Consultation with an astrologer

Astro-therapy as a technique involves integrating archetypes through specific guided exercises which can be an excellent client support. Reconnective healing is another mode I can suggest. My goal is to educate the client and help him spiritually as much as I can.


The conjunctions of Pluto, Saturn, Uranus or Neptune with the natal Sun can bring about great changes in our personality and also different goals, desires and ways of expressing ourselves and a stronger will.

Cosmic Consciousness

Jupiter enhances your knowledge beyond the boundaries of what you already understand. Jupiter is not concerned with the details, but the real essence and the opening of new perspectives.

Astrology ethics

Learn how to use your natal chart in a way that allows you to live the life you have always wanted, while overcoming potential challenges.

Archetypes in natal chart interpretation

Astrology serves to look deeply into ourselves, not to tell us something for which we need to search for around or wait for something to happen, but to hear and recognize that we already have it.

12th house & Scorpio themes

Any kind of escapist behavior or loss of self through unhealthy and addictive activities will bring even more confusion in your dizzy head.

Natal Moon

During just one month, each of us experiences transiting Moon in all these 12 energies in a certain percentage according to your natal chart.

Sun in houses

Evaluate how much you feel that you meet the aspirations of your Sun sign in the natal house it is located, acknowledge your nature and how you can express yourself, because this is an essential part of you and your life.

Natal Sun

There is no bad or better sign for your Sun, as you already have the one that is perfect for you to live your life learning everything that is needed, so it is important that we love and strengthen it. How well do you express the energy of your natal Sun?

Weight Problems

An intuitive diet brings us all collectively with Uranus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces to new levels of living, but we still struggle. The planets look for a change that we do not want to make, even though our soul wants to be finally free.