music (432 Hz) helps us relax body and soul and find peace, especially if we listen to it by the water will be very healing.

Moon in the earth sign

It is necessary to introduce new habits. Gardening or spending time with your pet will regenerate you on all levels. It can be useful to spend more time in nature. It is crucial to introduce a routine that suits you. It will strengthen the need for stability and grounding. Spend more time outdoors. Food that grows in the climate where you live and physical exercises in which we connect with the body through soothing breathing with a long retention of position are recommended.

Dissonance of the Moon and Venus

Dissonance between the sign of the Moon and Venus requires us to practice reconciling our own needs. This is often additionally triggered by the squares of transcendental planets. We are torn between the archetype of mother and mistress and we do not listen to our inner voice calling us. Squares can indicate the difficulties in the relationship that lead to breakups. Oppositions, especially if involving Saturn, show the needs of the Moon and Venus totally different so one partner always suffers.

We have a feeling that our needs cannot be met or that we have to fight for them. But fighting is not a Venus principle. It can also be problematic when natal Moon and Venus are in the same sign. Woman can then deny their femininity and close themselves off to life opportunities and success. This is especially noticeable if we do not find ourselves attractive and interesting enough and when we are alone for a long time.

Ways of regeneration

Specific ways of regeneration can be determined through the sign of Venus and the natal house, its ruler, aspects and current longer transits that we will combine with the lunar cycle. If the natal Venus has challenging aspects, after the karmic relationship this can be destructively manifested. How then to regenerate female energy after a karmic relationship?

I will give examples according to the Venus signs at the end of the text.

 The following guidelines always apply:

• drink more water and take salt baths. Sacral chakra is watery and through water it is cleansed and moved. Swimming in the ocean and working with the water element can be of great benefit.
• avoid caffeine and alcohol which dry out this region and invest in greater body care.
• wear orange colors and maintain a healthier water-based diet, which includes more fruits and vegetables. You can eat fruit in the specified color.
• do rituals dedicated to care and beauty in which you enjoy your body and femininity, meditate on the second chakra and practice breathing through this region
• learn to become aware of your energy and how it changes on a daily basis, how you see yourself and how much love you feel for yourself. Many women feel hatred towards themselves and their body after a karmic relationship.
• detoxing elixirs for cleansing the body in this case can create more issues. Sacral chakra is about enjoyment and it is necessary for the regenerative effect. Yin yoga and Kegel exercises or dance that activates the hips (salsa, zumba, samba and African tribal dance)
• find time to dedicate to art, creativity and hobbies that will give you a feeling of greater enjoyment in life. It is necessary to learn to relax, to walk more on the ground, to sit in nature on the grass.

Needs of the natal Moon need to be integrated with the needs of the natal Venus:

Venus in Aries:

Be independent. Listen to yourself more. Assertively and independently you have the right to do what you want. Start with an innovative activity that relieves stress. If there aren’t many interesting events, there can be problems in the house or quarrels that escalate. Sport must be a part of your day. Learn to put yourself first. Achieve your goals and desires and natal Venus will begin to regenerate after the karmic relationship. Physical activity will help you a lot, healthy sex life and greater determination in partnerships.

Venus in Taurus:

Find ways to be true to yourself. Focus on quality, not quantity. Add spices to meals. Learn cooking. Take care of money and practical habits that cultivate a sense of security. Introduce healthy eating habits. Eat foods that give you pleasure. However, do not use it to compensate love. Learn to find satisfaction in what you have. Invest your free time in going for massages. Touch is healing. Open yourself to sensuality and better body contact. Essential oils and fragrances of luxurious quality and precious gems can help you with that. Cosmetics must be top quality. Enjoy all your senses. Staying in nature and wearing comfortable material will please you.

Venus in Gemini:

Get moving. Fill the day with interesting events that will interest you. The day must be stimulating. Explore and embark on a search for something that will intrigue us. Time spent talking with friends can be helpful. Still, a lot of accumulated mental energy burdens you. Be physically active, through cycling, walking and running. Read books about relationships. Be aware of how thoughts affect breathing. Nurture the feeling of lightness in the body that is necessary for the health of second and fourth chakra. Go on short trips. Learn to communicate your needs and femininity through movement. Invest time in learning a foreign language that you have always wanted and never had the opportunity to do.

 Venus in Cancer:

Take the time to decorate your home. Awaken a sense of security in yourself. Relationship and conversations with your mother are the basis for regeneration. Take time to enjoy food with family members. Remember the good times when you were a child. Enjoy a hobby. Maternal instinct is strong and this can be an obstacle to regeneration if you are not yet a mother and you wanted a child with an ex-partner. It is important to have someone to take care of. Decorate the house to your liking and enjoy the peace. Focus on introspection. Withdraw from the world for a while. Find lost security. Arrange relationships with family members.

Venus in Leo:

Awaken in yourself the power to inspire others. Be an example of self-confidence and love in the environment. Fulfill dreams related to creativity and art. Direct the spotlight on you through some talent that you will share with others. Bring glamour into your life. Put yourself first. Be 100% queen. Nurture generosity and creative inspiration on a daily basis. Shine in every sense. Creative expression is necessary if there is still suppressed anger or sadness. Invest in yourself through beauty, makeup, clothes and jewelry. Create a new look. Self-respect leads to regeneration.

