There are several types of astrological transits. There are transits that we all go through that represent astro-energetic climate of the time we live in. These transits are based on movement of planets at a certain speed through signs.

FATALE LOVE: Venus/Pluto

In this post I will cover most important natal, transit and synastry Venus/Pluto aspects. If your natal Venus has aspect to Pluto, you will experience transit and synastry aspects more intensely. It is always important first to understand which partner is represented by Venus and which by Pluto. Venus is usually more aware that something is wrong, while Pluto operates on an unconscious level.


What lies hidden in you? What are you not aware of and it's high time? What is really true in your life? Although with Pluto in Capricorn we finally learned that energy is money, with Pluto in Aquarius both themes will go through transformation. Pluto will enter Aquarius on March 23rd this year for the first time, then again on January 21st and finally on November 19th in 2024. This twenty-year cycle will bring changes to humanity on a deep [...]


Signs represent a passive part of zodiac’s energy structure. Active part are the planets that touch us directly, helping us to write our life’s story. Each planet is an energetic carrier of a particular sign. In some signs we do not have planets, but transiting Moon, which changes sign every two and a half days, activates and awakens them, too.


I know... You have been feeling like a victim for a long time. You have been tormented by guilt. You have been feeling sorry for yourself. You have been blaming life circumstances, people, your past... Some days it feels like you would rather stay in your bed. And the truth is that vital life force has been leaking for ages, but you didn't want to look at it and have ignored the facts.

LOVE WARS: Venus/Mars

Venus/Mars synastry aspects determine relationship needs, but they are not enough to start a relationship. 'Stronger' aspects are needed to provide context. These aspects are typically associated with sexual intimacy, but have nothing to do with emotional fulfillment. These aspects show how much we give and how much we get in a relationship.

Planets-directors of your life

Everyone has a planet that is particularly prominent. It is the brightest guiding star in your life’s story writing journey. Many of you have aspects of other planets that are in conflict with this planet, so finding your life path is often more complicated and even difficult.

KARMIC LOVE: Venus/Saturn

In this post I will discuss some of the most significant Venus/Saturn aspects in natal chart, during transits and in synastry. People with this natal aspect learn karmic lessons in love. During transits, partners known through past incarnations enter our lives.


Venus describes what we love. It is about material things and enjoyment. Neptune, on the other hand, describes fantasies and non-physical reality. It's wonderful when Neptune allows us to have dreams and visions which we will materialize through Venus. However, if this is not possible, feeling of disappointment appears.

2023 ASTRO-GUIDE: Secret Connection

What will your life be like? What will 2023 bring? Many of you will be surprised, but that question cannot completely be answered by transiting planets. It is answered according to how you relate to zodiac energy and your natal chart at every moment of your life. If you want to make the most of 2023, you'll need to be willing to turn off existing autopilot and take life into your own hands.