Moon conjunct natal planets

Natal Moon and the aspects it forms in the natal chart show how much care and attention we have received during childhood. Planet it is in conjunction with is talking about dominant emotional reactions and character of a person. It gives us more information on how we behave in relationships, but also about life itself. Conjunction is about the fusion of two energies, which depending on the planet in aspect, shows how difficult it is for us to change the [...]

Venus after karmic relationship

Karmic relationships always come with additional problems. These can manifest in the form of blocked creativity, emotional imbalance or financial debt. If the natal chart has the karmic challenge of Venus, love worries block the woman's yin energy.

Jupiter in houses

Natal Jupiter and its position in the natal chart show an area of ​​life where an optimistic attitude prevails. This attracts good opportunities into our lives through the law of attraction. This is an area where we gain knowledge and wisdom so that we can help others.

6th house cusp and health

Moon is especially related to pregnancy. It will show the habits we have in our diet and the general attitude towards health. It is necessary that you know your exact time of birth to know the sign on the house cusp. In case of any health problems, it is important to consult your doctor. Astrology is intended in this case only to be used in order to maintain health and introduce habits that can improve your vitality.

Are you in a karmic relationship?

I can answer this question very easily just by looking at your natal chart. In this blog post, I will explain indicators that show if you are prone to this type of relationships. We can define a karmic relationship as a union in which we do not receive enough love. We have to agree to something that does not suit us in order for the relationship to last.

Second house & financial abundance

The sign at the cusp of the second house makes up one level of interpretation, especially if there is an intercepted sign that we have to learn to "unlock" and activate. If there are planets in the eighth house, then the topic of money could initiate fear and seek greater trust.

5th house & love life

To describe a person's love life, we will look at the sign and the ruler of the fifth house. We need to check the position of Venus and the aspects it forms. Moon and the planets in the fifth house should also be analyzed. The fifth house is connected to interests, children and talents. In this blog post I will primarily focus on love. In the case of longer transits in the fifth house, it will be necessary to take [...]

Ascendant and marriage partner

Marriage is one of the most common reasons why women go to an astrologer. Questions such as whether we will get married and when, what kind of marriage / husband we will have are common. Most of you think the answer to this is strictly determined and defined. What marriage will be like depends not only on your natal but also your partner's natal chart. You would not go through the same things with different partner. There are also transits [...]

Venus and fashion

Every planet can be strengthened and weakened in the natal chart. This is very important during longer transits that involve conjunctions when we can lighten the difficult life circumstances in easy and simple way through colors and the way we dress. There are many ways to change the vibration of a planet, both practical and spiritual. In this post I will talk about Venus and the way we dress. We can also apply this concept to natal houses, thus activating [...]

Elements natal chart

Everything always happens in time so transits increase and decrease the amount of energy of the elements. It is important to know how to balance your energy through practical and very simple changes to your routine. Just count how many planets you have in the signs in each element. You can add your ascendant, too.