Neptune in house

The goal of astrology is not to fulfill our desires or to just help us get what we want. The goal is to help us find ourselves and personally evolve. We can only do that when we heal the parts of ourselves that sacrifice a part of us. Often what we do not see is a reason for fear. Now exactly what we see, which inevitably exists regardless of the openness of the observer's eye, is the path to healing.

ASC, Sun & Moon

All planets in a natal chart want to live. However, you may be among those who have been taught from an early age to suppress themselves, in order to be accepted, loved or simply to avoid problems. It is true that there are people with visible dissonance of ascendant, Sun and Moon. They may seem somewhat broken to others and external conflicts are common when we feel internal discord. Contradiction of these three important astrological points strongly defines the personality [...]


Issues in your life do not come from your chart, but your head and the way you think! Astrological symbols serve to open your mind. This is possible through the experiences that come to us and which are contained in the symbol. Every astrological symbol contains so much. We will get to know only a small part during our life. In a dualistic world, we must always meet the opposite at some point. Also, everything in the past affects the [...]

Purpose of astrology

People have always been watching the sky. All cultures had astrological teachings that were used to bring order and find meaning in life. Over time, astrology became involved in all life spheres. Astrology could thus be defined as the connection between divine and human as part of the original world structure. Although there is Cosmic order, wheel of change is always spinning.

Intro to Karmic Astrology

Karma has always fascinated me as well as individual evolution and personal development. Do we keep repeating the same mistakes or did we overcome karmic tests? This is one of the questions to which karmic astrology offers an answer and a path towards healing and liberation. That path is not always easy and depends on the spiritual growth of the individual.

Moon in astrology

Moon is the reflection, not an influence. It reflects our being and natal Sun. This is how we see what prevents light in our lives. In this way, Moon helps us heal parts of ourselves and return to our Soul. Moon is our consciousness showing how we adapt to the environment. Moon shows our most intimate being. It is about emotional needs that are often unmet.

Jupiter in house

Jupiter is in one sign for about a year. During that time, it is in one of the natal houses. If natal house is bigger or smaller, this will change transit duration. This varies for each individual. Meaning will also change whether there are planets in the house where transit is. Impact varies depending on whether there are aspects to other natal planets with transiting Jupiter, too. We have to connect all this with the sign of transiting Jupiter, but [...]

How to analyze your natal chart?

There are so many ways of analysis and they are exposed in many astrology textbooks. Every astrologer has his own way of approaching this. Language we use in astrology to analyze consists of 12 signs, 10 planets and 12 houses. Good analysis is primarily characterized by astrologer’s clear vocabulary and linguistic skills. Of course, it is impossible to completely explain natal chart analysis in just one post. However, all my posts aim to lead you towards researching your natal chart [...]

Uranus in house

Uranus and its position show an area of instability. It is a house where we will want to behave freely, to become independent, but at the same time we will feel a lack of support. Natal Uranus is activated around the age of 21, 42, 63 and 84 when it makes significant aspects with transiting Uranus. In those moments, free will determines a lot.  Life can suddenly take a new and unexpected path.

Healing through Astrology

Purpose of every astro-analysis is always to empower. It is to help us make independent decisions with greater faith in ourselves. Of course, we are talking about real astrology and luckily, you are in the right place!