Can astrology answer every question?

One of the most common misconceptions is that an astrologer should answer questions that we do not have the answer to ourselves. Modern astrology does not predict future, because something like that does not exist when there is consciousness. Astrology helps us understand Cosmic cycles. If an inanimate object can have an "unpredictable destiny", why would a person be predictable!? Can any literary work be completely interpreted in such a way that the meaning of metaphors and literary symbols does [...]

Is it written in the stars?

Do certain events have to happen? Is there a connection between life and position of the planets at the time of birth? Why are we unlucky in certain life areas? Why is it easier/ harder for us in love or work compared to others? Is it possible to predict destiny with the help of a natal chart? Can astrology give a precise answer to every question?

What is a Natal Chart?

No one can write your natal chart if you are alive and breathing. A piece of paper no matter how large it is with such information has nothing to do with the essence of astrology. No one's life is predestined. An astrologer is not there to inform you, so that you can prepare for "difficult days", but to help you gain a deeper and wider life experience.

What is a stellium?

If there are multiple planets in one sign in your natal chart, that sign will be prominent. Some people have two or three prominent signs besides Sun, Moon and ascendant sign. This may be more very dominant in the manifestation of personality. In case there are oppositions and squares, personal expression will be altered.

Astrology Archetypes

Each planet and sign are associated with a certain image, role, landscape, mythology and ancient cultures. They are also associated with life lessons. Information we get by analyzing these factors can serve us to empower our personality and discover what our Soul aspires to.

Synastry 101

In astrology, it is never about who is which sign, but what we do with our natal and transiting energy. How do we use what we have and how does our energy affect others? Our emotional behavior is related to the earliest experiences and in some cases prevents the development of all parts of the personality. There may be problems in connecting to others if we do not understand ourselves. Love problems always come from our natal chart as a [...]

Uranus in synastry

Uranus aspects cannot be solely blamed for sudden breakups and relationship problems. This could be more attributed to unusual individuals eager for freedom who aspire for unconventional relationships and long-distance unions. However, if synastry shows numerous Uranus aspects triggered by transits this may be a sign of major changes in your emotional life. These changes will not be what everyone likes, especially if you are into long-term relationships with a routine and stability.

Saturn in house in synastry

Many relationships are thought to have failed because of Saturn. Literature masterpieces tell us that true love is sad. Still good partnership means  there is no difference between partners. Any problem is mutual. It means accepting karma and this maintains relationship. Synastry can help you understand where problems occur and how to solve this.

“Difficult” natal chart

There are many categorizations in astrology that help us analyze. However, categories of "difficult" and "easy" do not exist in the vocabulary of a professional astrologer. We are all born with something that we can improve or neglect during our lives. Everything in the natal chart can serve us.

Mars conjunct natal planets

Aspects of Mars talk about the expression of personal energy and courage. They show the way how we can achieve success and manifest our plans and desires. Here I will explain conjunction aspect as the merging of two planetary principles. Oppositions and squares can be an indicator of how we are disrupting our success or achievement of goals. Oppositions will show problems arising due to the way we move towards realization of plans.