Ascendant signs

Each ascendant has its own qualities, but also the polarity that is needed to get through life, triggered by long-term transits and progressions. What is important is always to remember, that there is not a bad or a better ascendant sign for you or compared to others, but that we have one that is perfect for us. How well do you express the energy of your ascendant sign? Set it up to suit you and cooperate with it, becoming aware [...]

How to learn astrology

Modern astrology does not aim to just answer the question when. It is concerned with answering the questions why, and how, but first of all, wants to teach us to listen to ourselves whatever transits is upon us.

What it means to be an astrologer?

I am always delighted to see that a person after consultations and natal chart analysis, thanks to the deeper understanding of their astrology, has changed their life and has resolved what has bothered him and that now achieves better results in life.

Skin Issues

Redness, rosacea, dermatitis and psoriasis are a sign that we want to be seen. At the level of solar plexsus (the confidence that comes from faith in ourselves and not what others think about us) is not right with that.

Uranus in Taurus (2018-2026)

For some of you, everything can go in the different direction. You will notice changes in the form of sudden discontinuation (Uranus) of consuming something you love if you have been regularly eating or drinking. Especially coffee or soda drinks.

Healing aspects & transits

If there is a karmic situation with a certain person you are close with, that has started to happen during the transit, think about the characteristics that the person has and that you find not very nice or irritating. You may have these characteristics too, but you deny them.