Venus in Virgo:

After a karmic relationship, we can feel a strong need to cleanse the body of the “traces” of the former partner. We may even feel that something in our energy is “dirty” or a certain genital health problem could have occurred during the relationship. Do everything to restore your health. Get rid of beliefs that are no longer useful to you. Spend time you used to invest in your partner in helping others. Develop better eating habits and daily routines. Take more care of home. Introduce regular exercise.

Consult a nutritionist. Get a pet. Dedicate yourself to resolving what you didn’t get to finish during the relationship. Avoid analyzing why you broke up. Enjoy facials and body cleansing rituals. Pay attention to the details. Nurture gratitude for what you have. Notice moments when you need to criticize your appearance or other people. This additionally creates karmic cords. Conscious habits in life and thoughts and simplicity will give you insights on how to change what is still painful. Love yourself.

Venus in Libra:

Loving partnership is the basis for regeneration after a karmic relationship. Focus on looks and social life. Learn how you can establish a sense of balance on a daily basis through beauty. Dedicate time to arts and culture. Fashion can give you great enjoyment and everything that is refined and connected to art. Discover harmony through ease in dealing with others. You will enjoy going out and hanging out with friends.

Get rid of stress that prevailed when you were in a karmic relationship. Give yourself a chance to be alone. When you feel good on your own, then you can attract a partner who will contribute to balance and whose role will not be to supplement your needs. Buy yourself flowers. Take yourself to the theater. Treat yourself to a nice dress. Learn about the ideal partnership when you are alone.

Venus in Scorpio:

Learn how to regenerate your sexual energy. Learn to transform your femininity. Connect with the depth of life and the revelation of the truth. Explore the mysteries of your personality and psyche. Relationships with others are your mirror. Learn about healthy control of your sexual energy. Psychological conversations about a relationship can benefit you. Intensively dedicate yourself to something that will empower you. Discover your wound in different light and heal them.

Get rid of what still hurts you and what you keep in your life. Apply energy techniques to turn spiritual darkness into light that guides you. Indulge in healing through Tantra and Kundalini exercises. Learn to let go of jealousy of those who have what you don’t have or have lost. Allow yourself a relationship that, before physical relationships starts, you build the foundations of psychological and emotional openness, without manipulation on the level of money and power.

Venus in Sagittarius:

Give yourself the opportunity to embark on a life adventure through life-changing journeys (trip to Santiago). Get closer to achieving your goals and plans. Enjoy traveling. Soak up the wisdom of life through the broader perspective of foreign cultures. Empower yourself through a system of spiritual support. Dedicate yourself to absorbing skills and learning.

In one part of your life, you could become someone’s teacher precisely because of the experience you have gained in this karmic relationship. The experience should be seen as a path that has led you to find greater faith in yourself. Give yourself the freedom to love by raising your ideals much higher. Apply rituals from different cultures that are directed towards female energy and its awakening. Give yourself the opportunity to feel passionate love with a new partner.

Venus in Capricorn:

After a karmic relationship, dedicate yourself to practical life and achieving business goals. Success in your career and learning how to get on a higher position will give you strength. Balance your focus and interests with non-business dreams. When business obligations and duties are fulfilled you can feel good in your own skin. Learn how to perform tasks and duties thoroughly with discipline. In this way, you achieve goals that lead you step by step towards personal integrity and liberation from karmic situations that often repeated.

Building something important, advocating for personal values ​​and business reputation gives you awareness that a painful love story has served as a trigger for your professional success. After achieving success, you realize that you are ready to regenerate and take responsibility for your life and your love situation. Respect for what you have accomplished in work helps you get rid of emotional complexes and old wounds. Love will be easier with the help of an older and more experienced partner. 

Venus in Aquarius:

A sense of freedom is necessary. Invest time in some inventive goal that you failed to achieve because you wasted a lot of time in a dysfunctional relationship. Nurture more friendships and communication with women from different parts of the world and cultures. They are all part of you. Feel that you have freedom. You can always choose. Give yourself a chance for some new emotional opportunities and beautiful experiences. This can be burdened with the feeling that you have trusted someone who has hurt you badly.

Connect with those who have gone through similar situations in some safe online community. Writing a blog or creating online content can help you not only regenerate Venus but also earn some cash. After this karmic relationship, you may be offered an opportunity to do something unusual and new that seems unthinkable to everyone, especially to your ex, but that depicts the true you. Advice of an astrologer will surely help you nurture your independent nature.

Venus in Pisces:

Visualization is as helpful as creative hobbies like painting. Prayer, dancing, foot massage, religion, devotion to music and learning to play an instrument can be useful. You do have a handful of techniques that can be used to regenerate Venus after a karmic relationship, but spirituality is vital and the desire to not be a victim. Write down your dreams. Heal your female archetypes. Novels and movies about powerful women can serve as a trigger to strive to achieve your love fantasies. Swimming and space for healing and forgiveness will induce the release of the karmic cords. Find time for yourself, but not only to escape into your world, away from others, but to give yourself the opportunity to fully feel what you soul needs for spiritual fulfillment. In some cases, a trip somewhere far away, by the ocean or going to a retreat will lead you to true love and the healing of this karmic love.

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