Are astrologers clairvoyant?

In this text, I will provide indicators of clairvoyance in the natal chart for those interested. These factors are listed in many astrological textbooks. I will mention only those that have proven to be accurate during my experience. Some things I can best explain using myself as an example. Although it is not my goal to talk about myself, I know that many of you are interested in my chart. All my talents are the result of work, discipline and [...]

Uranus in Taurus in house (until 26th of April, 2026)

Uranus transit in Taurus began on March 7th, 2019 and many of you have already felt the changes. However, changes that Uranus initiates depend not only on house in which it transits, but also on aspects that it forms with natal planets. It is also important how much sign of Aquarius is expressed in your life.

Advanced Astrology

It should be taken into account that house systems can slightly change position of planets. That is why we are never tied to mathematical facts! There are also no intercepted planets/houses in certain house systems, so this should be taken into account as well.

Role of Transits

Transits are about expanding awareness, intimate emotional experiences with your Self and developing a new life approach. I know you didn't expect this and no one has told you so far ... However, back in 1973 famous astrologer Dane Rudhyar wrote about it. And he wasn't the only one.


Energy of signs and planets is connected through aspects. They are relationships between two or more types of energies. Aspects show how energy manifests, transforms and how its issues must be overcome. Traditionally, aspects are divided into easy and challenging, major and minor. My experience in astrology has confirmed that there are no difficult aspects. They become such because of the quality/density of our energy. "Easy" aspects include sextile and trine and "challenging" aspects include square and opposition.

Letter of the month: My Journey into Astrology

It has been a great honour to be invited to write the Letter of the Month for DK Foundation. If you are interested in my beginning and my experiences in astrology you can read the original article on the link below. Learning astrology has had ups and downs, especially in practically using it was a test for me. A test to finally meet myself. This article shows my journey into astrology and what I had to face and overcome.

Zodiac Sign & Stress

Many people turn to astrologers and seek help through astrology when life is not going the way they would like. Especially when they are facing problems and difficulties. That is why I have prepared this article in which you will find a short message for each sign. There are suggestions on how to change your energy and connect with the planets by raising your vibration. This is one of the ways to come into contact with your personal authentic vibration.

When to talk to astrologer?

Many people are afraid of astrology because they do not know much about it. They love and hate it equally passionately. However, there is no person who would not like someone to "understand them to the core". Everyone would like someone to recognize their suffering and explain to them why everything had to be exactly like it was. With the help of astrological language, many people find answers.

Inspiring Astrologers

I always knew that there were people like me, astrologers who shared similar values and who sought knowledge in the way I did. For the purpose of this article, I have interviewed 14 astrology experts whom I respect very much, whose books and work in astrology inspires me. They were interviewed via Skype or by email during September, 2021 while I was having Jupiter return in my 3rd house also conjunct my natal Sun, Venus and Mercury in Aquarius.

Pluto in house

Absolute changes when nothing is the same are announced by the energy of this planet. They come slowly and invisibly. Changes happen first in us because the goal of this position is psychological transformation. When we resist this change, external events and people come to "disturb" and "irritate" us for the change to happen and be initiated. In analysis of Pluto, it is necessary to take into consideration its sign and aspects. In this text I will deal with only [...]