This post is created out of the need to answer frequently asked questions and comments I have received. As always, my viewpoint is based on years of practice and research. First of all, this post aims to shed light on taboo topics that are unfortunately often misused. My experience through guiding regressions, researching past lives and akashic records certainly contributed to formation of my views. However, each of you is invited to draw their own conclusion on this.


Natal Moon is a mirror activated by transiting Moon. It shows how much we are aware of what is happening inside of us. Yet we are mostly concerned with what is outside, avoiding dealing with what is inside. Consequently, all this has to do with energy quality of natal Moon and what future will "bring" us. Natal chart when we really understand it can help us start a new relationship with ourselves.

Composite Sun in house

Synastry can look great on paper, but in practice it doesn't have to be that way. This is especially the case if composite chart is activated by challenging transits. Some love relationships will never happen if energy and Soul have some other plan for us! In previous posts on the topic of synastry, I mentioned composite Sun.

SYNASTRY: Venus in house

We need to look at the position of natal Venus first in both charts. Challenging individual aspects can often indicate a problem that can manifest in a relationship as well. Partner’s Venus position in your natal house shows what you want from this love. We must consider other factors too before drawing any conclusions. Venus in partner's house will show how he reacts to us and which area of ​​life brings more enjoyment thanks to his energy.

SYNASTRY: Sun in house

Sun represents the ego and how personality is expressed. It encourages expansion of partner's natal house. Your natal Sun falling into your partner's house will show you where you are bringing energy and vitality. Your partner will feel triggered by you in that area of life.


In life there are only energies of two people and its compatibility. This requires much more than isolated combinatorics of astrology factors. Astrology is complex and in order to get a complete picture of compatibility we must compare two natal charts. We make every relationship better or worse. Quality depends on us, not on astrological symbol. I have noticed that to understand other people, it is always most important to understand our natal chart. A person who disagrees with himself [...]

What can(not) astrology do for you?

As an astrologer, I always try to explain transiting cycles you are in and what is asked of you to learn. However, transit cannot give answers on what exactly will happen. Your energy is constantly moving. You affect transits even more than they affect you.

Natal Moon & Emotional Imbalance

If there are no planets around Moon, everyday situations easily shake us. Support from the environment is weak. We need security, but life teaches us that relying on others brings problems. Moon on MC or ASC can be quite "irritated". Over time, how you respond to emotional challenges in family and love life can result in energy blockages.

Astrology in practice

You live your natal chart all the time even when you know nothing about it. How you live it can be completely different from what books and astrological theory suggest. Descriptions of the planets, signs, and aspects in the book and descriptions in practice are not the same thing. Natal chart is observed in time by being activated by transits that emphasize certain topics.

Ascendant POWER

Einstein's theory of relativity says that the position of the observer influences the observed phenomenon by changing the observation’s result. This is especially true in astrology. How an astrologer will experience your natal chart depends on his chart as well. Of course, some things will be noticed by everyone. In addition to astrological knowledge, interpretation also depends on astrologer’s beliefs and life philosophy. All this affects what you will hear about your natal chart, which certainly depends on your ascendant.